Thursday, 30 January 2014

The EU Elections(UK) - The Mid-Terms(US)

The forthcoming  elections are concentrating the minds of politicians on both sides of the Atlantic. In the UK. the state economy is the most important issue in the voters mind, as it is at all elections. But an EWE(Extreme Weather Event) of prolonged flooding on the Somerset Levels, UK is highlighting the UK Coalition Government's lack of crisis management skills. The inbuilt inertia of the response by Coalition Government to the ongoing flood emergency in the Somerset Levels, and elsewhere in the UK, has become a pivotal issue which could ultimately decide the outcome of the UK General Election in 2015.

The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, optimises photo opportunities at world leader events, such as the recent meeting in Davos, Switzerland, but in the meantime, his own backyard is disappearing under flood water with no respite in sight. David Cameron is tied to the vested interests of big business and cannot apply lateral thinking (thinking out of the box -  in American parlance) to the flood emergency, even though he has been well briefed on a generic solution to the annual flooding problem in many rural areas of the UK. He now turns to the UK army for help, but large civil engineering projects are not within the expertise or domain of the armed forces. This is no criticism of the military because they have other, much more important commitments. Their trained personnel could be utilised, to good effect, as part of a private sector civil engineering infrastructure project in the Somerset Levels.

The brutal truth is that virtually no civil engineering infrastructure projects involving earthmoving on the grand scale have taken place in the UK since the 1980's. Those who worked on earthmoving in the 1980s are either too old or cannot remember how it was done or they are completely out of date and have not kept pace with modern technology. I believe David Cameron is being advised on infrastructure projects by those who are still stuck in the time-warp of the 1980's and do not have the intellect to function in the 21st Century, where environmental concerns have also to be addressed. Today, big earthmoving projects are no longer the domain of ill-educated, blundering fools, but require the ability to use new technology which is being incorporated into the latest giant earth-movers in order to work within EU environmental legislation framework and produce more effective results.

In the USA, the economy dominates the Mid-term elections but the bad smell of BS(Blanket Surveillance) still dogs the US Democrats. I doubt if freedom loving Americans will ever forgive the US Democrats for so much BS. The US President, Barak Obama, announces grand plans in his State of the Union speech, but with two years to go, they have no credibility. The US President is perceived to be on a two year farewell tour as he gets on the road for the US Mid-term elections. Interestingly, he promotes a more modest agenda on the election trail. Just like many second term US Presidents before him, he is now clearly a lame duck.

The US economy is still virtually flat-lining, even after trillions of stimulus dollars, which tells me that the stimulus dollars have probably been wasted on big business. Big government loves big business because they are bureaucratic mirror images of each other with the same built-in inertia. SMEs(Small and Medium Enterprise) are much more agile in response to the changing world of technology. In fact, it is in the SMEs where the technology of the future is being developed with creativity and  innovation being stifled in the bureaucratic monoliths of global businesses. If it is any comfort to the US electorate, the same business environment exists in the UK, with the added burden of a rigid class structure and zero social mobility.

The consensus amongst politicians on both sides of the Atlantic seems to be that if we "tough it out" then we will all get back to  the status quo of golf at the Country Club and those wonderful Champagne & Canopies parties very soon. However, many people including myself, have already moved on and embraced the technology of the Internet Age. Those who cannot adapt appear to be the dinosaurs of the modern age and we all know what happened to the dinosaurs!

0700 GMT 30/01/2014 Update: Am I detecting the beginnings of an a new outbreak of BSE(Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy)?  I may be mistaken. Similar abnormal behavioural symptoms can be observed in alcohol/drug abusers. To tear up someone's passport without due process is definitely Stalinistic

UK Citizenship does not mean much to me now because I cannot identify with many UK Citizens these days. I am an Engineer, I can function quite adequately as a stateless person. All that UK Citizenship did for me was cause me a huge amount of obstruction and grief while I was wrestling with very difficult technical issues, which would have moved everyone forward in every meaning of the word. UK Citizenship did not work in my favour during my many attempts to start-up a business, because in the UK connections are more important than know-how.

I have travelled to many parts of the world, and I am very familiar with the rest of the world through my lifelong learning/research schedule, but I have only experienced the destructive "politics of envy" in the UK. There is a lack of tolerance of perfectly legitimate alternative views on almost every subject in the UK. It is as if the whole population had been exposed to some form of subliminal brainwashing from an early age. I have never been subjected to these destructive left-wing tactics abroad, even in Communist countries.  That tells you all you need to know!

1245 GMT 31/01/2014 Update: Goodbye David Cameron (UK Prime Minister). "Don't think it hasn't been fun..........because it hasn't!!!"

Goodbye President Barak Obama. (USA). I don't like long Goodbyes!!!

1900 GMT 31/01/2014 Update: C'mon, US Defence Secretary, Chuck Hagel, do some serious ass-kicking and get those Danes to work. They are just posing at the moment! The Danish ambition is for a three hour day.....with an hour for lunch. If the Norwegians want to get into bed with the Danes, then give them the same treatment!! Go get 'em. Chuck!!!"

0630 GMT 02/02/2014 Update: I would like to take this opportunity to thank Oxford University, UK, profusely, for giving the UK two of the most outstanding Prime Ministers, Tony Blair and David Cameron, that the world has ever known. They have been an inspiration to me and motivated me to write these Blogs. Tony Blair said he modelled his life and was inspired to greatness by one of the truly great Rock Stars of the 1960's, Mick Jagger, whose exploits are a lesson to us all. Mick Jagger said his early lifestyle was all Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll. David Cameron is on record as saying how much he admired Tony Blair.

Oxford University boasts that they educate the leaders of the world and I cannot thank them enough for finishing off the education of former US President Bill Clinton. His activities in the Oval Office are legendary and are the subject of much intellectual discussion in the down and out bars of my locale. There are even bets being laid on whether his cigars were from Havana or not.

Thank you, Oxford University, Thank you.....Thank you!!! The UK, and indeed everyone else, will be eternally grateful for your education of the leaders of the world.

0655 GMT 02/02/2014 Update: The bottom line for me in the forthcoming elections is that I will not vote for anyone who is a alcohol/drug abuser. Furthermore, I will not employ anyone who is an alcohol/drug abuser. I will need the results of a toxicology test as proof.

I define the term "abuser" in this context as someone who consumes excessive amounts of alcohol/drugs on a daily basis.

1115 GMT 05/02/2014 Update: I suspect those chemical container  tanks in Libya still have some chemicals in them. If not, then I have a use for them, or similar. But only if they are cleaned and bunded.

