Sunday, 24 March 2013

The UK Nuclear Deterrent - What are the Options?

The debate on the replacement of the UK's Trident Nuclear Deterrent System sprang to life last year with the government placing a £2.5billion order with Roll Royce to develop two nuclear reactors for the next generation of nuclear powered submarines.  The replacement of the Trident Nuclear Deterrent System is estimated to cost £20 billion at present and we can expect this figure to creep to about £40 billion by the end of the contract based on the notorious under estimates in the past by the Ministry of Defence. Many people are worried by this very high cost of what is a top of the range Nuclear Deterrent supplied by the USA. When push comes to shove in a crisis it will be ultimately controlled by the USA and therefore it is not truly independent as some in the government would have us believe. If the price of having the replacement for Trident means that the UK Prime Minister has to continuously grovel around the President of the USA pretending that there is some kind of special relationship then I say the price is too high. A special relationship does not exist between the UK and the USA on a political level but it does exist between the military and intelligence services of both countries out of sheer necessity. Politicians on both sides of the Atlantic try to cynically profit from this collaboration on defence issues,  particularly in election years, but it is more a public relations exercise and a photo-opportunity rather any substantive political special  relationship. Given that the USA is in a very difficult financial situation with record borrowings it would be unwise for the UK to be too dependent on them.

BAe  Taranis Drone
There is an argument for spending all of the Trident replacement budget within the UK instead of purchasing the weapons system from the USA which would simply export jobs. Therefore what could be done in the UK to supply a credible nuclear deterrent? One very cheap solution is to arm the new Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAVs) being developed by BAe with a built-in nuclear bomb. The BAe Taranis UAV will have intercontinental range and the capability to take-off from any usable short runway. It could fly to its target at low level , at a speed in excess of Mach 1, navigating using a similar technology to that proven on Cruise missiles and simply crashing into its target on arrival. The BAe Taranis could probably carry a 1 ton nuclear weapon loaded into its airframe which could do significant damage and, because it is so cheap, we could have hundreds of them deployed around the UK and  the rest of the world. Many airfields which are completely unusable by manned aircraft could be quite easily upgraded to accommodate the launch and storage of UAVs. The advantage of UAVs, as I was told at a Space and Defence conference many years ago, is that if you lose one then you simply get a new one out of the box. In an actual nuclear conflict a potential enemy could not possibly defend against being attacked  by swarms of UAVs  like locusts. Although carrying a small nuclear weapon compared with an ICBM (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile), such as Trident, the cumulative effect would be the same as modern ICBMs use multiple, independently targeted nuclear warheads. The BAe Taranis stealth UAV would be invisible to enemy radar and using fire and forget technology it would be able to to continue to its pre-designated target even if its command and control centre were destroyed. Also the wide deployment of the UAVs means that the UK could respond in the unlikely event of a pre-emptive nuclear strike UK by a potential enemy. A naval version of the BAe Taranis could made to operate from the UK's new aircraft carriers currently being built. In my view manned aircraft in large numbers are no longer necessary and a fighting unit made up of three or four manned aircraft (such as RAF Typhoons) escorting ten or twelve UAVs would make a formidable force for the 21st century defence of the UK in the current times of austerity. This potent fighting group could be multiplied as many times as Ministry of Defence funds would allow and  it could be widely dispersed for security. I estimate that nuclear armed UAVs could be easily deployed in less than five years.

The advantage of using UAVs as the primary nuclear deterrent or even as an interim nuclear deterrent is that it allows the UK time to develop its own truly independent submarine launched nuclear deterrent. The specification  for this deterrent could be relaxed because it would only be needed in the unlikely event that the UAVs  failed to destroy their targets or in the even more unlikely event that a nuclear confrontation developed in a remote part of the world out of range of any UAV base or aircraft carrier. If Cruise missile technology was used for the submarine launched Nuclear  Missile System then much of the control and navigation system could be adapted from the UAVs. BAe could quite easily develop a Cruise-type missile for submarine launch and Rolls Royce would not have any significant difficulty developing the rocket engine.

BAC TSR2 at Wharton 
The only problem with the above  scenario is that the Royal Navy sees itself as the Senior Service and will want a top of the range submarine launched nuclear weapons system and could not contemplate the Royal Air Force adopting the primary nuclear deterrent role. This attitude by the Royal Navy led to the cancellation in 1965 of the wonderful TSR2 aircraft by an only too willing incoming Labour Prime Minister,  Harold Wilson, on the flawed advice of his Chief of Defence Staff, Lord Louis Mountbatten (a long term Royal Navy man) and the Government Chief Scientist, Sir Solly Zuckermann ( a Zoologist),  that the TRR2 did not represent value for money. The Labour government then purchased the F4 Phantom from the USA at even greater cost. It is a matter of vigorous debate amongst defence experts that if the TSR2 had been available to the British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher,  in 1982 it could have been quickly deployed  to the Falklands because, astonishingly, the TSR2 was capable of using the short runway at Port Stanley. Thus the Argentinians may have been deterred from their invasion and the tragic Falklands War may have been averted. One could argue that the Labour Party, who have criticised Margaret Thatcher incessantly for the Falklands War, are to some extent responsible for the tragedy by their hasty and ill-informed cancellation of the TSR2. The point I am trying to make is that ordering the wrong weapons system can have very serious consequences many years down the road. However, I fear that the Admirals at Royal Navy will have their way and we will waste billions of precious pounds buying a top of the range submarine launched Nuclear Missile System from the USA that we could quite easily build in the UK. In addition we will tie the UK nuclear deterrent to the ultimate control of the USA for the next generation at a time of a changing world order when nobody can predict the outcome of this fundamental change.

0645 GMT 24/03/2013 Update:  The SNP have confirmed their non-nuclear policy, as expected, and the UK government has already confirmed  that  there is no suitable alternative operational base for Trident submarines other than Faslane. Therefore, this late-in-the-day confirmation of the SNPs non-nuclear stance re-opens the debate for a more economical replacement for Trident. The UK now faces the added cost of replacing Faslane which could double the costs of the current Trident replacement programme. Frankly, the UK simply does not have the money for a Trident replacement and the SNP have put the final nail in the coffin of a  nuclear deterrent that had more to do with prestige than with strategic effectiveness. I know the cancellation of the Trident replacement will be a blow to the ego to the Royal Navy but I foresee a much more exciting future for them rather than hiding in a tin can under the icecap. If a more economic nuclear deterrent is purchased then that will free up a huge amount of spending for the Royal Navy on state-of-the-art conventional weapons whilst still retaining a nuclear capability. The Royal Navy could add capability to its fleet with re-cycled military equipment such as aircraft carriers and their AVs(Aerial Vehicles) as suggested by the consultants at  DentCorp Ltd  This would create an extremely effective 21st century Royal Navy that was more crew-comfort orientated rather than the current 20th century Royal Navy which has the look and feel of World War II in its attitude to crew members.

I am afraid the old adage of "No Pain, No Gain" can be adapted to the 21st century to No Change, No Gain. I was always told when I was a young engineer that change is inevitable and you cannot oppose it, but you should take advantage of the opportunity to maximise your own career/economic prospects. Remember the lessons from the 1970s and 1980s as the Trade Union Movement vehemently opposed automation and did not realise that in a global economy the work simply is done somewhere else and other countries benefit. The issue has to be confronted whether the future of the UK is that of a declining economic and military power with all that means in terms of unemployment and poverty or we adapt to the new reality and turn the the economy around based on leading edge technologies. The decision about the future of the Trident replacement and the Royal Navy embraces all of these ideas and problems. I see this time as a turning point for the UK economy just as opposition to automation in the 1970's/1980s caused a turning point in the wrong direction for the UK manufacturing industry. Everyone in the UK has a free choice and nobody is forcing these issues on you, but I firmly believe that the UK's  poverty will simply result  in the  prosperity of another county and others will say in year's to come that "You had a choice."

0845 GMT 24/03/2013 Update: My first experiment with taking advantage of change took place about 30 years ago at an academic institution that selected its students fro the top 90% of candidates. In the first major change, or moving the desks as it would be known in an office environment, I re-designated my workshop as part of a a open plan laboratory and since we only had three research students whose day started at about 1200 pm and they actually "worked at home" three days per week I had this wonderful, new "lab" to myself. It was at this stage I planned my next strategic move  by familiarising myself with  the new simulation and design technologies that were just emerging. In the next major change I re-designated my former workshop,  which had now morphed into a open plan  lab, as a low-cost CAD(Computer Aided Design) facility for SME's. This was a master-stroke because now I had an Office that was bigger than that of the Dean with more technology than all of the rest of the academic staff put together and with unlimited access to SME's for consultancy work.  I was soon undertaking Consultancy based on projects,  that were deemed too difficult for my employer  institution to undertake, with a colleague from my FE (Further Eduction) college which we successfully completed  in his shed.. This allowed him to purchase his first car.

A friendly colleague at work then  informed the Dean that my consultancy  income was substantially more than his and I was summoned by the Dean to some crazy "Conflict of Interest" disciplinary meeting  at which point I did an ESL(Exit Stage Left), as they say in the theatre. After several months of private consultancy work,  or  "Resting",  I resumed my career at a similarly lacklustre.academic institution which was terminated by that immortal quotation  from an extremely Senior Colleague that "there is no future in electronics". At that point, I again felt compelled to ESL and then proceeded to lead a monastic existence by going on a pilgrimage once a month  to the Temple of Technology in South Korea.

The conclusion I drew from all this unenlightening experience is to never listen to anyone who has never been anywhere and has never done anything because they know nothing. The other lesson that I learned was "Adapt of Die" which the dinosaurs spectacularly failed to do.

1230 GMT 24/03/2013 Update:  You do not have to write jokes with material like this coming in every minute of the day:

Ms Sturgeon, who is Scotland deputy first minister, will tell the conference in Inverness: "Scotland can afford to be independent and don't let anyone tell you different.
"For every one of the last 30 years we have generated more tax revenue per head than the UK as a whole. Every single one of the last 30 years.
"Just stop and think about that for a minute. Because if there is one fact I want you to remember over the next 18 months and tell to everyone you know, it is this one.
"During those 30 years, oil prices will have gone up and they will have come down.
"The economy will have grown and it will have been in recession.
"But one fact has remained constant.
"In every single one of those 30 years, tax receipts per head of population in Scotland have been greater than tax receipts per head of population in the UK.
"How dare any unionist politician say that Scotland doesn't pay her way."

Bye, Bye Scotland.

1630 GMT 24/03/2013 Update: The idea that a Real Engineer such as Steve Jobs would care  about some silly statue or who will remember him in 50 years time is laughable. I have never met a Real Engineer who worries about his/her legacy. Real Engineers are focussed on solving current  problems and do not care about any legacy. Only people with delusions of grandeur focus on their so-called legacy instead of knuckling down to the issues at hand such as getting the world economy moving through innovation.

I remember  asking a PhD student at conference  what was her eminent research supervisor like to work for and to my amazement she said that he had a good idea in 1953 and has not had one since!

0300 GMT 25/03/2013 Update: More wisdom from Michael Heseltine.. Tell me he didn't actually say this! I realise that I know nothing about economics. I now understand that in an advanced economy negative growth is not a bad thing. Why do I worry?

0700 GMT 25/03/2013 Update: The BBC's interview with Boris Johnson demonstrates that  the MO(Modus Operandii) of  Democrats in  the USA has shown the world how to use CA(Character Assassination - called Swift-Boating in the USA) on any politician in a very public way. We all know the history of CA but the Democrats have now made it a legitimate political tool. I have a simple rule regarding CA. If you dig into my past to destroy my reputation then I will dig into your past and that of all your family, ancestors, friends and colleagues and put it all  in the public domain. It takes me about 2 hours work on the Internet to find all the starting points for an intensive "drains-up" investigation. I advise anyone else who is a victim of CA to adopt the same techniques. So are you up for it,  Guys and Gals?

0800 GMT 25/03/2013 Update: Sir John Beddington,  has been advising  Ministers, in his role as the Government's Chief Scientific Officer, on Climate Change and Future Electricity Generation Capacity. Whilst the eminent academic has a grasp of the problems he does not  seem to have any viable solutions. In a similar way that the Greens are well-meaning people but do not have the engineering  know-how to solve these problems economically. Surely it is time to talk to some Real Engineers whose raison d'etre is to provide economically viable technical solutions to difficult problems. Unfortunately, what I call Real Engineers have become confused with people who fix washing machines. Even worse, there are virtually no Multi-Discipline Systems Engineers left in the world who have a grasp of total solutions.