0408 GMT 08/02/2014 Update: I told the Detroit City (US) residents that it is a tough world and you will only get one chance of success. Detroit blew it when they went with the US Democrats recovery plan, or lack of recovery plan, and rejected my ideas/help which was a genuinely friendly offer.

Today, the action has moved to Northern California, where the residents will try to tame the drought using my high technology solution. It will be successful and the US Democrats will lose California at the Presidential elections in 2016. The drought relief plan for Northern California is called a tactical strike out of the left-field in political jargon.

As for Michigan, the US Democrats cannot shed the electorate's idée fixe  that they, the US Democrats, have destroyed the finances of Detroit City. Furthermore, nobody believes that Mayor Duggan will ever come up with a viable recovery plan for Detroit's dormant industrial base, even if he was given an infinite amount of time. Michigan will be easy pickings in 2016 when the US Democrats finally screw-up in Detroit City.

0415 GMT 08/02/2014 Update: Here are the songs for today.........The Eagles. However, my all-time favourite Eagles number is Take It Easy...........How appropriate!!!

0335 GMT 09/02/2014 Update: My plan for drought relief in California is copyrighted IP(Intellectual Property). My terms for you using it are that Real Engineers (DentCorp Ltd) takes a controlling interest in any company that uses my IP. The full terms of business for Real Engineers are listed on my Enviromental Blog at 0555 GMT 29/01/2014 Update.

1045 GMT 09/02/2014 Update: Apparently, Morgan Freeman really rates Clint Eastwood as a director. That's a pretty good endorsement in my view. How is Morgan Freeman's voice these days? Can he still sell ice cream to Eskimos? I am not a particular fan of John Travolta, but even I have to admit he is pretty good at playing the bad guy. Also, I have always been impressed by Will Smith.......when he does comedy!

1100 GMT 09/02/2014 Update: Check out Sochi International Airport, I wonder where Vladimir Putin got the idea for the runway extensions. All I can say is that it will not be much fun shovelling snow in Siberia. I am looking forward to my next visit to Moscow to refresh my memory and acquaintances.

I think I will send my Cat 657 team to Sochi to do a bit of landscaping.

This is a classic film/movie for the Sochi Winter Olympics........Dr Zhivago.

0855 GMT 18/02/2014 Update: The UK Conservatives, led by the current UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, are facing a massive defeat at the EU elections as he pursues a policy of denial about the recent UK flood disaster. He is running around the UK, like a headless chicken, trying to claim credit for work done by other while his friends, and Plumbo-Jumbo is a prime example, spend £billions on totally ineffective pumping solutions which do more damage than good.

There are only a short few weeks to the EU elections and the Plumbo-Jumbo team are still mired in flood water. David Cameron said money was no object in combating the floods and we can all clearly see where it has been spent. I suggest the insurance companies claim their losses back from the Plumbo-Jumbo team, for whom "money is no object." I can imagine that it was a similar team to Plumbo-Jumbo that failed  on the Sochi International Airport project, the extraction of toxic chemicals from Syria and the transport of heavy military equipment out of Afghanistan. Plus a host of other failed projects which have cost the UK taxpayer £billions and are to numerous to mention. This is a wake-up call for everyone!

0430 GMT 19/02/2014 Update: I detect the Trade Union bullies of the Unite Union, the Fire Brigade Union and RMT (Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers) Union attempting to hold the UK back in the early 20th Century, in a desperate bid to hold on to power. They have no part to play in the new high technology companies of the 21st Century. Why? Because anyone wishing to start up a new business in the UK will look at the nasty activities of these three Trade Unions(and possible others) and will simply walk away from the UK if they are to be dictated to by Trade Unionists of no education, no skill and no talent. These people have shown by their MO(Modus Operandi) that they have advanced little since the days of the primeval man,  from whom they are descended.

It is a direct result of Trade Union opposition to automation in the 1980s which has resulted in the UK having a low-wage service-based economy for the majority, and a high-wage economy for a few "high-flying" people in the City of London. The losses of the so-called financial wizards of the City of London, since 2007, far outweighs any useful contribution they make to the UK economy.

The perspective of the UK, from places such as Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo, is that it does not have the skilled workforce required for a high technology enterprise. The militant Trade Unions just make Far Eastern investors believe that the UK is just too much hassle. Therefore, they invest elsewhere. The harsh truth is that the UK has been left behind in the 20th Century and some would say the 19th Century.

Unless there is a radical shake up of the UK economy, with the technologists being able to push ahead, then the UK will continue to stagnate. The current flood crisis graphically illustrates the gap between 21st Century technology of pumps being deployed by Sykes and Selwood pumps and the 20th Century pump technology being deployed by what I have, rather amusingly, dubbed the Plumbo-Jumbo team. The really worrying thing is, the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has spent a vast amounts of money on Dutch pumps, which are not fit-for-purpose,  yet he will not invest in his own home-grown, world beating, pump technology. I cannot understand the logic here and I doubt if anyone else can, even in his own Conservative party.

0512 GMT 19/02/2014 Update: Why do we need all this high technology industry? It is to create the wealth, thus generating the government taxation to enable it to pay benefits to those in need. The government cannot look after the disadvantaged in the UK with reduced income from taxation. We are in the downward spiral of reduced tax income to the government resulting in cuts to benefits. Without wealth creation the UK cannot move on, as older companies simply tread water or just fade away.

At the moment, many older companies are being propped their friends in the Banks, who are also struggling. If we do not break this cycle of diminishing returns,  then the economic outlook for the UK is bleak. The unleashing of the creative talent of the UK, especially in the engineering sector, will have no impact on the rest of the UK, which some describe as a giant theme park. The new, high technology businesses operate below the RADAR in typical office blocks/warehouses/manufacturing plants which are really invisible to the rest of the public. Therefore, high technology businesses do not have detrimental effect on the environment, they simply blend in to the local landscape(or cityscape). For example, high technology businesses often operate out of listed buildings without any damage to the local environment.

0608 GMT 19/02/2014 Update: I think I should clarify my position on Scottish Independence. I oppose Scottish Independence because I fear it will lead to the total break-up of the UK, as the rest of the regions will demand similar status. I entirely empathise with the Scots, who feel a complete disconnect with the Westminster-based UK Government. Having travelled widely in the UK, I know that virtually all the the regions of the UK feel the same disconnect with the Westminster Parliament.

The Westminster Government, whichever party is in power, is dominated by graduates of Cambridge and Oxford(Oxbridge) and the Senior Civil Service has the same graduate profile. This has created a bias at very heart of UK Government. It has resulted in successive Governments running the UK mainly for the benefit of London, the Home Counties, the South East and parts of East Anglia, where the graduates of Oxbridge live. Thus leaving the regions starved of investment.

The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, openly admits that he cannot venture into Scotland and I think, as a result of his incompetence during the ongoing flood disaster, that also includes many of the regions in England. I cannot see that anyone from "Giro Valley" or the Govan Dust Bowl in Glasgow would have anything in common with a graduate of Oxbridge, many of whom are offensively arrogant.

The disconnect between the Westminster Government and the regions is at the heart of the Scottish Independence issue and this is where I will concentrate my fire. The matter of Scottish Independence is a choice for individual Scots to make.

0345 GMT 20/02/2014 Update: Now for some serious politics. Merle Haggard did not have the best start in life, but he turned his life around and became a role model for reformed prisoners. Incredibly, he is still packing them in today, doing much work to help prisoners. Merle Haggard is a symbol of of the fact that anyone can turn their life around, no matter what the horror story, given sufficient motivation, faith, hope and opportunity.

Willie Nelson is featured on some of Merle Haggard's videos. From what I read, Willie Nelson has been to hell and back and is now "Back on the Road Again."

However, it is so much easier to turn your life around if the economy is on the up!

0425 GMT 20/02/2014 Update: Meanwhile, down in Louisiana........there are still having a ball! Thank you.........Thank you........BP!

0905 GMT 20/02/2014 Update: This is DJ Top-Cat signing off here and here with the unforgettable Vicki Brown.

1135 GMT 20/02/2014 Update: And finally, Good ol' Frank........Sinatra............Who else?

0449 GMT 22/02/2014 Update: Here, we have the previously secret UK MoD report on the drastic long term effect on their operations of Climate Change. The Green Lobby's policy of retreat from every area threatened by sea or flood water is the pathetic ramblings of the Chattering Classes. If we listened to the Green Lobby then we would have to abandon much of London, on the banks of the River Thames, which includes the Westminster Parliament.

 I will make an offer to the MoD: I will buy all the military facilities that the MoD intend to abandon due to the threat of floods for a nominal sum. I will use my know-how to flood-harden these military establishments. I will then lease them back to the MoD at an economic price. It is a win-win situation. I think I will have financial backers for this plan, because I have the technology and the track record. Nobody else in the UK has the know-how to flood-harden a military base, because it requires vast cross discipline system knowledge.

The chaos in the Coalition Government's policy towards Climate Change is illustrated by them ploughing ahead with the HS2(High Speed 2) railway project, whose route through Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire is one of the most likely areas of the UK for flooding due to Climate Change. The Coalition Government has spent £billions on Green initiatives to tackle flooding, which have failed abysmally, and totally uneconomic Wind Farms, for electricity generation, which  now blight the country scene. I am sympathetic to the Green cause, but their current solutions are not credible in terms of economics or engineering. The remarkable thing about the Green Lobby, and indeed the Coalition Government, is that neither of them will consider any other approach to the Climate Change issue other than those being proposed by people, who claim to be professionals, who seem to be in denial about the evidence before their very eyes.

I have a bit of experience of sea defences from my early days in the Construction Industry and the thing which prevents flooding is the routine maintenance of the flood or sea defences. It is the routine maintenance of flood and sea defences, which has been a part of the rural coastal and flood plain activities for centuries, that was abandoned from about 1997 onwards.  The policy of abandonment of the flood and sea defences all made sense to those in the Green movement who like to "smoke the pipe of peace" and later by vested interests trying to make money out of Green Technology. We have already had one Tory Grandee deselected because of a conflict of interest between his role in the Coalition Government and Green Technology businesses. These people will literally "lose their shirts" financially if we move away from the present Green Lobby inspired policies.

An interesting fact which has emerged from  the Somerset Levels in recent days, is that many farmers in the area grow OSR(Oilseed Rape) and much of this year's crop is still under water. The conspiracy theorists will have a "field day" with this little nugget of information to emerge from the Somerset Levels flooding tragedy. In fact the Somerset Levels are perfect for the trial of a self-sustaining economy, which requires no input  from the outside world in terms of energy, food, fuel or water and is a net exporter of produce/products. This can easily be achieved by private enterprise without breaking any regulations or laws except for the diktat of the vested interests to buy products and services in which they or their friends have a commercial interest. It is not the role of the Coalition Government to dictate to perfectly legitimate private enterprise especially when the public sector, which is their domain, is in such a shambles.

If I want to run my central heating boiler, 4x4 or any truck/diesel engine I might own on OSR oil or any other combustible oil, it has nothing whatever to do with the Coalition Government. The only requirement is that all the emissions of this combustion of any kind  meets EU regulations. In the case of OSR oil, and indeed many other oils, it is very easy to meet the EU regulations with today's technology. This is why I believe in multi-fuel burners and engines so that I can switch to the cheapest available source of oil in any part of the world. It is all possible with today's technology, but it is being violently opposed by the current energy industry and their lackeys in the Coalition Government.

The Coalition Government has committed to Fracking(Hydraulic Fracturing) as a source of gas, but in Colorado, USA, they have a water shortage due to the high consumption of water by the Fracking industry. Fracking water cannot recycled by the Fracking industry because of the many contaminants. By the way, the State of Colorado, USA has just legalised Marijuana, therefore, it probably all makes sense to them!

0525 GMT 22/02/2014 Update: Time for some Willie Nelson therapy. He knows a thing or two about AF(Alternative Fuels). Waylon Jennings is great too!

People have asked me why I have never visited a festival (Country or Pop). The reason is that I was always too busy doing something else. Even today, I am too busy to travel, it would just slow me down! I have always believed, that for me, time in the air is wasted. Unless, of course, I had a high-speed Internet connection on the aircraft, then I might think about it. Having hauled my ass around the world, for some considerable time, I now really appreciate being grounded.

1120 GMT 22/02/2014 Update: We are all waiting to see if the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, can actually "walk on water" in the Somerset Levels and solve the flooding crisis without stealing IP. His choice of incredibly expensive water pumps from Holland, when he has more advanced  pumps manufactured in the UK were available, has mystified the world.

Another interesting fact to emerge from the Somerset Levels is that many Liberal Democrat supporter's properties are under water as their party leaders policy have suggested. I don't think that this was in the Liberal Democrat's plan, but it is a just retribution for  their supporters, who wanted to inflict their crazy environmental plans on everyone else.