I am used to the cold and will survive this winter without any problems, but what happens next winter? It takes 10 years to plan, design and build a conventional large scale power station,  so what is the Government's short to medium term contingency plan for Electricity Generation.. Once again, I would like to thank Tony Blair for his important contribution on this issue.

1200 GMT 25/03/2013 Update: Here is another cracker from the Frank Carson Joke Book.The BBC Management has unveiled a new leading edge concept for the 21st Century called Invisibility which they have  been testing  for many years initially at Shepherds Bush and subsequently at their new Central London Headquarters. A spin-off of the IMC(Invisible Management Concept) is the ICP(Invisible Celebrity Project) starting with a First-in-Class Sitcom starring Peter Kay as the IC(Invisible Comedian). The consultant for this exciting new project was the world-renowned brucelocis randii whose expletives are now not only deleted but are CI(Completely Invisible) as his comedy always was. Peter Kay has excelled in his new role as the IC and under the artless guidance of brucelocis randii  has perfected the IJ(Invisible Joke). An anonymous spokesman for  BBC Management said the ground-breaking new series would be BI(Broadcast Invisibly) on iPlayer which, has been enhanced with IT( Invisible Technology).

1930 GMT 25/03/2013 Update: I remember when I was young lad, in the 1960s, thinking that the BBC was such a wonderful asset to the nation. As the BBC became more politicised in the 1980s I began to think it was just a joke. Today, I think the BBC is a national embarrassment. Pretty much the story of the whole of the UK. Thank you, Socialists!

2130 GMT 25/03/2013 Update: To do list:
              1. Privatise BBC;
              2. Buy BBC shares cheap;
              3. Sell BBC shares at the top of the market;
              4. Six months holiday in Rio
2245 GMT 25/03/2013 Update: "It's the way I tell them" as Frank C. used to say. 
A Smartphone is for the dummy at the other end.
A Smartphone App is for the dummy at the other end who is also dyslexic.

0630  GMT 26/03/2013 Update: Just to add to the current hot topic of Electricity Generation. Many people in the Green Movement believe that coal cannot be burned cleanly and any future  use of coal for Electricity Generation would result in a breach of CO2 emission agreements. The technology for Clean Coal already exists but it is not CCS(Carbon Capture & Storage) and has nothing to do with SynGas but the technology is hidden in several different industries whose engineers cannot see the Total Solution. However, if you consult some Real Engineers then a novel "Clean Coal Power Station" could be re-cycled out of the current redundant Coal-fired Power Stations, minus the unsightly cooling towers, and be operational  in less than 3-5 years. The problem is that engineers today have become so specialised that they cannot specify the Total Solution. The visionary Generalist Engineer of the past have become extinct, just like the dinosaur, and therefore the cross-discipline solutions are never even discussed and will certainly be never implemented..

Just to reinforce the point about Electricity Generation Capacity, here is the latest from the simulated Frank Carson Joke Book. What is better than being "Cool"........Being "Warm"!

For those who do not know, the comedian Frank Carson died some years ago and I am actually simulating jokes in the style and manner of the great man.

0815 GMT 26/03/2013 Update: The marvellous thing about the Internet is that you can find that one person in the world who is on the same wavelength. I have always been a big admirer of Bill Gates since I read his partial biography called Hard Drive all those years ago and I can see that he has the right expertise and skill-set for his current state-of-the-art innovation.

1330 GMT 26/03/2013 Update: Does anybody believe that Central London is a big success story? The bank bail-outs and the losses in the Central  London financial sector have brought the UK to the edge of a financial precipice. The residents of Central London  have partied themselves into astronomical personal debt and falling incomes means that it will take a superhuman effort to get back to real personal wealth. The bank crisis has dragged the UK into downward economic spiral that may be impossible to halt. In addition, we find that many of these foreign owned companies are systematically avoiding paying their fair share of tax. If all these losses were accounted for precisely then we would find that that Central London's success is hyped rather than real. It is difficult to see a long term future for Central London's financial activities because once trust is lost then it takes about a generation to restore the trust. Trust is the most important factor in any kind of business.

What I do firmly believe that businesses in the private sector should prosper or perish based on their own decision making and not expect to be supported by the taxpayer when they get it wrong. That is how, in a Capitalist Society, we sort the weed from the chaff. It is survival of the fittest in evolutionary terminology which leads to the economy getting stronger with each generation. If we adopt the interventionist model favoured by the Socialists, then we are moving slowly but surely to the State-owned model of the economy that failed so spectacularly in Eastern Europe. I am only flagging up these warnings on the economy so that everybody is perfectly clear in which direction we are headed. My own personal preference is to return to the true capitalist model and innovate the economy back to success and hence full employment.

1700 GMT 26/03/2013 Update: The concept of privacy died years ago and now the state, hackers and even your neighbours can access your personal data effortless by one means or another. We now live in the Surveillance Society either by official or unofficial  organisations and individuals. This access to your personal data was all possible in the past but computers have just it made easier. You should assume now that when you are on the phone then someone is listening, if you send an email then someone will read it, if you access the Internet then someone if following your trail and now video cameras are everywhere. If you "put your head above the parapet" in any way then surveillance will automatically be activated by someone. As an engineer I plan for the worst case and assume that I will be a victim.

It is, of course, illegal to use such surveillance  measures against a private individual by anyone including the state in the vast majority of countries in the world. But as we now know, after the Iraq war, there are ways to make any state action to appear to be legal. Therefore, where do we go from here.? All I can say is that I am glad that I am not starting out in my career today because I do not know where all this surveillance is leading.

2100 GMT 26/03/2013 Update:  The concept I am struggling with is a Conservative who is actually a Socialist in terms  economic policy and interventions. I can think of at least 4 very Senior Conservatives that would actually feel more at home in the Labour or Liberal parties. Conservative political philosophy and policy should be to the right of centre and not left of centre and I believe that  when Conservatives try to implement Socialist policies,  just as the previous Labour government tried to combine Socialism and Capitalism in their experiment with the third way,  then all that results is a muddle. In this scenario policy is made up from day to day, depending on media reaction, and is not underpinned by any philosophy or beliefs. Therefore the thinking process is convoluted and nobody can understand the overall policy or where it is leading.

There comes a point when the voters cannot distinguish between the main parties in terms of policy and simply disconnects with Westminster MPs, which is where we are today. As far as I am concerned the private sector is on its own but we seem to be wasting billions bailing out bankrupt companies in the private sector when the money would be better spent on the really needy and kick-starting the new innovative companies that will drag the UK kicking and screaming out of recession and into the 21st Century.

0500 GMT 27/03/2013 Update: Mark Haddon has written a book in which the main character has a behavioural condition that he now claims he knows nothing about. An author writing a book on a subject which he has no knowledge is nothing new these days but he tarnishes the reputation of others from the same academic institution.

 I am one of the very few people who has actually met and even taught someone with Asperger's Syndrome and I immediately realised how little anyone knows about this condition. It is a matter of record that people with the rare Aspberger's Syndrome  are often misclassified by medical professionals who have never encountered such gifted individuals. I can only describe their brain function in engineering  terms as the ultimate multi-threading processor with a multiplexer on the audio output. Having a conversation with someone with Asperger's Syndrome means you need vast knowledge of many disciplines in order to understand as  he/she switches topics and disciplines  rapidly. To people with only specialist knowledge it seems as though the this  person, who is actually very intelligent, is babbling insanely. I would suggest that it is Mark Haddon who is babbling insanely, but because of his academic background, the theatre audience will actually believe his portrayal of Asperger's Syndrome to be accurate.  Mark Haddon has single-handedly turned back the clock 50 years in the diagnosis and treatment of sufferer's of Asperber's Syndrome, who are already completely misunderstood, and may yet prove to be some of the most intelligent people around that merely have difficulty with social interactions as many other highly  individual characters do.

 Mark Haddon is the latest in a long line of below specification products of the UK's elite education system who also seems to have what engineers term euphemistically as undocumented features. I have also noticed that Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, in his recent television interviews  shows that he is similarly well endowed.

0830  GMT 27/03/2013 Update: We all know that Dr Beeching probably "over-cooked" it a bit in his pruning  of the Rail Network and today some railway lines need to be restored. However, his fundamental guiding principle that Railways excel at long distance transport of large quantities of materials and people and Road Transport excels at local delivery still hold true but it was simply never implemented fully with respect to Road Transport. Today, 50 years later, there has been enormous changes with the main ports moving to deep water harbours due to the use of massive container ships. Therefore the Railway Network need modifying to reflect the new reality with LTT(Long Train Technology) being used to deliver vast numbers of containers to the deep water ports without affecting an already overcrowded Road Network.

Additionally, I believe the military could make use of LTT to deliver personnel and materials into some of their bigger military establishments to be used in the event of a crisis similar to the Falklands War. The railway line that comes to mind is the one into Portsmouth harbour whose restoration is already being discussed. The use of LTT  connecting all the big military establishments in the UK would make an emergency operation such as the Falklands War effortlessly rapid when combined with other technologies suggested by Real Engineers.

Therefore the UK's Railway System probably needs re-tweaking whilst maintaining Dr Beeching's guiding principles which were absolutely right but,, like many things in the UK, were never implemented correctly and therefore became discredited. I am re-minded of the so-called Poll Tax which many of us believe was a good idea but was discredited by its incredibly poor implementation  which cannot all be put down to incompetence at local and government level. The "Poll Tax" failed because it tried to raise taxes from people who had no money or others who were basically part of the itinerant workforce. The mistakes of the Poll Tax should never be repeated therefore with a new restructuring of the UK's Transport System we have a chance to correct that other disastrous implementation saga.which so discredited Dr Beeching. The work associated with restructuring the UK's Transport System will provide a much needed boost to employment and give us a 21st Transport System which will effective and  efficient as well as Green without the need for any new technology and with the private sector providing much of the capital investment. Sounds great, so why are we waiting for the decisions!

0900 GMT 27/03/2013 Update: To lighten your day, here is another joke from the Frank Carson Simulated Joke Book.  Boris Johnson said recently that he wanted to emulate the legendary Roman, Cincinnatus, and save London for a second time. I believe he his implying that he saved London for first time by being elected Mayor and successfully delivering the Olympic Games. Apparently, he gained his knowledge of all things Roaman by studying, at his leisure, at some of the UK's most expensive elite academic institutions. He "prepped" for his finals at University by studying an undiscovered audio manuscript written in Latin called Ancient Rome in 2 minutes. His desire to emulate Cincinnatus is much admired especially in that wonderful city in Ohio, USA,  named after the legendary Roman. I hear that the residents of Cincinnati would like to personally thank Boris for his patronage in their usual  way during his next visit. The whole world is now in awe of Boris Johnson's phenomenal mental prowess and incapacity.

1200 GMT 27/02/2013 Update: More simulated good stuff from Frank C: David Milliband will soon be  safely in a "Safe House" in New York where he will recover from the intellectual overstretch of being on the Opposition back benches. He said it has been a long, hard grind since he left office  David Milliband has plans to start his own IC(Inaction Committee) to  which he will apply himself vigorously. David Milliband has also said he has plans to visit Dogsville which is adjacent to or nearly next to Beverley Hills where he hopes to be granted an audience with the transparent comedian,  brucellosis randiiwho was the uninspirational consultant  for the BBC's ICP(Invisible Comedian Project). Whilst in Dogsville, DM,  as he is known in the USA, will co-write an unbelievable movie with a dope-smoking trick cyclist who has assumed the name of H G Wells to try to get some recognition. The DM-HGW Script Writing Consortia, as they now want to be known, are set to complete their plot-less 25 page screenplay in a record breaking 20 years providing they work at an astounding 30 minutes per day.The movie is also on schedule to be fast-tracked and will be available to the general public in Betamax format in 2053. However, the DVD/BluRay/Download can be bought for $2.00 in Shenzen today and delivered by ebay tomorrow because the "Tongs"  read DM's non-creative mind when he was asleep in the House of Commons yesterday.

2030 GMT 27/03/2013 Update: Even more from Frank Carson's Simulated Joke Book. I thought stand-up was dead but there it was disguised as BBC1 News which  has been re-launched as a NRU(News Recycling Unit) with a re-generated Michael Palin. He was vaguely remembering something unintelligible about Beecham's cuts using a state-of- the-art teleprompter codenamed SCRIPT on loan from the White House. Apparently the WASP-in-the-Ear suffered from Li battery failure causing the ancient rolling stock  expert to make black smoke. This environmentally anti-social behaviour resulted in his carer wheeling out to the car park for a comfort break.