0506 GMT 23/02/2014 Update: I believe the US Army and the British Army operate in a similar way in that no officer above the rank of Major is actually on the battlefield with the troops. This story of how the US Army Generals, whose strategies failed in both Afghanistan and Iraq, propose to axe the very people who tried to implement their World War II plans, does not bode well for the future. It would seem that the lessons have not been learned. The allies tried to fight a guerilla war in Afghanistan with rigid rules of engagement and tactics which have not changed for nearly a century. Meanwhile the insurgents used well known guerilla tactics which required the allies to fight in a flexible manner with the decision making at the front-line.The idea that everything has to be authorised by headquarters in a fast-moving battlefield situation is clunky and just slows the allied response on the battlefield down.

I know that in the set piece battles of World War I and II, the Army Generals liked to assume detailed command from a large HQ(Headquarters), which I have always called "Le Chateau," located about 20 - 30 miles behind the front-line. The German Army also used the same large HQ arrangement in World War I and II. This system of command had a response time of days in World War II. Even with today's technology there is a considerable lag between feeding a military request back to HQ and the decision or response being made back to the field of battle. When the enemy is using fast-moving, hit and run guerilla tactics, the HQ command system is simply too slow. To fight this type of war, the officers and men in the battlefield need to have full delegated authority to respond instantly to rapidly changing events on the battlefield.

It is clear that the US Army plans to dismiss many of the officers, from Major down, who have actual experience of fighting a guerilla war in Afghanistan, that the intention is to stick with the World War II style of command structure. I can only anticipate the same outcome in any future conflict as the failed outcomes in Afghanistan and Iraq, because the same MO(Modus Operadi) and inflexible strategies will be used.

It is notable that General Eisenhower had only a Plan A for D-Day and anyone who has studied military strategy and tactics will know the limitations of this inflexibility. The ability to re-plan or modify the operation, in the field in real time, in order to adjust to rapidly changing events, has proved decisive in many battles in the past, as we all know. But the Generals are not prepared to delegate the re-planning/modification of military operations to the officers and men in the field. Why? Because we would need substantially fewer Generals!

0537 GMT 23/02/2014 Update: The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, belatedly recognises the seriousness of the Scottish Independence issue and ventures to Scotland.  I find myself in the embarrassing situation of actually agreeing with the Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, that David Cameron "has been asleep at the wheel" on the UK  Flooding Crisis and on the Scottish Independence issue.

David Cameron was posturing on the world stage at Davos 2014, which I believe is just a photo-opportunity, when 25% of the UK was underwater and the breakup of the UK, precipitated by a Scottish vote for independence, was a distinct possibility. This is precisely the same scenario which I have discussed above with respect to the US Army.

The centralised government of the UK is exactly the same as the HQ style command system used by the US Army. It's response is depressingly slow in a crisis.  Even worse, information becomes distorted as it slowly filters up the command chain, so that the top level decision makers do not have a true picture of what is happening on the ground. The same rationale can be applied to these Multi-National Global Companies, which I dislike so much. It is the SMEs(Small & Medium Enterprises) who can adapt and respond instantly to a rapidly changing environment.

0940 GMT 23/02/2014 Update: Can the Daily Telegraph really support this claim that the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, was actually in control of events during the Flood Crisis? I would like to see their hard evidence. I think that all David Cameron did was to pose for photographs/videos in a vain attempt to take credit for the work of others. I know the MO(Modus Operandi) of David Cameron and, indeed, any other politician.

I believe if you asked David Cameron to supply a few hard facts about the events of the last few weeks he would be unable to do so. In my opinion, he and his cabinet were merely observers as the local people and private enterprise did battle with the UK  Flood Crisis. It is to the eternal discredit of the Daily Telegraph to put such a spin on the Prime Minister's role in the Flood Crisis. I think everyone knows that his only contribution to the Flood Crisis was to buy some extremely expensive water pumps from Holland and pretend that they were "doing the job." This will be a defining moment for David Cameron, if I am proved to be correct.

For David Cameron to have introduced a "Nazi style" government propaganda machine into the UK media, in order to take political advantage from the Flood Crisis, is offensive in the extreme but not unexpected. I think that in time the truth will come out and I will be proved to correct in my assumptions about the extensive deceit of the UK general public by the News Media over an extended period.

1015 GMT 24/02/2014 Update: We really don't want Piers Morgan back in the UK! We already have more than our share of losers. I bet that is a Havana Cigar he is smokin'. It really tells you all you need to know about his illogical mind.

0720 GMT 25/02/2014 Update: The UK Coalition Government has been a disaster for the Conservatives by dragging them out of position, too far to the Left of politics. This has exposed the Conservative Right flank, which may or may not be taken by UKIP in the forthcoming EU elections and the General Election, due in 2015.

The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has realised the strategic mistake of going into a Coalition Government with a Liberal Democrat party, which is to the Left of Labour and is about to disappear from the UK political scene. In desperate economic times, any third party gets squeezed into oblivion, as illustrated by the German elections last year. It would probably have been easier for the Conservatives to have operated as a minority government and formed a working relationship with the Labour party, but that is with the benefit of hindsight.

In my opinion, every single Liberal Democrat Minister of State has proved to be an unmitigated incompetent (Les incompétent ) and completely unfit for government. That is not to say that I have been impressed by any Minister of State from the Tory ranks.

0855 GMT 25/02/2014 Update: To brighten your day here is Vangelis showing us all how to create the music soundtrack of a timeless, classic film(movie).

0615 GMT 26/02/2015 Update: Here and here are the musical accompaniment to Bill Clinton's tour of the Kentucky Bluegrass country in the USA. Ask Ol' Bill Clinton if he still enjoys those Havana Cigars!

0915 GMT 26/02/2014 Update: I remember travelling in a remote part of the USA, which was so memorable that I have forgotten its name. I came upon what the Americans call a one horse town......only the horse had died in a snowstorm in '97.......1897. The town was called Cajones El Grande, which I could never translate because everyone I asked simply said: "Ya don't know?......... It was only when I got Google Translate that I found out it means Big Cajones.......I'm still no wiser!

Anyway, the  Cajones El Grande township consisted of three dilapidated wooden shacks and some kind of religious monument called St Daniels. It was in St Daniels that I met this guy wearing a black Stetson who introduced  himself as Clint.........."Clint Eastwood?" I asked. "No" he said "Clint Arswood.........I didn't get quite as lucky as Clint Eastwood."

After several hours of discussing how the principles of stress and strain applied to the buxom woman behind the bar, Clint suddenly got religion and burst out with.......... "And the Lord said "Let there be light!"...........And there was light!!.........And you could see for (expletive deleted) miles!!!"