2315 GMT 27/03/2013 Update: Simulated FC again: Young and Useless Inc have just released a new Smartphone App called the Power-on App. The new App simplifies the Smartphone's complex start-up procedure which involves searching the phone for a small button then pressing it with the index finger. The Power-on App can be downloaded from Young and Useless'  server centre that is located in a flight case  between the contaminated fresh water tank and the Legionella infested cooling tower which is part of the top floor  executive suite in Katanga Towers at Acme University for the bargain price of $1500. A service contract is available at $1000 per month which gives you security downloads every 3  minutes. Each  time you use the Power-on App a fee of $50 is charged. A spokeswoman for Young and Useless Inc said that Spaghetti Coding Techniques were used throughout  to ensure the App was a bit "Tasty" but completely unreliable.

0945 GMT 28/03/2013 Update: By now you will have realised that I have taken up a new hobby, in addition to Blogging, of "Ripping Socialists" which is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. The best thing about this hobby is that you do not have to invent anything,  it is all out there in Cyberspace. Having Internet expertise means you are only one click away from material that you just could not make up.#

1100 GMT 28/03/2013 Update: I am looking forward to seeing Sir Peter Jackson's Tolkein Trilogy. I hope he can do justice to J R R Tolkein's great literary works which did so much to enhance the reputation of Oxford University, unlike some of today's  graduates.

0900 GMT 30/03/2013 Update: I very much admired Anthony Quinn whom I thought was underrated as an actor as you can see by his very realistic  portrayal of the Auda Abu Tayi  in Lawrence of Arabia. I also believed him to be of Greek origin due to his excellent character parts in Zorba the Greek  and the Guns of Navarone. I only found out that Anthony Quinn was actually Mexican by birth after his death. How is that for a character acting! Not a lot of people know that.

Amateur film buffs, like myself, are looking forward to Danny  Boyle's new blockbuster entitled Trance which is from his pre-Olympic Games psychedelic period. We all hope and expect that Danny Boyle, after his Olympian efforts,  can emulate the great David Lean who was an example to all budding film directors.

0830 GMT+101/04/2013 Update: The UK Government is spending millions, if not billions, of pounds  of  OPM(Other Peoples Money) on PSIs(Public Sector Initiatives) trying to kick-start the PSE(Private Sector Economy). I, as true Capitalist, who believes the PSE should take care of itself, have a certain difficulty with this philosophy unless they are actually  investing in the UKI (UK Infrastructure) so that the PS(Private Sector) can thrive.

Those of us who  can Hack-it do not want or need any OPM but only require the sponsorship and support of like-minded VCs(Venture Capitalist) who want to back a winner and reap mega-rewards. Remember Hewlett and Packard started making hi-tech products in their garage and grew to be the biggest family business in the world.

Anyone can join the HC(Hack-it Club) you just have to be able to do Calculus whilst riding a "bike" vigorously beside the A40 or be able to demonstrate an equally challenging technique. We also have a LC(Loser's Club) for those who did not quite make it during the qualifying challenge but they have to undertake a remedial course where they will be rehabilitated and re-educated before they to will be allowed to join the HC. The HC's new state-of-the-art Rehab Centre is conveniently situated in a Air-Conditioned Dog Kennel outside Dogsville, LA from which the Rehab Centre derives its name.

We, in the HC, have been known to speak to women, whilst relaxing in a bar in down-town Kuala Lumpur and drinking a pint of the local TA(Tiger Ale) which has been "shaken and not stirred" in the traditional way. To show you that we welcome women into the HC let me introduce you our latest recruit namely Danica Patrick of the Daytona 500 2013 fame. She gained entrance to the HC by demonstrating that she could tailgate a guy at 200mph whilst conducting a television interview, unlike those bad drivers who tailgate  me into town at 30 mph. If you have a look at the finish about 6 drivers "blew their engines" and "totalled" their cars trying to stop her being the first woman to win the Daytona 500. The sponsors of the wrecked cars are still having therapy after receiving the invoices for their "team orders". Danica used to live in Milton Keynes which "not a lot of people know" and perhaps she will return one day. She can buy me a drink any time!

By the way, SW(SmartWater) is a kind of plodding technology compared to a that on show at the Daytona 500 and we in the HC can even build "Tracking" into any product, at the point of manufacture, using the IT(Invisible Technology) developed by the BBC.

My own qualification for the HC was to create and implement reasonably intellectual political/technical blogs and websites  whilst under constant surveillance and fending off Cyber-attacks on a daily basis which slows me down a bit but does not stop me. It is similar effect to roadworks on the M1. I have  been called names that I cannot repeat to myself in a darkened room but strangely  all this effort has not moved the economy forward 1.000 nm(nano-metre) or 1x10E-9nm as we say down the pub. Therefore, what is the new ET(Economic Trajectory)? Stick to the current OD(Onwards and Downwards)  course or "do a 180",  as they say in the trade, and go OU(Onwards and Upwards), financed not by OPM, but by VCs who like to take a punt. Remember VCs, it only takes one of the HC to succeed and you will get your money back thousands of times over.

All of those in power know where the HC people are, therefore are you going to "turn us loose" and watch the economy take off or do you still think that spending more OPM is the way ahead. We in the HC do not need to socialise you guys in power because, speaking for myself, I do not particularly like Champagne and vol au vents. I am of the the PSS(Pete Sampras School) who reputedly used to eat "Steak and Eggs" for breakfast which enabled him to edge out Tim Henman on the odd occasion. I also have been known to have the odd JWB(John Wayne Breakfast) in my local Wetherspoons.  The JWB is not for those who sit at home but only for those energetic people in the HC who like to "burn it off".  I am reminded of Chevy Chase who said in the film Christmas Vacation that he would like others to "eat my rubber and  smell my dust" which is exactly the HC's plan for the UK economy.

Therefore it is over to you Mr PM, we would like your support, but I, for one, am heading into the future and looking forward to the next Olympic Games in Rio and not reflecting on what happened at the last Olympic Games in London. If you are not going to support the HC then please let me know and then I can do a "Biggsy" using my on-line skills which I acquired overnight after 50 years in the business. Apologies to the late, great Eric Morecambe for the misuse of his excellent joke.

1030 GMT+1 01/04/2013 Update: If you like, Danica, I could show you how to drive a Cat 657 or a D10 if you ever do come over to MK again.

I recently enhanced my own limited driving skills by checking out the speed of a Yuppy in a top-of-the-range Mercedes on the M1 other day during a particularly uneventful return from Costco. My 10 year old 4x4 was able to slipstream this guy effortlessly averaging a ton+10 and I was able to have an interesting conversation with my wife about the merits of bed-making while she was admiring the Hertfordshire countryside and commenting how Old Reliable (as I call my ancient 4x4) could still Hack-it and  how smooth was the ride. It was with some considerable disappointment  that I had to turn off the M1 on to the A5, and return to sanity, because I still had the SBO(Sport Button Option) left which, contrary to local mythology, I have never felt the need to use during my long ownership of Old Reliable.  I have always wondered what Old Reliable could actually do if she was turned loose on the track, with SBO engaged, as they say in RAF banter.

1300 GMT+1 01/04/2013 Update: I had my own recent struggle with dementia on Sunday when adjusting my Casio Pro-Trek to GMT+1 or BST (British Summer Time) in lay terms. I was just congratulating myself on remembering how to adjust the digital time when I realised I had forgotten how to adjust the conventional analogue time which I use to reference the LTZ(Local Time Zone) on trips abroad, especially LH(Long Haul) trips. I thought everybody did that! I was forced to rtfm (ask your techy friends) and finally got it right.

I bought the Casio Pro-Trek in a shop in Aylesbury 10 years ago whose owner said he was disappointed  I did not recognise him because his name was Arthur Daley. Was that significant? I have only used the digital and analogue time but direction, altitude, barometric pressure and temperature sensors may yet prove very useful during a dark night in the Antarctic.

The current Casio Pro-Trek that I own is actually the MKII version and I bought the MKI version in 1990 which I took to Moscow on holiday with me. I was approached by a furtive Russian who said he would buy my watch if it was not a Casio. It was at this point that I bitterly regretted leaving at home the fake Rolex, which some "dodgy guy" in Hong Kong  gave me for fixing his Bluetooth that, in a moment of inexplicable madness, I had tossed into the top drawer of my bedside cabinet. By the way, Richard Branson was on the flight back from Hong Kong but he pretended not to recognise me out of courtesy for me travelling incognito as the UE(Unknown Engineer).

Today's terminology for the Casio Pro-Trek would probably be a "Wrist-Computer",  minus all the undocumented features of Windows, which allow it to run reliably and accurately for 10 years so far without missing a beat. Even the Li battery is totally reliable and only needs changing about every 3 years.

PS: The fake Rolex has a  much more user-friendly human interface than the Casio, which is probably why it is so popular.

1400 GMT+1 01/04/2013 Update: May I remind all those Socialists out in Cyberspace who studied politics that in fact politics is a circle with Communism and Fascism being either side of a very fine line in terms of authoritarian regimes. Therefore, when you boast about your left-wing credentials then you are actually saying that your politics are nearer to Fascism than any Conservative. The Nazis in WWII Germany actually called themselves National Socialists; need I say more. I rest my case or in my case, my tool-case (commonly known as toolbox) which is TRUE in every case.

1415 GMT+1 01/04/2013 Update: I was thinking about cutting edge technologies for COTS TI in the redundant coal-fired power stations, when it occurred to me that I could probably "pull" Danica on her next trip to MK by showing her my new coal-burning, emission-free engine which "chucks-out" about 2 MW on half throttle. and nobody has dared to try the "pedal-to-the-metal" yet. Do you think it would work!...................... The engine I mean!

1500 GMT+1 01/04/2013 Update: I used to think Carol Vorderman got a bad press because she was easy-on-the-eye and she was good at Mathematics until I read her CV recently and found out that she had admitted to being a Conservative all those years ago. This led to CA(Character Assassination - sometimes called Swift-Boating in the USA) by the anything-goes Socialists, just the same as everyone else who has admitted to being a Conservative. I never met anyone who owned up to voting for Margaret Thatcher but she still won 3 elections. How did that happen? I have now reached the point where I cannot say Socialist  without using the F-word. Thank you to all Socialists for your CA, intimidation, anything-goes behaviour and for almost bankrupting many Western Economies, especially the UK's.

1545 GMT+1 01/04/2013 Update: Guess what? I have just seen a Kirk St Moritz look-alike on UK television who has come back from near extinction. Apparently he now lives a very stressful, fast-lane lifestyle in Dogsville, LA. Judging by his performance; extinction was the better option.

1830 GMT+1 01/04/2013 Update: While we are talking about motors, here is one for all you Autotrader readers/advertisers in the UK. I am in the market for a "Ménage à trois" which I am told is a classic, three-wheeled French Bicycle arrangement that has now become a collector's item.

0415 GMT+1 03/04/2013 Update: I have now completed the testing of the prototype FCJBS(Frank Carson Joke Book Simulator) which as you know makes use of extremely witty new and old jokes told in the kind of Irish language that is heard on many building sites. For those of you who followed the extensive testing of FCJBS will have noted the later addition of the PAC(Political Action Committee)  Plug-in which uses a new election technique called CTDSBPB(Cut Them Down to Size Before the Primaries Begin) and is devastatingly successful.

Real Engineers have under development the US(Ultimate Sanction) Plug-in which is to be deployed against individuals " who do not know when to stop" . The US Plug-in uses the kind of brutal and cruel humour that  I learnt as a child in my  "ascent from the swamp" to just below the gutter which has been known to make grown men cry in their sleep. The US Plug-in effortlessly sources its basic input from the IRT(Internet Research Techniques) module and has an almost unlimited supply of ammunition. The target often babbles incoherently after even a Level 1 attack.

In a "forward leaning statement" Real Engineers have announced the existence of a "skunk-works project"
 which is developing the  RC(Regime Change) Plug-in to be deployed against nation-states and/or companies/groups who persistently steal IP and CM(Copyrighted Material) from my blogs, personal computer and websites and present it as their own, whilst simultaneously trying to implicate others. The RC Plug-in has the same effect as NWs(Nuclear Weapon) but without the CD(Collateral Damage). The RC Plug-in simply uses the  IRT(Internet Research Techniques) module, in a similar way to the US Plug-in, to identify PA(Political Ammunition) which we have found is in abundant supply. The RC Plug-in has a new feature called the GS(Gaffe Simulator) which also  sources its basic input from IRT module. The RC Plug-in targets the egos of the PL(Political Leadership) using particularly brutal  and cruel, Level 10 humour created by its CG(Caricature Generator) which is a development of Kenny Everett's pioneering work. The targeted PL exhibits inexplicable behavioural patterns by the deployment of the RC Plug-in, which is likely to unnerve JP(Joe Public), and hence leads to their removal from office.

Real Engineers realised at the outset of this project that Socialists had no sense of humour and  therefore humour was their weapon-of-choice. The outcome was as predicted that the targets would, firstly,  not understand the humour and secondly,  when it was explained to them would react in a wildly aggressive (and some would say insane) manner to the utter dismay of their friends/supporters. This successful test of the prototype FCJBS has reinforced all of the initial theories and has opened up a whole  new  range of golden opportunities.

By the way, Real Engineers tell me they like lots of "Bread" and would like to leverage their new-found ambitions after many years(even centuries) in the shadows of more inferior products.

0830 GMT+1 03/04/2013 Update: I did so admire Professor Divine's elegantly clever contribution to the CS(Classless Society) referred to , by some,  as a Meritocracy, with the launch today of her state-of-the art 7 class system which is user-friendly  simplification and bug-fixing update to the old 3 class system. Professor Divine further elaborated that her new 7 class system used, as one of its criteria, the measurement of your IF(Internet Footprint) presumably electronically. A bit behind the curve as we say in my local Wetherspoons. What do you think?.

I was also reminded during Professor Divine's illuminating interview of J R Ewing in the Dallas series stating that "if you want to get ahead then wear a big hat". as an explanation of why he wore his extra large Stetson  and being something of a short guy. Unfortunately for most, I wear one of those  newfangled CHs(Cyberspace Hat) which is CI(Completely Invisible) being derived from the IT(Invisible Technology) that has been so successfully developed by the BBC over many years.

0915 GMT+1  03/04/2013 Update: I have it on good authority that Danica Patrick  and the famous or infamous (depending on your orientation) Sarah P. vie with each other at the Daytona 500 to find out who is the biggest ST(Star Turn).

Even the mere thought of running into those two STs in a pub on a cold, wet night in or around MK(Milton Keynes) is enough to turn a me off alcoholism. It was at this point I fell out of bed and woke up.

I think I had better revert to my original RP(Retirement Plan) A which was to sit in the chair, dribble down my shirt and wait to die in the traditional way. I do believe in keeping up these ancient BTs(British Tradition) don't you?......................This is the story of my futile existence: all unfulfilled dreams and incredible negative success.........................On second thoughts!!!

1130 GMT+1 03/04/2013 Update: Just filling in time waiting for an ebay delivery of hi-tech from Shenzhen for $2.00. However, one of my new SLEBs(Super Low Energy Bulb) had a premature failure because they had used the wrong temperature range glue but I was "up for it" and fixed it with some Loctite(Super Glue to the technophobes out there). I was overcome by a strange feeling of déjà vu when restoring the SLEB to its former glory.

1630 GMT+1 03/04/2013 Update: To all those who speculative register domain names such as all the connotations of hack-it. Nobody in their right mind would use the name for an IT or Electronics company because its connections with cyber-crime. Sorry guys, but you lost your shirt this time. Although Real Engineers are very familiar with Slang expressions we never use them in formal documents. I thought everyone knew that.

In addition, any IP or Copyright thieves or anyone who tries to parasite on any part of my biography will hear from me when I get around to it. Believe me, I will not miss anyone out. You had a choice!!!

1700 GMT+1 03/04/2013 Update: I was upgrading to Office 2007 and after 3 hours I finally looked out of the window and saw the Window Cleaner trying to complete a Hack-it Challenge. He was cleaning windows whilst up a ladder and  was simultaneously making a phone call on his mobile. He was disqualified for using an illegal technique. He "mis-underestimated" the difficulty of finding an Hack-it challenge of the right difficulty.

1730 GMT+1 03/04/2013 Update: Many people actually believe,  incorrectly, that E pluribus unum (out of many, one or one out of many) refers to some kind of Socialist Utopia where the government rules for the benefit of the majority. In fact, it simply refers to the joining together of countries or states into a single entity. Even where a majority opinion dominates it still has to be legal both nationally and internationally before it can  be acted upon or are we in a new ball game since the  Iraq War.

1400 GMT +1 04/04/2013 Update: I thought the whole idea of been paid to be a comedian was that you were supposed to be funny. How times have changed.

0500 GMT+1 05/04/2013 Update: I saw on TV news that the Prime Minister David Cameron was showing his support for the TRP(Trident Replacement Project) by visiting the FNSF(Faslane Nuclear Submarine Facililty) However, it is not only the astronomical first cost estimates of  the TRP of £20 billion plus another £20 billion to replace FNSF should the SNP(Scottish National Party) enforce their NFS(Nuclear Free Scotland) stance which led me to the conclusion that the TRP was a non-runner. It was the fact that TS(Trident Submarine) routinely patrols under the ice-cap plus my worries about Murphy's Law applying, as it always does, and there is an accident involving one of the UKs TSs. The UK could end up being responsible for polluting a pristine environment with  radiation forever and, in a worst case scenario, accelerate the ice-cap melt. All this has lead me to the conclusion that there must be a better way, as there always is for Real Engineers. The criteria used by Real Engineers in designing any new military product is Faster, Better, Cheaper which can be effortlessly applied to the TRP.

For the non-technical people out there in Cyberspace,  Murphy's Law states that "if it can go wrong, it will go wrong" which is why all engineers always consider the worst case scenario  when designing any new product. The TRP gives me a whole new perspective on the "Big Bang" theory.

0600 GMT+1 05/04/2013 Update: Sleepless in the Sticks here again. In a previous existence I was what  is called a "Cat Man" which is  a million miles away from being the male version of Cat Woman of the Batman series. As a "Cat Man" I do not dream of Ferraris but of re-shaping the planet, at will, with 1000+hp under each pedal (eat your heart out Danica.) As I paced my 6'x6' study, reminiscing about a mis-spent youth working hard and playing hard seven days a week, I suddenly tripped over my latest Tonka toy. "Cat Men" think differently to other folks in that they believe in IR(Instant Retribution) so ably demonstrated by ZZ(Zinadine Zidane) at the end of his last football match for France. His opponent forgot to do his homework or he would have known that ZZ came from that delightful neighbourhood of the "wrong side of the tracks" in Marseilles  The unfortunate footballer did not complete his engaging conversation with ZZ and was recovering in hospital before he realised the origins of ZZ.

I am getting a bit too old for physical IR but I can still SA(Suppress the Assailant),  if required, when visiting my local pubs which strangely  remind me of the Mos Eisley Cantina. I now prefer the more intellectual stimulating and environmentally friendly version of IR which involves me using a team of "big yellow levellers" to landscape and reinstate parts of the countryside and/or suburbia, replacing  the topsoil, and planting trees.

It was happy days being a "Cat Man", getting up at 5.00 am, doing a 14 hour shift, then "pulling a cracker" down the local pub whilst "networking with colleagues". However, I still think like a "Cat Man" and could "revert to type" any day soon.

0630 GMT+1 05/04/2013 Update: The latest news from "Walley World" (of American Vacation fame) is that "Big Ears" has got "Stage Fright" and cannot "Hack-it" any more.

I am struggling with a new Socialist inspired Capitalist concept which uses OPM(Other People's Money) to invest in PSC(Private Sector Companies) for personal enrichment. Can the lawyers out there tell me if that is a legal "Scam"? If it is legal then I want some of that.

0830 GMT+1 05/04/2013 Update: I was, rather nervously, negotiating my 15th large glass of an unusually good and aromatic vintage of a RA(Real Ale) called "Santa's Revenge" followed by a PFC(Pernod Frappé Chaser)  when the 17 year old CEO(Chief Executive Officer) of YU Inc (formerly the start-up, Young & Useless , prior to "going PLC" as they say in Guildford) bounced up to the bar and casually ordered a "Coke Straight"  and asked the vivacious FBP( Female Bar Person) if she could cash his Giro. The highly successful CEO, who now calls himself "Shane", and lives at the "smart" end of "Giro Valley" nonchalantly put down his glass of AC(American Champagne), turned to me and inquired "Do you follow Stephen Fry on Twitter?" to which I replied, in a rather astonished manner "Never heard of him"! The UM(Upwardly Mobile) CEO then stated, rather excitedly, that "Stephen Fry was that intellectual with an elite education that has over 6 million   followers on Twitter who is able to express himself clearly and concisely on Twitter in less then 160 characters by cleverly using words of less than 3 letters and acronyms with multiple meanings and whose Twitterings are going to be preserved for the next millennia". Been unable to follow the logic of the young CEO, I observed to myself that Twittering was probably the best Stephen Fry could do at 3.00 am when the "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" as they say "Down my Way" or was it "Up my Way" or "Up his Way", I forget the orientation.

What happened next? I simply recycled another  5 large glasses of RA switching elegantly  to my preferred chaser of TSs(Tequila Slammer),  in  the consumption of which I was aided by the particularly well endowed FBP. She was a rather  "Obliging Lass" as we say "Up North"  as I recalled, on several occasions. Later, I discovered that I had misplaced the SCDU(Sodium Chloride Distribution Unit), perhaps I will find it one day. I actually made the two  hundred yards to my home quite safely; only falling down once and getting my foot wet in the two foot pothole that I had failed to notice. As I fell asleep the words "Verbose Techy" echoed in my mind which were uttered by the "early generation" CEO of the NasDaq listed  YU Inc, when I tripped whilst I was negotiating  the pub door on my exit. "Verbose Techy" is, apparently, a feature rich, bug-fixing upgrade to the "Fat B*****d terminology that he usually used when referring to me.On reflection  the following morning whilst consuming the "Hair of the Dog",  I decided that Twittering is for the "Birds".

1030 GMT+1 05/04/2013 Update: I do not think the world was quite ready for a  "Political Engineer" or the "Engineering Joke Simulator with Built-in Contextual Switching" or the "Shock Blogger" and they certainly will have never heard of "Cat Man" with his novel outlook on life,  especially if they were all rolled into one. I could not make this material up.  It is all inspired by current and/or past experiences.  When I look back at my career,  which is characterized by exceptional negative-slope  progress, through Frank Carson's "Rose Tinted Glasses" , then everything seems to be hilarious but unfortunately I did not see the joke at the time. I am reminded of that old song "Make them Laugh, Make them Cry" although, usually,  I excel at the latter. It all sounds a bit like one of those old comedy films from "Hammer" Therefore, regardez Dogsville, "I am on my way" as they say, although many of my less well-equipped opponents have been saying that "I have been on my way" for years. RIP BBC.
1130 GMT+1 05/04/2013 Update: As a guy who grew up in the Cold War Era I remember that we had a defence mechanism called MAD(Mutually Assured Destruction) for the case where someone, even by accident, makes a PNA(Pre-emptive Nuclear Attack) against the West. In the event of anyone being so foolish as to make a PNA against the West then the MAD computer "kicks-in" immediately and 30 minutes later the aggressor country  is an empty, lifeless, radioactive desert  MAD is automatic, cannot be revoked and as far as I know has never been turned off. If this is not the case then I would like to be enlightened.

1215 GMT+1 05/04/2013 Update: I am strangely reminded of Roman Polanski's "Previous" which I found extremely interesting all those years ago and filed it away for future reference. It reminds me of the old adage: "People in Glass Houses Should not Throw Stones" especially when Cat Men are about.

1330 GMT+1 05/04/2013 Update: In a further "Forward Looking Statement",  Real Engineers announced a possible  move into the housing re-development and landscaping business to apply their hi-tech know-how to a slightly lower-tech sector. To this end they will potentially purchase (probably in Q4) 10 x Cat 657, 4 x Cat D10, 4 x D9  and 2x Cat 16 (or similar) plus all associated smaller equipment. A spokesman for Real Engineers said this equipment would prove to be very "useful" in the future. The feasibility study  for this project will be completed in the next few weeks when a final decision will be made.

1515 GMT+1 05/04/2013 Update: My experience of writing Blogs has been a wonderful exercise in "Learning on the Job". However, I don't know why but that vivacious and obliging  FBP of yesteryear springs to mind.