After his outburst, he promptly fell I did.. the back of my Thrifty Rental Jaguar saloon which I picked up at San Francisco Airport. The Thrifty Rental female representative let me have it.......the the same price as the compact Chevy with the 8 litre eco-engine.

By the way, the buxom lady behind the bar in St Daniels was called Juanita, probably on account of the fact she had only one tooth in left in her head. Clint always referred to her as Where Eagles Dare, for some strange reason. Before his religious outburst, Clint told me that Juanita reminded him of that unforgettable line by Richard Burton from the film(movie) Where Eagles Dare..........."What a disguise!" Clint's role model, Clint Eastwood, had a supporting role in the same film(movie)..........He only killed about 150 people.......but I may be doing him an injustice..........It could have been many more.

Later that evening, Juanita put Hank Williams on and we had a smooch to the soothing refrains of Ol' Shep. Juanita confided in me, during the dance, that she had made a few dollars working in St Daniels and she could now afford to have her last tooth pulled out and a new stove put in.

When I woke up next day at 0500, I drove into a desert, which looked as though someone had tested a nuclear weapon in nearby Los Alomos. Much later, I came upon what can only be described as a two horse town, where I immediately took a wrong turn into a scrap yard. A giant of a man, who made the Terminator seem like a friendly soul, came over and snarled; "Ya can't bring that Limey junk in here!.......Its radioactive!!........ Can't you hear the (expletive deleted) alarm!!!............. Quickly I replied  "No...... I'm sure I turned the radio off a few miles back........I distinctly remember............ It was tuned to Radio Out-in-the-Stix.........Playing Dolly Parton singing Smokey Mountain Memories!"

Having a great sense of self-preservation, I decided to retrace my tracks back to San Francisco Airport...........It's a bit further than you think.................from New Mexico to Alcatraz.

This story is an amalgam of approximately true events, which could only have happened to me........I have just Americanized the  odd location. The names of people and places have been changed to protect the innocent.

1148 GMT 26/02/2014 Update: You are probably wondering why I do not  visit the USA again when I have enjoyed my travels there so much in the past, as you can probably deduce from the little story above.

Well........The truth is............ I don't want you to be disappointed..........When you see me in the flesh........As you might say.

Today, I look like Alan  Ladd, in the film Shane 1953, but with another 60 years and a few million miles on the clock. I have tried plastic surgery, down at Acme Plastic Consultants, but they must have had a bad day. An intellectual Executive Scaffolder, in my local bar, said I had gone too cheap on the Plastic Surgery.......... With the $50 economy job........I should gone for the $75 de luxe special.

I have tried Botox.........But it doesn't taste nearly as good as the many Tequila Sunrises, that Juanita made for me, all those years ago in St Daniels.

My stage presence and my social interaction skills took a bit of a nosedive after I came off the Wild Turkey!

Recently, I  have had a Charisma Bypass and I have become a boring bas***d. The strange thing is that I fit right in, here in the UK these days. Because it is everyone's ambition in the UK to be boring.

So there you have it! There is just my laptop between me..........Dementia...........And the old folks home.

By the way,  the laptop now has a 320GB hard drive and 4GB RAM, plus the original 3.2GHz Duo Core Processor.............. And I bought it off ebay for $20............ It really flies!..........Like a rat up a drain!!.........Not Bad!!!.........For an old Wrinkly!!!!

1215 GMT 26/02/2014 Update: It is difficult to pick someone special out of the Gospel Video Feast above..........Because they are all special.  However,  my best singers/songs, so far, are thisthisthis and this.

I am not promoting religion, because it is a deeply personal choice for the individual.............I just love great singing!

1508 GMT 26/02/2014 Update: Reading back over today's efforts.........I realise that I have seen too many old films(movies)...........Unfortunately for me, my whole life has been like an old film(movie)...........A disaster film(movie).

1018 GMT 27/02/2014 Update: I have recently been reminded that Elvis Presley was a really great Gospel singer, which many people did not realise. Here is a treat for Elvis fans, everywhere.

2010 GMT 27/02/2014 Update: This is DJ Top-Cat signing off with David Essex.

0800 GMT 28/02/2014 Update: In view of the extensive criminal activity around the world involving scams of various kind, Real Engineers(DentCorp Ltd) would like to make it clear that we have no connection with any other company, organisation or person(s). If someone has approached you claiming they represent me or my companies or have access to my IP(Intellectual Property), then you have been seriously misled, no matter how plausible the approach.

No company, organisation or person(s) has contacted me  to seek my agreement on any proposed scheme. In fact, I do not receive any business email of any kind from others in the UK or abroad, which probably means my email is being intercepted.

It is possible that I am being deprived of legitimate income by the pretext that I am doing something illegal. Probably, others are actually acting illegally themselves, whilst trying implicate me and my legitimate companies in order to obtain my legally copyrighted IP. I think my legal position has already been well tested and is completely sound.

Any projects which I have proposed on my Blogs in the past, and are now being put forward by others, do not have my agreement, participation or access to my IP. In this case, any person(s) purporting to speak on my behalf does not have access to my legally held IP, no matter how high their position/rank. Older, failed project proposals are never revisited by Real Engineers, because the business case for them disappears as time, relentlessly, moves on.

There is absolutely no citizen in the UK who is above the law and I think they already know it. In any case, EU Law overrules UK Law. I believe this is behind the moves to renegotiate a separate deal for the UK with the EU. It is a fundamental principle of human rights, that in a democracy, nobody can act outside the law. Otherwise it is not a democracy, it is despotic rule. The law applies equally to all citizens of the UK and it does make exceptions for class or any other circumstance, no matter what you have been told.

I will be otherwise occupied with hardware for the next few days while the authorities sort out a mess, which I believe, is all of their own making. This just confirms in one's mind that it is nearly impossible to do business in the UK, because the political environment is hostile to anything they cannot control, such as SMEs(Small & Medium Enterprises). It is all  a depressing reminder why potential inward investors shy away from the UK. The UK, as a target for inward investment,  is simply not worth the hassle at the moment.

1425 GMT 28/02/2014 Update: Here is Engelbert, one of the greatest romantic singers of all time. He could make any woman in the world emotional. The only comparable singer  of Engelbert's era was Julio Iglesias. Both these singers had what it takes to stay at the top for 30 years and both connected with their audience in a very special way.

And here is Vicki Brown, probably the best romantic female singer from my early days. She was very popular in mainland Europe, where they like all the sentimental songs.

One of the most inspiring female singers of the modern era is probably Heather Small of M-People. She uses all her acting and dancing skills to add-value to her outstanding live shows and to connect enthusiastically with the audience.

In terms of American artists, Cher and Tina Turner were probably the two of the best from the old days. They were wild!!

One of the best live performers was the great composer/singer/musician, Roy Orbison. I actually saw Roy Orbison's live show in the UK and I can confirm that he was one of the best live acts that I have ever seen. His vocal range was unbelievable.

This is the most interesting video from the mix........... Who is that guy in the dark suit getting guitar lessons?.........He looks like a poseur to me!........Somebody has just told me he is the Boss!!........If he is the Boss, then no wonder we are all going down the tubes!!!

1615 GMT 01/03/2014 Update: The poetry of Dylan Thomas is an acquired taste, but when he reads his own poetry it is so much more meaningful. There is much disinformation about his life and even his death, but I think poets try to promote a wild image.

0635 GMT 02/03/2014 Update: This is how Phil Collins used to be. Unfortunately, his extreme Socialist politics have virtually wiped out all my good memories of him. The Politics of Socialism are a very destructive force, whereas I always try to be constructive and encourage.

Note that Phil Collins uses high quality, wide bandwidth ear buds. Therefore, the audio feedback of his own voice keeps his voice on pitch. However, I believe his voice sounds more natural here and it is the Phil Collins I used to quite like. I like this sketch, because it is how I imagined the events really happened and it is funny too!

The probable reason why Phil Collins uses ear buds is the audio level of his band is so high that he cannot hear his own voice. I believe that many bands today operate at decibel levels which are damaging to human hearing. Hence, we need to switch to a distributed sound system, where the audio is at the same, safe level, throughout the venue. This is all possible with today's technology. It is notable that Phil Collins' backing group does not use ear buds, for audio feedback of their own voices, and they sound terrific.

By the way, my attitude to people who don't want the job is,  either I will do it myself or relocate to another part of the world, where people are more interested in moving forward. Also having some fun and earning good money along the way. The rule with all start-ups is:  If I make money, then you make money. If you screw-up, then I simply move on to another project.

1910 GMT 02/03/2013 Update: Perhaps Mantovani and his Orchestra can calm everyone down and soothe their nerves.

0545 GMT 08/03/2014 Update: I know what you are saying? Why does he keep blaming (expletive deleted) Socialists for everything. The truth is.............Every time I am having a problem, when I find the root cause, it is always some Socialist introducing their poisonous politics into the workplace.

For example, ever since Microsoft incorporated Flash into Windows 8/8.1 I have had nothing but grief. When I check out the Microsoft directors I find the board is stuffed full of US Democrats. Even their ill-educated co-founder is a raving Democrat. This is the company who bought Skype. But for what purpose, given the revealations of BS(Blanket Surveillance).

I am also having problems on and off with Google. When I check their board of directors, I find the they are "in bed" with the US Democrats. Even in the UK, almost every bad experience can be traced back to the devious, and many believe illegal, activities of Socialists.

It is the strange destructive behaviour which has led me to believe that Socialist are not rational in the commonly understood meaning of the word. Their logic does not make much sense to me. Why would anyone want to be poor if there was money to be made. The preservation of a society which is mired in poverty is not worth preserving. It is only the control freaks of all parties who wish to keep society poor so that they can control and regulate them. Unfortunately for them, the Internet is a liberating influence, allowing like minded people to communicate legitimately around the world.

The Internet giants of the USA are now desperately trying to preserve the status quo, but I am afraid they will be destroyed financially and technically on the alter of Socialism. Why private enterprise companies such as Google and Microsoft should align themselves with Socialists, is a mystery to almost everyone. But these Internet monoliths do fit my theory.  They ar
e just giant bureaucracies and are a mirror image of big government. These lumbering dinosaurs of the Internet will be extinct within 5 years and big government will be relegated to the irrelevance of controlling a minimised public sector shambles. In the UK, the government seems to resemble a parish council, with the real "action" taking place elsewhere in the world and their orders being conveyed to them later, over the telephone from far-off lands.

As a result of my observations, I have come to some conclusions, posted in my health Blog, which I believe can be the only explanation for the illogical behaviour of Socialists and their fellow travellers. Therefore, I will not vote in the forthcoming EU elections for anyone who cannot produce the results of a toxicology test to prove that they are not an alcohol/drug abuser. It is not unreasonable to ask that those who wish to rules us can confirm they are clear thinkers and are not being influenced by the ingestion of toxic substances.

The bottom line for me is that I will not vote for, or pay the wages through taxes of, anyone who is an alcohol/drug abuser. Finito!

1955 GMT 09/03/2014 Update: Although I am far from an expert on classical music, I rather like The Planets by Gustav Holst. The theme of the planets seemed very appropriate as I grew up through the beginnings of space exploration.

0345 GMT 10/03/2014 Update: The film(movie) The River Wild starring Meryl Streep was one of her very best. She had to raise her game to prevent being "upstaged" by Kevin Bacon. Kevin Bacon is one of those actors who always gets the "phone call" because he can be relied on to to a good job.

I only know actor/musicians/singers by their work and did not realise for some time that Kevin Bacon was part of the Bacon Brothers. I tend to know more about the artistic work of people from the 1950s -1990 and I am not up to speed with current artists. Probably the Desk/Laptop finally took over my life around 1990 and I have been "burning it" ever since. It keeps your brain active, but your social skills take a bit of a nosedive. As  I never had any social skills, it really didn't matter at all because "my space is Cyberspace."

By the way, I am not connected to Kevin Bacon by any degree! I was aware of the Kevin Bacon game many, many years ago but did not realise that people were still interested.

0405 GMT 10/03/2014 Update: Roy Orbison was asked in a television interview how he was able to make this emotional connection to the audience when he didn't prance around the stage like a demented loon. The TV interviewer asked "How does that work?" Roy Orbison replied, rather wittily, "I stand there and sing, and the audience watches me." The TV interviewer failed to understand that it was words and music of Roy Orbison's songs which connected so effectively with the audience. In any case, it is almost impossible to sing and play a guitar to Roy Orbison's standard and dance at the same time.

0645 GMT 10/03/2014 Update: You do not have to do anything when those who are still "stealin' hub caps," metaphorically speaking, try to steal your IP. Eventually, they overreach themselves and self-destruct.

In the film Ben Hur 1959 the main character was referred to as 41, when he was a Roman slave. However, I prefer to be called 51, because that is the percentage which I take out of your company when you use my IP. If you use my IP without my consent, then I adopt what is known as the "nuclear option," again metaphorically. This involves "taking down"  your company (or you)  until it is just a burnt out cinder. You all had a choice!