1900 GMT+1 05/04/2013 Update: As an engineer who has some experience of Caterpillar Earthmoving Equipment and possibly a potential Cat User in the future, I was disappointed to find the case of Caterpillar, Inc v. Lewis 519 U.S. 61 (1996) in the archives. As I understand the case, the hydraulic hose on the bulldozer hydraulic ram ruptured and the hydraulic oil ignited, probably when it  impacted on to the engine turbocharger/exhaust. This is a freak accident and it is unusual for an original equipment Caterpillar hoses on Bulldozer to rupture, unless it was very old, in which case hydraulic hose failure is a distinct and unpredictable possibility. It is more often the case that the "O" on the pipe fails but it is unusual for the operator to sustain injuries in this case. A further possibility is that the hose was replaced by Whayne Supply and may have been sub-standard and the fact is that Whayne Supply did settle the case early on. Obviously  Caterpillar thought they would leave themselves open to a Product Liability Issue as rupturing hydraulic hoses are a common occurrence on earthmoving equipment. Therefore, they fought the case all the way to the federal court and eventually won on appeal by using the legal technicality of diversity. Diversity in the USA is an extremely complex issue which I only understand in overall terms. and I am sure US lawyers could argue for weeks or even years over this issue. The only way to determine liability is to ask the following questions:

  1. Did Whayne Supply replace the hydraulic hose with a sub-standard hoses of for example lower pressure rating?  If so they are liable.
  2. Was the hose an old genuine Caterpillar that ruptured? if so Caterpillar cannot be held responsible for the hose failure.
  3. Was the hydraulic oil ignited by the engine turbocharger/exhaust which is possible in the case of a freak accident? In this case I would have expected Caterpillar to settle out of court without admitting liability because this is such a rare occurrence that it would be unlikely to happen again or set any precedence in any possible future Product Liability Case. From a PR point of view alone it was not sensible for Caterpillar to spend so much money defending this case as  it was such a rare accident that there was never a Product Liability Issue unless Caterpillar knows something that I do not
The diversity issue complicated what should have been a simple compensation case and I was concerned about the following pivotal issues:
  1. Why was a vast multi-national company, Caterpillar, registered as an LLC and not a Corporation, as I would expect for a company of this size. It must be for tax purposes.
  2. The LLC status for Caterpillar complicated the case and introduced the diversity issue. The case may have been pursued to the Federal Court by Caterpillar because of the possibility of future personal liabilities if they had lost the case.. The Caterpillar Website shows that they are now incorporated so the diversity issue will never arise again.
I am an engineer and not a lawyer and I do not pretend to understand the intricacies of the US diversity laws, which I have put in the too hard file, but I can see that this case is a blot on the reputation of otherwise respectable company, namely Caterpillar. There is no possibility that this freak accident could have developed into a Product Liability Issue and should have been settled amicably at the outset, if Caterpillar was liable, which could have been determined by asking the simple questions above, and settled without admission of liability. If there is a PR issue for Caterpillar then a retrospective settlement along the lines I have suggested could be made without raising any Product Liability Issue.

If  as I can only theorise, Whayne Supply is at least partly liable, as they settled the case early, then there may be a training issue of mechanics and/or technicians at their Service Centre if the wrong specification hydraulic hose was fitted. However, I have no facts to back up this theory and would not wish to implicate Whayne Supply in any way.

To be brutally frank,this case looks like an Employment Generation Scheme for Lawyers because  if they had taken expert advice from Cat Users  it could have been settled on Day 1. However, I do not have all the details of the case but this is my opinion from past experience. My recent renewed  interest in "Big Cats" has actually uncovered this case.

I only do this stuff because I cannot contemplate conventional retirement.

0530 GMT+1 06/04/2013 Update: SS(Sleepless in the Sticks) here again. I still like a "Big Cummins" in a truck which seems to be the engine of choice of the IRTs(Ice-Road Trucker). I liked the sunglasses too, guys and gals, but I thought everyone knew about their use to counteract snow blindness or dazzle. I could show you a Faster, Better Cheaper replacement for your trucks and how to make a load secure. That Big Guy would be "Gone in the Morning" if his load "pigs"again and he had worked for me. I could have strapped the load better than him and I am  just a Coffin Dodger but, being a Real Engineer as well, I would never have  used a flat-bed in  the first place. Brains Beats Brawn (Muscle) every time!

My golden rule was taught to me by a particularly bad tempered, but rather eloquent McAlpine's Works Superintendent called McKenna on a bit of a "Road Job" in North Wales,. McKenna's rule was that "Everyone Gets One Chance But If You Screw-up Again Then They Will be A Man ( I should say Person today but it does not sound as good) to Replace You in the Morning" . That concentrates your mind when you are very young and are still trying to "Pull Your first Cracker" but I suppose that experience did teach me to appreciate Mary Hopkin and Katherine Jenkins as singers. What a pair of "Crackers"

I never felt the need to get an HGV(Truck)  Licence in later life as I would probably found trucks a bit of a let down after those halcyon days of my early youth  fixing "Big Cats" and sometimes even acting as "Driving Instructor". I remember in later years a young and particularly athletic FBP(Female Bar Person) telling me that she "could teach me a thing or two". I have often wondered what she meant by that. At this point my thoughts turned again to politics and Bill Clinton's economic policy.

Honestly, you could not make this stuff up!

By the way, who were those "Chancers" who "Totalled"  a rather nice 4x4 (SUV) causing the IRT  to "Head for the Trees", as they say in down town Juno., on UK TV last night. They have got to be Democrats!!

0830 GMT+1 06/04/2013 Update: I have just bought a second hand "Karaoke Machine" off ebay for $20.00  which I had to do a quick fix to the speaker connections. I also bought new state-of-the-art tiny speakers intended for an HD TV for another $12.00 and had an incredible shock when I turned the unit on. It sounded just like one of the Wurlitzer Juke Boxes that I remember from my youth only it fits in my overnight bag. Talk about "Rock You In the Head".  I know from my many visits to the Far East  how much they enjoy Karaoke but I just wondered what the IRTs do at that big "Truck Stop in the Freezer" on those dark and lonely nights. I have always reckoned I could "Show a Girl a Good Time" as they say in down town Taipei". Getting a bit old now though............."on the other hand"!

Still waiting for the two radio microphones which should be here Monday or Tuesday of next week. If they come in time I will take the Karaoke Machine up to The Road Ahead 2013 UK Conference at the Ramada Encore, NEC, Birmingham,UK on Wednesday 9th April.. Maybe we can "Blow the Froth Off a Few" after the Conference. As I am a "Late Developer" in terms of "Boogie Music" so you will have to bring your own Karaoke DVDs. I am sure the Ramada Encore would like to see how Real Engineers or indeed Real Men\Women can party even for a short time..

The reason that no press or media are not allowed to attend the Conference is that we are all EE(Expletive Enabled) and like to speak our minds, but do not want to sued by somebody who can  "dish it out but cannot take it."  Otherwise all truckers from SMEs and Owner Drivers are welcome for free but you will have to buy your own refreshments as necessary.

1500 GMT+1 06/04/2013 Update: Just tested the Karaoke Machine with the radio microphones and it sounds "Wicked". A bit of an error on the ordering front; there are two radio microphones in each box. Anybody up for a "Quartet"?

1645 GMT+1 06/04/2013 Update: Just saw the Grand National at Aintree, Liverpool , UK and it was perfection. It is the Greatest Steeplechase on Earth!

0400 GMT+1 07/04/2013 Update: Those of you who have not  quite tuned in to my kind of  humour should note that I do not advocate excessive drinking but I have been known to "down a few" in my rather unusual and sometimes "a bit on the wild side" life. Any characters that I mention are fictional but are based on the many entertaining individuals that I have met  over an extremely eventful  existence spent almost permanently "commuting"  to  a greater and greater extent.

I was sitting in the bar of a Hotel,  whose name I forget, but it was the down-market version of the Hotel Russia in Moscow, a few weeks after "Chernobyl went critical".when I was engaged in conversation by a rather pleasant, older English guy who said he was a sales executive for "Instrumentation and Safety Equipment for Nuclear Facilities". He proceeded to give a long briefing on the situation and that  he thought that the Instrumentation and Safety Equipment at Russian Nuclear Reactors in those days was inadequate therefore he expected to do a lot of business on this trip to Russia. After his excellent update, I concluded that anyone who thinks they can cut-corners to save money on Nuclear Reactors is quite obviously not an engineer or scientist and would compromise the safety of the Nuclear Installation. I suggest that anyone who adopts this approach to Nuclear Safety then lives in the house next to the Nuclear Facility.I am a supporter of Nuclear Energy but only if it "done right" by experts who really do know what they are talking about.

 When I returned to the UK I went into my local pub and the customers all made bad jokes that I had been irradiated because my voice was so hoarse. Little did they know that, in they ribald humour, they were probably 100% accurate.

Finally, I do not interact well with Socialists any more because they have no sense of humour, particularly my  kind of robust dark humour, and they "know so much that just isn't so" In fact "they don't let me out much" these days and I cannot remember the last time I "Blew the Froth of Few" which has all led me to resort to Blogging.

0530 GMT+1 07/04/2013 Update: SS(Sage of the Silo) here. For all of those people out in Cyberspace who are having difficulty in understanding the humour that I have introduced into my blogging, then here is a short tutorial.

The humour in my Blogs is a derivative of Comédie Noir which often makes jokes about taboo subjects. I make extensive use of quotation marks in my Blogs to bring the readers attention to:

  1. A direct quote - where you have to find the the origin of the quote;
  2. A slang expression - where you have to find the meaning;
  3. An expression of my own - where you have to de-cipher the meaning;
  4. A double entendre - where you have to decide which meaning applies;
  5. A simple point of exceptional interest.
  6. Foreign language expression - which you have to interpret;
  7. The Frank Carson "Its the way I tell them"  humour where a comma (pause) changes the whole meaning of a sentence;
  8. The Engineering Joke - which you need a bit of technical know-how to understand.
Once you get to grips with these criteria then you will get  a great deal enjoyment out of the humour. The best person to interpret my humour would probably be an Irish Engineer, if that is not a contradiction in terms.

The reason that someone with my sense of humour does not mix well with Socialists is that they do not get the jokes until about a week later, when someone has explained it to them. Then they want to do you serious harm. Believe me, I have had many personal experiences of this strange Socialist behavioural pattern..

0615 GMT+1 07/04/2013 Update: I have been developing what I have termed the "Generic Joke" which is written in such a way that that many people in different countries around the world imagine that it applies to them directly. This is the perfect humour for the Internet where the same issues exist in many different countries. There\is an expression for this type of humour, that comes from my North of England origins, and is "if the cap fits, wear it" which is the perfect explanation of why the Generic Joke works so well Internationally.

If you are a good Real Engineer then you can "turn your hand" to most things and if you are "up before six"  you can have the job done by lunchtime . Its  R&R for the rest of the day.  Not everybody has the same lifestyle!

0945 GMT+1 )7/04/2013 Update: The new name for BBC's Click is Clunk which management says reflects their position on the technology curve more accurately. They also stated that Clunk-Click was considered but eliminated for being too elitist for such a programme which addresses the top 90% of the potential audience. Spencer Kelly, the presenter, has just completed an intensive course at the WHTS(White House Teleprompter School) in order to enhance his skill-set.

0800 GMT+1 08/04/2013 Update: Just packing all the kit in the 4x4(SUV) for The Road Ahead 2013 UK Conference tomorrow at the Ramada Encore, NEC, Birmingham, UK. All the gear was bought very cheaply  off ebay and it is "not bad" as they say in down-town San Jose. I will have to leave all the 3-D  stuff at home (no more room in Old Reliable), but truckers would not be interested in 3-D unless something is "going down" at these TSs(Truck Stops) as we say at M1 J9.(UK, by the way).

Interestingly, the BBC News, rather strangely, never changes between 0600 and 2200 yet the rest of the world operates 24/7. To me, it means the night shift does all the "work"and the day shift does all the "networking with colleagues". To any engineer, the logical conclusion is that the day shift is "surplus to requirements". What a great idea for cost saving! Are you receiving new DG!

1300 GMT+1 08/04/2013 Update: I have been trying to analyse how Copyright Law applies to material published on-line. I am an engineer who thinks logically and I find that most laws are quite logical apart from a few anomalies. So this is my opinion on how Copyright Law applies to on-line documents.

Tweets cannot be called documents because they only exist for a short time after creation mainly to protect the  the Tweeter from future legal action. However, copies of the Tweet may exist in some electronic storage facility where it  may have been retained for security or surveillance reasons. These Tweets archived for security purposes cannot be used to claim Copyright because firstly they can only be used in cases governed by Criminal Law and not for Copyright claims which is governed by Civil Law. Secondly they are not published documents in any sense and are the electronic equivalence of paper notes whose existence is temporary and further, they are not in the public domain because they can only be seen by the Tweeters followers. In my opinion a 160 character, Instant Message cannot be considered to be a published document and therefore cannot be the basis of a Copyright Claim.

All Social Media  are in the same category as Tweets because of the temporary nature of the postings and the communications not being in the public domain in the accepted sense because it is restricted to friends. They also use Instant Messaging therefore for the same reason the Tweets cannot be the basis of a Copyright Claim.

Blogs and Websites are different in that the document is of unlimited length and is in the public domain in the true sense of the word and therefore can be regarded a publication in the legal sense. The document is also archived electronically as all learned papers are today. It may not have the same constraints a a Conference  Paper published by a Learned Institution but it has all the IP (Intellectual Property) and Copyright Claims. All you need to do is to make sure that you write Copyright, or use the symbol,  followed by your name and year. It may be that a dishonest  Internet Company that you are using will try to claim Copyright to your published and/or unpublished  material but this claim would not stand up in court unless they had actually purchased the Copyright from the author. Even this Copyright transaction would be time limited.

Another ploy would be for the Internet Company that services your Blogs or Websites  to restrict access to your Blog  or even in an extreme case attempt to publish the material under someone else's name to try to claim Prior Art. This would be totally illegal under National and International Law and would result in astronomical punitive damages against the offending individual  or company. Also the idea that IP has to published at a Conference of a Learned Institution is nonsense because it is the document that contains the IP an not the Conference.

Furthermore, it is the Concept that is the IP and not the implementation which may vary slightly and may even be patented by some Patent Offices. However, the Concept and therefore the Copyright belongs to the author of the document in which it was proposed. A patent which violates Copyright is not valid and should never have been granted in the first place. There is a long history of patents being claimed by people who never invented the idea. The patent is just of a specific implementation of a Concept or IP but Copyright is of the Concept or IP itself and stands in its own right.

Therefore, if anyone out there has stolen my IP and would like to test this legal opinion in court then I would welcome the challenge. I do not need an expensive lawyer to interpret the law because I am well able to do that myself. So in those immortal words lets go to court "if you think you are hard enough" but remember when you "bet the farm you have got be prepared to lose the farm.

By the way, all the IP on all my Blogs and Websites are covered by Copyright and some were published some time ago, archived and then re-published. I know there are lots of dishonest people out there trying to discredit and rip me off but I can take it;  the question will be can you? This may include individuals or even some of the biggest companies in the world and sadly may involve governments. The days of ripping-off the "Little Guy" are over because with the Internet we have gained a voice.

For example, anyone trying to announce a truck engine at the Commercial Vehicle Show (UK), tomorrow or any other day, running on an alternative fuel described first on one of my Websites will feel the full force of legal challenge because nobody will believe the truck engine manufacturers claim of Prior Art or arriving at the Concept independently. The truth is I know where and how you got the idea and when you started your development work and so does the whole world. In any case your employees will have to testify in court and I do not think many of them will perjure themselves. Any other theft of my IP will be met with equally ferocious legal challenge.We all know the history of Patent Races but we are in the 21st Century now not the 18th Century. The old adage applies, the bigger they are the harder they fall. Auf wiedersehen pet (or should I say Ms Merkel with our own PM(DC) not far behind). Also anyone trying to associate themselves with IP theft should distance themselves now before it "hits the fan". What bunch of, a******s.

I know all about everyone having 15 minutes of fame but IP thieves on this scale are looking at 20 years, minimum. I also know about all of the political techniques of stealing opponents  ideas, trashing their events and kicking the little guy and I know the vernacular terms for these activities. But remember David and Goliath. Brains will beat brawn every time. You guys forgot to read the small print, again! Anybody need glasses!! See you ALL in court!!!

By the way, if you pop along to the Ramada Encore near  the NEC, UK you can hear exactly how an alternative fuel engine engines works in great technical detail as well as all the associated problems/requirement plus a great deal of other interesting  information. All in language you can understand by someone who has "done a bit". You don't have to wait to hear it from a Mercedes, a Caterpillar or a Cunmmins because I gave them the idea. I hate politicians who only take an interest in technology when there is a photo-opportunity. The best way to screw these politicians up is to ask how the whole alternative fuel system works end-to-end including the production. It will be good for a laugh! I am even laughing here just thinking about these politicians answering tough questions without the tele-prompter running!! It going to make great TV!!! Has everybody got their glasses ready!!!!

What is really gut-wrenching these days is to see a UK Conservative Prime Minister "running with the lefties". If he had some real cajones  he would have won the election and would not be in a Coalition now. I cannot for the life of me see what is the difference between all three major parties on the big issues such as national debt, the economy, defence and only marginal differences on social matters. What mucking fuddle!!!

If the future is Socialist, then leave me out, because it is not going to be very exciting in the middle of next winter when you cannot pay your energy bills and you are bit hungry. I have been there, done that and it was not much fun. Poverty is not an ambition its an affliction. Let us all climb out of the gutter together and "try and make a few bob" as they say in Rochdale" "God helps them that helps themselves" for those of you that are religious. My own view is that this will be the last chance, and certainly my last chance, to stop the downward spiral of the economy before it is impossible to recover the situation.

The situation with the theft my IP is pure Socialism and stems from all those people who misinterpret "E pluribus unum" or deliberately spin it to impress a gullible electorate, who in the past voted for Bill Clinton in significant numbers "because he had a nice smile". Hence we have had to put up with Politicians of all parties grinning like "Cheshire Cats"  ever since. It makes me want to vomit!!!!

Richard Nixon got impeached for doing less than some world leaders are doing today,  and I never start trouble but do know how to end it. I was educated at "School of Hard Knocks" I will not be shafted by a bunch of "Oxbridge Chaps and Ivy League Boys"  who belong to the"Been nowhere,  Know nothing,  Can do nothing Society" You may be all "image" but I am all "substance". When the "going gets tough the tough get going" Hows that for class.

See you at the Ramada Encore , NEC, Birmingham UK. Not only will you learn something but you will enjoy the experience instead of listening to Politicians with negative charisma. I am at the Conference for three days so I thought I would "get my retaliation in early" as they say in Glasgow.

In case you are wondering, this is Level 1  Blogging,  off the top of my head, Wait until you get to Level 10!!

1330 GMT+1 08/04/2013 Update: Does anybody believe Google's Statistics which report low numbers reading my Blogs everyday. Why don't I believe that?

The whole world wants to know what Google is up to with its long term archiving and who does it really work for. The user of its services, who let it parasite its Youtube advertising on my Blogs, or is it simply collecting data for someone else.

1600 GMT+1 08/04/2013 Update: If there are any farmers out there who want to grow crops for alternative  fuels, with OSR being the prime candidate, then you can catch me at the Ramada Encore at the NEC, Birmingham, UK to tomorrow. I can tell you what the whole end-to-end process involves having done some farming in  my youth and having transported bulk OSR to Erith in recent years. If sufficient numbers of farmers turn up I can give you an on-thy-fly briefing on OSR at  4.00pm or otherwise it will be 1 to 1 in the bar,as they say in Cumbria. When you have finished checking out the latest truck,  just stroll around the back of the NEC to Ramada Encore and I will make you very welcome. Check out the The Road Ahead 2013 UKConference Website here and if you cannot get into the Conference then I will talk to you a 4.00pm. Remember, I can speak to you in language that a farmer will easily understand.  It is a waste of time listening to Politicians on these subjects because they are only there for the photo-opportunity and they do not know what they are talking about in any case. You can "Blow the Froth off a Few" at the same time It will be dry work lecturing all day. Its going to be great fun!

Also OSR oil  producers can drop by for a chat but there is not a great deal of change for you as the systems are all in place, however  future expansion will be important if OSR oil takes off as I predict as an alternative diesel fuel source. You can simply "Network with the the Chaps" as they say in the City or try and grab a Conference seat. You can check out your new tankers at the NEC at the same time. Come and enjoy.

Although theory is essential, in the end it all comes down to implementation that is why it is better to get you advice/consultancy from someone who has "done a bit" rather than from someone who simply "good at pointing". I will be giving out my Skype id to those who are genuinely interested in getting the right advice/consultancy.

Get it straight from the horses mouth from someone who can give the full picture and not simply a diesel engineer who would not know his OSR from his Oats.

0630 GMT+1 09/04/2013 Update: SS(Sleepless in the Schoolroom) here. All set up for the truckers in the Ramada Encore, NEC, Birmingham, UK. The Road Ahead 2013 UK Conference is ready to go.

There were roadworks coming north on the M1 from about Northampton to the M6 junction. The M6 Toll Road was also closed earlier this morning.

I have just heard a great laugh on the local BBC Radio this morning at the  Ramada Encore. The BBC guy says they have trouble with PowerPoint. Talk about being behind the curve! Real Engineers mastered PowerPoint 20 years ago. It is more likely that they have never learned to used a PC properly. The new DG needs to get a grip of the BBC or he will be "taking the early bath" as Eddie Waring (BBC Rugby League Commentator of yesteryear) would say.

1700 GMT +1 09/04/2013 Update: The Road Ahead 2013 UK Conference is cancelled through lack of interest today. It would seem the UK truck industry is happy to live in the past. The fact is nobody cares and your poverty will be someone else's prosperity. The world is full of losers who could not adapt. Only Real Engineers can solve the problems of the 21st  Century because we are Systems Engineers and can specify the whole solution. The UK truck industry had your chance to move up a gear with a Paperless Command and Control System that now you can only dream about. Your current supplier will make you a clunky, unreliable system, costing many thousands of pounds which will not be able to do the job. I am afraid it is a tough world truckers, because Real Engineers operate globally, therefore we simply go to where the customers are more sympathetic to hi-tech.

I am having difficulty understanding the inverted ambition of UK people to be poor. Why would anyone think like that! Only a Socialist would have such a convoluted mind.

1800 GMT+1 09/04/2013 Update: Just a reminder to all you IP thieves out there and people trying to parasite on my biography that I am not Mr Nice Guy but in fact a real bada** who will be calling on you soon for recompense. You will be given one chance to pay punitive damages  voluntarily or you will be made an offer you cannot refuse. Settlement Day is getting closer and I am getting meaner by the day. You had a choice!!!!

To put it in terminology that you can understand,  anyone who"fancies their chances in court" had better be good because I am "getting up to speed" on how the law applies to technology. The first question in court will be for everyone involved to state their "affiliations" which I believe will be a "game-changer". As most IP thieves tend to be Socialists, because they rather stupidly believe that important IP belongs to everyone and not just the inventor, I have also invented my own WRU(Wealth Redistribution Unit) for those who will not "play ball" when I request punitive damages. Remember you are not dealing with an Oxbridge Chap or an Ivy League Boy but someone who is "revenge enabled" and believes in "exemplary retribution" so that nobody in the future even thinks about "shafting the little guy" ever again. If you think I am full of b******t, then just try me, as they say in down town Chicago.

1900 GMT+1 09/04/2013 Update: The UK mining communities seem to have selective memories about their strike. The miners, led by a Soviet inspired Arthur Scargill, attempted a coup d'état against the democratically elected Thatcher Government . If you study Arthur Scargill's speeches he makes it perfectly clear he is playing winner-take-all. Scargill lost, Mrs Thatcher took all and the mining industry was closed down in exactly the same way that, when the dock workers held the country to ransom in the 1960's, containerisation was invented for the specific purpose of eliminating dock workers jobs. If you do not believe that Scargill was Soviet inspired then ask Mikail Gorbachev or better still Vladimir Putin.

Lost in all the furore is Mrs Thatcher's statement that "the coal is still in the ground and we may need it in the future". That time has come and we do need coal but the Greens will not let us use it because they know so little about engineering that they cannot see how coal can be burned pollution-free. Furthermore, they will not talk to Real Engineers who have a conceptual solution for emission-free coal burning that will be a drop-in replacement in the redundant coal-fired power station generator halls in the UK and elsewhere. It does not require any new technology but does require substantial testing of the theory. However, I suspect the IP thieves are about but I think they will get their  hands severely burned this time. They are not Real Engineers and although they can steal part of the IP off one's laptop they cannot come up with the total solution. Why does everyone listen to someone who is a simpleton, in engineering terms, instead of consulting Real Engineers. The total solution is only a click away but I am afraid Real Engineers do not take kindly to rip-off merchants and the solution  does involve our own IP and will be expensive.

0800 GMT+1 10/04/2013 Update: The Thatcher Years are being credited with closing down much of British Manufacturing. She simply applied the rules of Capitalism that state that the Taxpayer is not a charity to keep in business/companies who are making products that are badly designed, equally badly made, nobody wants and are unreliable and in the case of many cars of that era simply a rust-bucket.  Those of us who actually have owned and driven an Austin Allegro, Morris Marina or a Vauxhall Viva know exactly why the British Car Industry failed.

If you actually analyse exactly what happened to British Manufacturing in the 1970s and 1980's then you will come to the same conclusion as I did at the time. It was the failure of British Manufacturing to adapt to Automation, at the time of great industrial change, that led to its downfall. It is my firm belief that Trade Union opposition to Automation led to the inability of British Manufacturing to compete and the jobs were simply exported to, initially, Japan and then to South Korea as the Global Economy emerged.