0825 GMT 11/03/2014 Update: The confrontation with Russia over the Ukraine crisis is a perfect example of RR(Ramping the Rhetoric), as we used to call it in the old days. The problem with RR in the nuclear age is that you appear to be such a "wimp" when, inevitably, you have to back down or face MAD(Mutually Assured Destruction). It is far better to use diplomatic channels, rather than empty rhetoric in the media, because everyone knows that only a lunatic would contemplate a nuclear war with all its consequences for the next 100 years.

Unfortunately, the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has backed out of a diplomatic meeting with Vladmir Putin. Apparently, he didn't fancy having "tea" with  Ol' Vlad, and I don't blame him really. I always take along little gizmo, when I am travelling in "unknown territory," just to check that the background is not ticking along a "bit too fast." Of course, you have to know what is a "bit too fast" in the first place!

0926 GMT 11/03/2014 Update: They say that "imitation is the most sincere form of flattery." However, if you try to imitate someone like me, then there is a distinct possibility of mistaken identity. I have pi**ed off so many people that any imitation of my work or appearance is liable to lead to the "ultimate sanction." After living through a lifetime of hatred, I am well aware of what, mostly drug-fuelled, Socialists are capable of doing. Therefore, I wouldn't dream of even trying to impersonate myself or trying to steal my own IP.

Mistaken identification is commonplace in the world of surveillance, which was proved recently when some poor old pensioner in San Francisco was wrongly accused of involvement in the MtGox Bitcoin "alleged" fraud. After reading this article and applying a little lateral thinking, the question that springs to my mind is whether the CIA(or some other intelligence agency) brought down MtGox Bitcoin to protect the vested interests of conventional financial sector.

If it can be shown that MtGox used a Microsoft OS on its servers, then I think this line of inquiry is worth pursuing. Now that people have committed suicide as a result of the MtGox Bitcoin crash, I think the FBI should check if  there was no involvement by the CIA(or some other intelligence agency) in what, I believe, is a very suspicious incident. The continuing revealations of Edward Snowden about BS(Blanket Surveillance) makes me think that there may be a possible connection between the MtGox Bitcoin alleged fraud and the CIA (or some other intelligence agency).

It is very difficult to know where the truth lies in the murky world of spying. All I can say is the MtGox Bitcoin crash has the MO(Modus Operandi) of a secret operation, or Cyber-Attack, to protect a conventional financial sector already under pressure because of the longevity of the recession . It should be quite easy to check out this theory with close examination of the MtGox' servers  by independent computer experts. This form of expert investigation of the MtGox' servers should always be standard procedure in all cases of alleged computer-based fraud.

1950 GMT 11/03/2014 Update: Trini Lopez was really popular when I was young and if you listen music, it has certainly stood the test of time. Note that he plays, and in the past he has designed, Gibson Guitars.

2025  GMT 12/03/2014 Update: It looks as though the censorship of the Internet is already in action in the UK. My ISP, Virgin Media is blocking films being streamed from Viooz, and others, on copyright grounds. Why Virgin Media should think they can arbitrarily block films from any foreign server is beyond me. If there is a copyright problem then the plaintiff should take it up directly with Viooz.

It is a mystery to me why any British court can have jurisdiction over a dispute involving Hollywood studios who are dubiously claiming copyright against a company streaming movies from a server based abroad. The judge clearly has no idea how the Internet works and is now in a legal tangle that he or she does not understand.

The UK government  has  involved themselves in a legal tussle between Hollywood studio's dubious copyright claims and the movie streaming companies such as Viooz. This incredibly stupid action  has cost them the vote of a vast number people in the 18 - 25 year old age group. I can now confidently predict that we will be saying goodbye to the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, in the near future, because Labour could not have thought of a better way to sabotage the Conservative vote.

The Hollywood studios will only have been granted a time-limited injunction and I doubt if any of them can support their copyright claims. This all tells me that Hollywood is defunct and totally bereft of new ideas. The concept of creativeness died many years ago when junkies became the norm. Hollywood threw these old films(movies) in the trash can years ago and are only showing an interest now because others have been creative and found a very good use for this material.

The time has clearly come to salvage anything worthwhile from Hollywood, send all the addicts to rehab and bulldozer the ancient studios. We can set up in more modern surroundings elsewhere with a clean crew, who are both creative and original. It would be relatively easy to find and train the stars of the future who can really act, dance, play and sing, instead of today's sub-standard residents of Hollywood, most of whom are well past their sell-by date.

The US Democrats always wheel out their lawyers when they are beaten. It is all symptomatic of a nation in terminal decline lashing out at everyone, in a vain attempt to assert their lost authority. The US Democrats have behaved so disgracefully in office that they have cost the USA the leadership of the Western Democracies. More importantly, they have lost the technological lead in many vital areas of Engineering. It is unforgivable! This bullying behaviour is so reminiscent of the decline and decadence which is the fate of all Empires, eventually.

To say I am disappointed at the USA's decline is an understatement.

0205 GMT 13/03/2014 Update: Being at a loose end yesterday, I thought I would try to talk to my partner again this year.  I have been studying those George Clooney moves, but I still haven't acquired his fashion essential.........the John Deere cap.

I ventured into the lounge where I found my partner at full stretch watching TV. I thought I would try one of those ice-breaker conversation intros, so I kicked off with: "An explosive decompression of the aircraft passenger cabin at 30,000 feet would cause the autopilot to descend the aircraft, at the limit of its stress envelope, in order  to restore the atmosphere/cabin pressure equilibrium ASAP. This autopilot corrective action may or may not compromise the integrity of  the airframe. What do you think?"

My partner replied, rather daintily I thought, "WTF are you talking about? Foxtrot Oscar back to that scrap heap you call a study............I'm gonna watch the Zydeco Lead Cup Handicap Stakes! My money is on the Ol' Wirlin' Dervish to make a comeback!!

Much later, after venting my frustration on the US Democrats.......It's great therapy!..........You should try it!!.........I heard that the Ol' Wirlin' Dervish was indeed in fine form and that she beat Anna Onatop into second place. Unfortunately, later that evening, the Ol' Wirlin' Dervish went lame trying to execute a celebration triple Zydeco Salsa with half-pipe, full twiston and mick fitz. The vet took the Ol' Wirlin' Dervish behind the beer tent and gave her a few shots..........Of Blue. It is hoped the Ol' Girl will have recovered in time to take on  "Cocktails at Dawn" in the Group 007 Air Fungus Hangover Hurdle for 16-18 year old stayers/goers.

 The Ol' Wirlin' Dervish is much improved lately since her recent wind operation, which has made her much faster on(in) the flat. This is probably her last season over(out in) the sticks, then she is going to Kentucky as breeding (night)mare.