The British Shipbuilding Industry suffered the same fate, especially in Scotland, where Communists, led by Jimmy Reid, opposed every attempt to Automate their manufacturing. They failed to foresee that Automation would actually protect jobs and probably would have led to more jobs with the addition of North Sea Oil Services. The shipbuilding work simply went to other countries which had "Adapted and Automated" their shipbuilding. These same ICDs(Intellectually Challenged Dinosaur), which I fondly refer to as "Losers", are leading Scotland over yet another economic precipice in the guise of Scottish Independence at a time of equally great change when the world is being drawn closer together by the UI(Ubiquitous Internet). Talk about facing the wrong way!!!

Today, the Internet Revolution is the equivalent of Automation Revolution and those who can "grasp the nettle" and adapt will succeed and the rest will fail just as in the past. However, the Internet Revolution applies to all sectors of life and not just manufacturing as Automation did. But we still have our dinosaurs today who cannot adapt to the new Internet World mainly because they never bothered to learn how use a PC and now have to "pay through the nose" to use dumbed-down Smartphones to access Internet Features which they can get for free on a PC or a laptop with a little more learning effort. At this time of great change you can take the easy downward spiralling economic path or the much more difficult onwards and upwards economic trajectory. To paraphrase  that famous Scottish song "Oh, I'll tak' the high road, and ye'll tak' the low road". How appropriate don't you think? I have already taken the high road and this Blog is the TD(Technology Demonstrator).

1045 GMT+1 10/04/2012 Update: Apologies to all those users of my RMVJB(Retro Music Video Juke Box) who now have to listen to "Crap Versions" of those wonderful songs and music which I have correctly specified by my YSS(Youtube Search String). The rubbish you now have to listen to in many cases now consists of impostors masquerading as the original artist or people trying to parasite on my Blog with the aid of Google. If I have correctly defined the YSS then expect what I have defined to appear, not some talentless substitute or some degenerate chat show host looking for his place in history. My experiences with Blogging and the ISPs leads me to wonder if the management of some of these companies have the correct business ethics to be involved with such an important  technology as the Internet. Also it is disappointing that artists who have gained recognition through my Blog then remove the material from Youtube into the private domain in order to "cash-in".

I now believe that the Internet is so important that the ethics and business practices of the ISPs and all other companies heavily involved with the Internet should have a Code of Practice defined by some international body such as the United Nations so that dominant nations cannot illegally manipulate the Internet and its users for their own political advantage and also use it as a surveillance tool. The advent of Cyber-Warfare, Cyber-Crime, Cyber-Bullying and Cyber-Deformation has now put this problem in the International Domain. The sad thing is that much of the problems on the Internet are being caused by nation states trying to "Censor the Internet" and use it for Data Harvesting for blanket security reasons, which are totally unnecessary. Even the identification of "Persons of Interest" is being misused for political ends rather than security needs and this is a state inspired crime which is clearly identified in the Abuse of Power Acts (Human Rights Acts or similar) that exist in every democratic country in the world.

1200 GMT+1 10/04/2013 Update: After my interrogation at my unattended Road Ahead 2013 UK Conference by a  technically inferior "Socialist Spy",  I think I have to draw pictures for the Intellectually Challenged amongst my Blog readers. Eating offal in China may not be pleasant but the Chinese look incredibly fit on it. The worst thing that can happen to you is that you may get some form as food poisoning which is pretty much the same as in the UK.

Furthermore, my reference to Silo ( as in Sleepless in the Silo) is perfectly clear to a farmer and anyone who has had any connection with things military but to a "juiced-up Socialist" apparently it means "Magic Mushrooms".  Why do I worry, I ask myself.

PS. The "Socialist Spy" turned out to be one of those people who is prepared to sacrifice business success on the altar of Socialism. What a "Loser"! I wonder why he programs in  Java? It would also seem that mediocrity is a sought after academic and technical  qualification these days. He was a SCS(Spaghetti Code Specialist) who did not know a Flow Chart from a State Diagram and the UI(User Interface) on his software creation both hurt the eye and was unintuitive simultaneously. A feat that could only be accomplished  by a sub-standard product of a Red Brick University bearing the name of the Greatest Engineer that the UK has ever produced. He is also struggling with the concepts of corn-fed and free range in relation to livestock. Why do people listen to these engineering simpletons.

2000 GMT+1 10/04/2013 Update: Reminder - Must remember to recommend dispersal of politicised BBC staff after seeing the re-edited version of Michael Portillo's Train Journey's. These talentless people with such political bias should not be in Public Service Broadcasting. I intend to make it my mission in life to make sure that these people, who are acting against the interests of the nation, have a long spell of resting to concentrate their minds. These BBC staffers are not "Professionals" in the accepted sense of the word and their activities may be construed as unlawful in the future because they are not in a private company but working for a state company paid for by the general public through the  licence fee.

It also seems to me that the DG and the Governors are either complicit or naive in condoning what can only be called left-wing propaganda, distortion or even Orwellian Newspeak. It is a sad time for the UK and the so-called Thatcher Legacy has been completely squandered.

0200 GMT+1 11/04/2013 Update: You have got to admire the Tories for sticking with David Cameron and  George Osborne. David Cameron even made Ed Miliband look good in the House of Commons yesterday with his hypocritical eulogising over Margaret Thatcher.

While I was waiting to present my state-of-the-art offering that would have moved the Road Transport Industry dramatically forward the CVS(Commercial Vehicle Show) attendees were enthralled by the experts on trucks from the Transport Select Committee  Perhaps those guys are all going to take up truck driving when they are redundant in 2014. It just goes to show that in dumbed-down UK boring baffles brains every time.

I received this missive from the CVS which said "knowledge is the key to business growth" but they do not know how a Euro 6 engine works and think AdBlue is some sort of paint job. I doubt if there was Chartered Engineer in the whole of the CVS.  Elevated mechanics and software hackers will not move the Road Transport Industry forward, It takes radical solutions that only Real Engineers can provide. I did try to help your industry and was spurned. You have had your one chance and you chose the "low road". You must like being poor.

By the way, all you dummies using Smartphones only receive the text of this Blog. All the good stuff is in the right hand margin which the rest of the world, who can use a PC or a Laptop, enjoys immensely free of charge. See what I mean about losers.

0600 GMT+1 11/04/2013 Update: During my interrogation by the Socialist Spy the matter of personal or obscene abuse came up and I think I have made clear what action I will be taking in a previous posting.

However, I have been considering the case where a high ranking official heaps obscene abuse on a low ranking individual. The law makes no provision for class but an additional and extremely serious charge of Abuse of Power is possible in addition to the normal slander and libel charges. The punishment for such a crime would be very severe indeed.

There is a further, vastly more serious transgression, whereby a high ranking official heaps obscene abuse on a low ranking individual in another country for whatever reason. This also involves an Abuse of Power in addition to any slander and  libel but it falls under the jurisdiction of International Law and  has a similar in a category and punishment as a War Crime. If I were a victim of such a International Abuse of Power Crime then I would demand an exemplary punishment as a deterrent to others in the future. I think that for  such an unprecedented crime most nations would support the hard line that I would recommend.

1600 GMT+1 11/04/2013 Update: This is the sort of rubbish we have to put up with in a dumbed-down UK today. A Transport Minister, namely Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP, who has no qualifications that even remotely qualify him to be a minister. As far as I can see he is only qualified to be a farm worker. I find it re-assuring that at a time of fundamental change we have this outstanding intellect restructuring the UK's Transport System. It with great amusement that I read that he attended the Commercial Vehicle Show UK on the 9th April 2013 and was being asked about alternative fuels for diesel engines by attendees of his own intellectual level. He will not speak to someone like me, who is a Chartered Engineer and who owns Copyrighted IP in alternative fuel solutions for diesel engines that he has been perfectly aware of since he took office.

I would not employ  Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP, as a minister because he is unqualified for the role. His CV would have gone into file 13 instantly. The depressing thing is that he is not the only member of David Cameron's government who is unqualified. If it were not so serious, it was laughable that as attendees at the CVS 2013 were asking the under-educated  Secretary of State for Transport for clarification on alternative fuels for diesel engines whilst  I was waiting only 500 yards away in an empty room with all the answers to their questions on  alternative fuels and on many other Road Transport issues whilst being interrogated by a Socialist Spy( who can hack Java - "Book him, Danno"). It is an Abuse of Power for a Minister to impose his stupidity at such an important time for the Road Transport Industry to inhibit my start-up.

What the  Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP, could not tell the attendees was that the Copyrighted IP for an alternative  fuel for diesel engines had been stolen by IP thieves from my websites and laptop and they were about to present their implementation based on the stolen IP. Hence the blocking tactics by the lame-brain minister against The Road Ahead 2013 UK Conference which would have been legal if he had something to announce but it now seems he is just the empty vessel that his CV indicates. Anyone  who thinks they have the rights to my Copyrighted IP can test their case at The Hague because this will come under jurisdiction of International Copyright Law in which I am rapidly becoming an expert. I do not need a lawyer,  just a train ticket to The Hague, where I believe I will have your a** as they say in Phoenix. I did notice that David Cameron changed the rules on legal aid in anticipation of my legal challenge. How much longer do you think he can hang on in office?

The Secretary of State's obvious political manoeuvre may be  illegal because he used his position to damage the prospects of my start-up. Whilst this kind of dirty pool may be acceptable in the anything-goes, gutter politics in which he trades, it is an unethical business practice  and may be subject to Trading Standards Laws. I am therefore calling for the immediate resignation of this Secretary of State, who likes to play dirty pool in the private sector, pending and inquiry into the theft of my alternative fuel for diesel engines Copyrighted IP. The activity of the so-called minister is a clear example of why there are no entrepreneurs in the UK today and why we are on the edge of  a third world economy. I think that if you check out his affiliations then all will be revealed.

I will also be investigating the possibility next year  of running an alternative to the CVS UK with engineers and experts on hand who really do know what they are talking about, with or without the cooperation of the Truck Manufacturers. When Chartered Engineers run these events you can guarantee that you get state-of-the-art advice which is absolutely correct and not the ramblings of an elevated mechanic at best or a education-limited Secretary of State who is best qualified for shovelling s**t on a farm.

PS.The organisers of CWS 2013 probably thought that  they would have something "BIG" to announce with the educationally deprived Secretary of State's visit. Well they have; they will not be running CVS 2014 or in any future year.

1800 GMT+1 11/04/2013 Update: It looks as though the bright sparks at the UK  FA(Football Association) do not know the difference between a post-processed, simulation such as Hawk-Eye and a simple RTS(Real Time System), that if implemented correctly, is high speed and 100% accurate with instant Slo-Mo replays of the actual event from several different angles Did the FA actually take any advice from any Real Engineers? I suspect not.

In terms of IP the RTS implementation that I propose is called GLT(Goal Line Technology) sometimes referred to as GT(Goalmouth Technology) because of its incredible flexibility. If anyone else is prattling on about GLT or GT then they could have only heard about the terminology from surveillance of my house. In this case, it is the implementation of the technology that is my IP, not the component technologies, which are freely available.This is not a retrospective claim for IP because it is effortless to change the acronym as you can see. As anyone knows who is  involved with military products,  we use acronyms simply because an acronym cannot be patented. The details of this and the rest of my IP  are stored in my brain, not on my laptop (which screws-up the hackers) and has only been discussed privately with my wife who simply does not understand what I am talking about. The old military adage applies (metaphorically, of course); "take them down when they break cover".

Just to clarify the situation, GT or GLT is a spin-off of my other Copyrighted IP for landing aircraft on aircraft carriers called FALUAVS, which also has also been stolen off my website. Again it is the implementation of the system that is my Copyrighted IP not the various technologies within the system. But I am just sitting here waiting to "take them down when they break cover" as we say in the trade. In  my youth I was always taught, by experts, that "the bigger they are, the harder they fall" and I can assure you "big guys" it will hurt for the rest of your life.

0700 GMT+1 12/04/2013 Update. It looks as though the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, is off to meet Chancellor Merkel in Germany in a vain attempt to dig himself out of a deep hole of  his own making. However, as every building worker in the country could have told him, you have to shore-up the sides of your deep hole otherwise it will bury you alive. It may not be the only "funeral" (metaphorically speaking) of important political figure(s) this week. "Ich bin der Ingenieur!! Auf Wiedersehen,  Frau Bundeskanzlerin Merkel (politically speaking) ; you obviously play dirty pool just like UK politicians."

It is a bit of a shame, Chancellor Merkel, because I was your political soul-mate and I would have enjoyed sharing a beer or two with you at the Oktoberfest 2013.........on the other hand.

1600 GMT+1 12/04/2013 Update: Now that my Copyright theft from my website and laptop has turned into industrial espionage of my Copyrighted IP,  much of it secret military IP, that has been passed to a foreign power it is now a criminal case and all those Tweets and Social Media libel can now be recovered from the security back-up system at the ISP and the Mobile Phone Companies to be used in court. You foolishly thought that your Cyber-Character-Assassination had all been deleted but your friend PM  David Cameron paid these companies £1.35 billion a year to make sure I could use the evidence in court. Don't you just love that guy.

I  have also uncovered the first link in the espionage trail, namely the Socialist Spy, who should at this moment be being suitable motivated to tell all. Then it is simply a matter of following the electronic trail, which cannot be deleted. Its great when you know how these systems work. I bet the Socialist Spy does not know that the death penalty still exists for espionage of IP of significant military value to the nation whether it is in Government hands or private hands. The scale of this IP theft and the blatant disregard for International Copyright Law makes this case unique and therefore the ultimate sanction should apply to the main "actors".

I know you are wondering how I identified the Socialist Spy but it was so easy. He got cocky and mentioned something that he could only have known about if he had access to my hard drive. Also why does the death penalty still exist in this case? Because this kind of espionage is classified as "High Treason".

By the way, Trading Standards People, all the evidence you need is in this Blog and its hyperlinks. So "Full Ahead Both" as we used to say.

I have on good authority that there will be two vacant properties in "The Street of a Thousand Fools" in May if not before.

1900 GMT+1 12/04/2013 Update: Chancellor Merkel, be sure to ask David Cameron where he got his idea for alternative fuels for  diesel engines. It will be very enlightening. Perhaps he can explain how the system actually works in some detail because if you want to claim the IP then you first have to have the Copyright and then you have to know how to implement it. I am completely confident he cannot answer either question and has created an enormous problem for everyone.

If you check out my website you will find that I have the Copyrighted IP in question and Cameron is simply full of it as always. Mercedes should have talked to me before they foolishly rushed ahead  and David Cameron is to blame for misleading everyone. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. The sensible thing to do is just to email me and put a stop to this madness.

Nobody in the world believes Mercedes arrived at this particular alternative fuel idea independently, which we can easily test in court, because they never suggested it until they saw my website. Mercedes may have a lot of money for the court case but the damaging publicity will far outweigh any gains in court which I can easily counter with testimony from Mercedes own engineers.

Therefore, the ball is in your court Chancellor Merkel!

0230 GMT+1 13/04/2013 Update: Message for Chancellor Merkel. The UK PM , David Cameron has stirred up an enormous amount of trouble in the UK by over-hyping Margaret Thatcher's funeral. Now that it has "hit the fan" he has run off to Germany to hide behind your skirts. The brutal truth is that you can keep him and with about 10 year intensive training he will probably make a half decent "cha walla". I, for one, do not wish to see him back in the UK because of his cynical and dangerous manipulation of events here in the  last few days in desperate attempt to save his own political career.

By the way, Chancellor Merkell, are you still on for those beers at Oktoberfest 2013? I did enjoy, during my visits to Munich, seeing the Rathaus-Glockenspiel and having a drink in the Staatliches Hofbräuhaus in München but I particularly appreciated an evening in a local bar in the suburbs whose name escapes me for the moment.

Note: I am using "cha walla" in its true WWII derivation not in the intellectually deprived "Danny Boy" sense whose recent Olympian efforts are well known to those of us "in the know".

To change the subject, I have just heard on the grapevine that the BBC's enormously well-rewarded presenter, Fiona Bruce, has just got her bus pass or is that just wicked gossip. She will do anything for Scotland except live there which reminds me of several other so-called celebrities. I am having nightmares at the mere thought of running to Fiona Bruce at Oktoberfest 2013 whilst trying to have an intelligent conversation with the German Chancellor about energy conservation. "Gott verbietet"!

0730 GMT+1 13/04/2013 Update: Let me clarify International Copyright Law for all you big-shot, elite educated lawyers who missed this class because of other activities. Copyright can be applied to any kind of IP not just written work as some stupid people believe. As an example, the food manufacturers wrappings, discussed on BBC1 this morning, can be Copyright protected by simply writing the word Copyright (or use the symbol) on the packaging followed by your company or individual name and the year that you are claiming from. Some stupid lawyers believe that changing a word here and there of a written work makes the Copyright theirs but it does not. The Copyright Law provides for a "derivative work" which has to be "significantly different" from the original authors material. As an engineer, "significantly different " means that less than 25% of the original authors material can be included in a "derivative work". A whole chapter can be quoted verbatim in a "derivative work" but only with the consent of the original author.

When Copyright is applied to IP, you cannot simply change a little bit of the specification around the fringes of the implementation to claim the Copyright. In this case case "significantly different" is interpreted as fundamentally different in technology terms to claim to be a "derivative work". Some stupid lawyers still confuse Patents with Copyright. Patents protect a particular implementation of IP but Copyright protects the IP itself.

When you are applying law to technology then you really need to be an engineer who can interpret the law across disciplines. Therefore, in the case of my IP I am just waiting for you to "take you down when you break cover" if you understand the military terminology. In the past these big shot lawyers have relied on the victim being poor and unable to claim his/her Copyright. But as I have said previously, I just need a ticket to the International Court and I will "rip you" in court". Remember that my first question will be for ALL those active participants in the court case to declare ALL of their affiliations. Also you big-shot lawyers will not be "playing at home" this time" with the "Judge in your pocket".

Therefore,  if you think "you are hard enough" then "come and have some" as they say in down town Marseilles. I would also like to thank the UK PM,  David Cameron, for his contribution to this fiasco whose casualty list is growing daily. The  "Loony Lefties" are not going to win in court against a Munchkin. If you have no money, Munchkin, then I will represent you for free in court and we will have their a**.

0330 GMT+1 14/04/2013 Update: I know many of you are puzzled as to why my Copyrighted IP theft comes under the jurisdiction of the International Law when it normally deals with war crimes, two of which are still pending. The International Law governs the interactions of nations states and their conduct therefore where does my IP theft fit into that scenario. It is simply that nation states are "acting in concert" to deprive an individual of his IP in a totally unprecedented manner. Crimes by nation states on this scale can only be dealt with at the International Court because it raises the ugly Socialist inspired idea that the will of the majority prevails and an individual, such as myself, has to bend to the will of the majority. Although this doctrine may make sense to some "juiced-up Socialist lawyer" it cannot be enforced if it is illegal.

Even if an issue carried the votes of the entire United Nations it cannot be acted upon if it is illegal. There are precedents where nations states have acted illegally in recent years but as we all know their cases are pending. In the past, high-ranking officials of nations states believed that they could simply trample over the rights of an individual in the "national interest" relying on the fact that someone who is poor will not have the wherewithal to challenge the mighty. The law does not recognise this concept of "national interest" overriding the individuals legal rights. This is not law but pure Socialist dogma and it is my intention to test its legality in the International Court which must underpin every decisions of a nation state and even the United Nations.

I have found that they are not many lawyers who understand International Law, Copyright and IP as it applies to technology or indeed the rights of the individual when confronted  by nation states "acting in concert" mainly because they missed those classes to have a "smoke". Therefore I am up for the challenge, I have "done my homework"  and I have found that an engineer with some "political nous" can interpret national and international law  in relation to technology better than any elite-educated lawyer. Platitudes may get you admired by some degenerate chat show host and even get you elected but you have to be able to explain how the law applies in to technology in terms that the judge can understand to win in court. "Chewing a brick" in a technology case is not an option.

Just so that everybody is clear, if we do go to court, then I will request that all the active participants to state all of their affiliations which I think nobody in the world will deem to be an unreasonable request. Also major companies will be caught in the crossfire and their reputations  and  sales potential will be put through the shredder. In addition, a great deal of controversial surveillance issues will be publicly aired for the first time and perhaps ruled upon. The old adage applies; "when you bet the farm, you have got to be prepared to lose the farm". However, I do not have a "farm" in the first place so wtf.

0530 GMT+1 14/04/2013 Update: Just a quick reminder on this Sunday morn to all those Socialists out there, who have being trashing me and taking free shots for what seems a lifetime, that I will soon be ordering my WRU(Wealth Redistribution Unit) from Caterpillar or Komatsu. You know the rules of the game, if you do not comply then you will get a visit from the WRU unless, of course someone beat me to it and "fries you first" as they say at Aldermaston.

Also, so that Young and Useless does not feel alone in the world, I have just met Old and Useless who is a tradesman who specialises in low-tech solutions to hi-tech problems. He has got to be a Socialist to think like that!

By the way, I have almost, but not quite, lost my sense of humour. When I do occasionally descend into a humourless mood  I have dark thoughts of revenge and retribution where I can exercise my multi-discipline talents to the full in a very focussed way................on the other hand, I will have a nice glass of California Rose for lunch - screw-top of course; I like my wine uncontaminated!

0630 GMT+1 14/04/2013 Update: "Brainstorming for the Primaries" as they say in DC listening to "good ol' Merle". What an inspiration!!!

To illustrate how Socialists "know so much that just isn't so",  when I was having my rather engaging interrogation by the Socialist Spy at my unattended Road Ahead 2013 UK Conference, he said that "Katherine Jenkins has a more powerful voice that Vicki Brown" even though he admitted earlier that he had "never ever heard of Vicki Brown". Just the man for the Champagne and vol au vents parties where talking bo**ocks has been turned into a fine art. Talk about giving an opinion on a subject you know nothing about.  Don't you feel good that people of this intellectual level actually rule the UK and many other Western countries

0800 GMT+1 14/04/2013 Update: In politics "you can run but you can't hide". The UK PM David Cameron has "run" to Germany to "hide" from all the unnecessary controversy that he has created in the UK by over-hyping the funeral of Margaret Thatcher. However, he cannot "hide" forever and he will have to "run" again in the 2nd May 2013 Local Council Elections  The most probable outcome is that he will have to face "The Crossing of the Rubicon" by his fellow Conservatives. It is going to be a great May Bank Holiday in the UK this year, I confidently predict.

The same of course applies to Rupert Murdoch, "he can  run but he cannot hide" but in a subtly different way. The Leverson Inquiry will catch up with him in the end. Now that would be something worth celebrating by erecting a statue for the Media Mogul in a prominent position in London as a place of pilgrimage for people of all parts of the political spectrum wishing to express their admiration for his business and media ethics over generations. What a unifying influence his statue would be.

0200 GMT+1 15/04/2013 Update: I think I will"swing by" the Oktoberfest 2013 in the autumn to see what is "going down" as they say in Harlem.

This Blog will be "running silent" until after "the funeral" therefore not adding to the controversy stirred up by the UK PM David Cameron trying to "spin the event" for electoral advantage.

Whilst "running silent" I will be investigating the complicated issue of alternative fuels for diesel engines. Although there are many candidates, each has its own particular problem, so there is no universal technical solution.................or is there? Real Engineers already have a concept solution, as you would expect, but this time it will not be made public.

0600 GMT+1 14/04/2013 Update: I know Google thinks it is funny to parasite people who are trying to destroy me on my RMVJB(Retro Music Video Juke Box). I always check the  YSS(Youtube Search String) before I use it therefore I know they are manipulating the YSS in order to ingratiate themselves to people who they believe are "winners" but are in fact "losers". Either Google executes my YSSs correctly or I will move everything to Wordpress and launch from my own website. Google knows my rules and they have had their one chance, if they do not "play ball" then finito and that includes the management. How's that for a joke!

0830 GMT+1 24/01/2013 Update: How is a start-up such as Real Engineers going to achieve all this I hear you say? We simply partner with like-minded companies/organisations, large and small, to implement our Copyrighted IP for a fee and go 50-50 on any resultant Patents. Real Engineers then act as SDLs(System Design Consultant) and PMs(Programme Manager) to co-ordinate the various entities and individual projects within, what can only be described as, very  large infrastructure with an environmentally-friendly outcome. Because Real Engineers very rarely gamble on unknown technology the downside risk is less than 10% of the risk in a BSP(Blue Skies Project).

Put more simply, if you understand the terminology/jargon, Real Engineers  will sit at the top of a TDDP(Top-Down Design Process) offering CA(Consultancy Advice) at every level but with the detailed design in the hands of our PCs(Partner Company). Therefore a small team of Real Engineers can guide VLIPs can quite easily. By the way, TDDP make full use of the AD(Art of Delegation)  that PRR(President Ronald Reagan) showed us all how to do by "setting the policy" and employing able people to "implement the policy" which ensured that PRR never suffered from what I call the JCS(Jimmy Carter Syndrome) and did  not "flame-out".

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