It's the way I tell 'em!

0504 GMT 13/03/2014 Update: The vet has prescribed this music therapy for the  Ol' Wirlin' Dervish to aid her recovery. Apparently this music is of her style and era when she was just a yearling. Give it some (green) wellie.........girl!............Bottoms up!!...........Chaps!!!

0608 GMT 13/03/2014 Update: This was all a very nice workout for the US Mid-terms. If the smart-ass US Democrats/Socialists p**s me off again, then I will take another 5 points out of their share of the vote.

1340 GMT 13/03/2014 Update: I have always thought that the Twist was quite easy until I saw this video.

Here is something you don't see every day. You wait for hours, then three come along at once.

This mix is dedicated to BPs(Button Pusher) or TSOs(Touch Screen Operative) everywhere.

If I could only Turn Back Time!

Here is Kool & the Gang with Celebration, dedicated to all those who won today.

Car Wash was one of those iconic films(movies) that tackled the big issues of the day head on. It was also very funny too.

I never met any Uptown Girls in the type of bars which I escaped from when I was a young lad. It is quite remarkable that I survived relatively unscathed.

0458 GMT 14/05/2014 Update: Time to "get down" with some classic Motown. If you can really boogie, this is the music for you.

Motown, where Engineering has Soul and they coexist in perfect harmony. In the case of the UAW(United Auto Workers), Motown also has  R-Soul(s). You couldn't invent a story as ridiculous as this. VW management has lost the plot, or are they on pot.

Those Good Ol' Boys in Chattanooga, Tn, USA, should tell the UAW to Foxtrot Oscar back to Detroit and screw-up GM..........Just as they have always done in the past!.......... After all GM loves recalls!!......... That's why GM is that great company we all admire today!!!........... It is so..o profitable!!!!

Cocktails at Dawn?..............Again?.........Anyone?

0615 GMT 14/03/2014 Update: By the way, if (expletive deleted) Socialists do not like my views, or indeed anything about me, then I should remind you that I was cast in the fire of Socialist hatred. This is what gives me the cutting edge. My ambition is to bury Socialism in the sewerage pond from which it emerged. Socialism is the destructive "politics of envy" and while they all busy trying to "take down" someone like me, the rest of the world is disappearing over the horizon both in terms of economics and technology.

For me, it all ends here for the destructive, reactionary Socialists or we all die(politically) in the process. Remember, if you die(literally) on the Brecon Beacons, then you weren't good enough. The same maxim applies to politics(politically..... not literally).

Just pressing the "Sport Button," ready for the US Mid-Terms!

2045 GMT 14/03/2014 Update: More from the very accomplished Candy Christmas(who said gospel couldn't swing) and the  inspirational Lynda Randle (a beautifully unique bass voice)..........Not Bad!.............The singing I mean!!

1808 GMT  15/03/2014 Update: My best selections from the Candy Christmas mix are: The Trio and Marshall Hall.

I do like the big finale so this is DJ Top-Cat signing out with David Essex.

2015 GMT 15/03/2014 Update: As an Engineer, I have found it difficult to understand women. They have a totally different set of priorities to me. I can effortlessly disenchant any woman in less than a minute by doing nothing which I would consider to be problematic.

For example, I remember when I was about 20 years old taking this girl home after a few drinkies at an exceptionally nice country pub. When I dropped her off at her apartment around midnight, she invited me up for coffee. I replied, rather reluctantly, "Sorry, but I have to fix this big Cat(erpillar) at 0600..........Never did see her again!..........What would you have done?

I have often thought that I would prefer to  rebuild my computer rather than go to some exclusive cocktail party where the A list guest was some ageing pop star, who you just cannot remember. Women do not seem to see it my way. I have long since given up on them and now confine myself to Cyberspace. However, there was this singer in KL..............but that's all I remember of that particularly good evening "blowin' the froth off a few."

0225 GMT 16/03/2014 Update: Just a clarification for those out in Cyberspace with a "tabloid mentality." Nothing "happened" during my visit to KL. The story above is my use of Comédie Noir to generate a few more clicks. 

As I recall, I visited KL for a company conference, which I found to be an incredibly boring waste of time for me. The outcome of this conference was to commit the business equivalent of hari kari. The singer was performing in my hotel foyer bar and I often caught her last number on returning to my hotel room, alone again naturally..........After taking in some local colour in the less salubrious bars of down-town KL.

0435 GMT 16/03/2014 Update: Another clarification for all those Roy Orbison fans out there in Cyberspace. I believe it was Eric Clapped-out who persuaded Roy Orbison to change from his wonderful, big Gibson ES335 guitar, with its  rich harmonics, to the more tinny, smaller varieties which Ol' Clapped-out used. You need to understand symbolism to comprehend Ol' Clapped-out's objection to Roy Orbison's Gibson ES335.

We all know the history of the wood used in the Gibson ES335, but existing owners can recycle their ES335 guitars with new electronics which you can probably buy in kit form from Gibson. In addition, the new Gibson 339 is the replacement for the ES335.

0755 GMT 17/03/2014 Update: This is Heather Small, backed by M-People, as you have never seen her before..........Dancing with her boots on. Note the added-value to the interpretation of the music and song by Heather Small's acting and dancing skills. I believe this is what the Americans refer to as eye candy! Also note the psilocybin-effect of watching Heather Small boogie!!

I think Billy Joel and Heather Small must use the same garage!!!

0835 GMT 17/03/2014 Update: A new film uses the adjective "Divergent" as its title and refers to "Divergents" to describe a new species. Unfortunately for the unremarkable author, there is no such noun as "divergent(s)." This misuse of the English Language leads me to think that the author must be semi-literate. It is usual that you understand a word, and its contextual meaning, before you use it. Unless of course the author is inventing new words or using the local vernacular.

I think the author of Divergent was searching for the word mutant to describe a new species or sub-species which has mutated from an existing species. For example, I could say that the author of Divergent had mutated, or even degenerated, genetically from his/her antecedents of my generation and was, therefore, a mutant or degenerate.

0505 GMT 20/03/2014 Update: This is how malicious gossip is spread. A bar person or waiter/waitress or others nearby, overhears this partial conversation: "George Osborne is history and David Cameron is inadequate......".......You can imagine the headlines in the tabloids next day!

1132 GMT 20/03/2014 Update: The biggest mistake Sir Peter Tapsell made in politics, was going into politics in the first place.

0345 GMT 23/03/2014 Update: I always thought Dylan Thomas wrote his best poetry in bars, cafés, or pubs. Often, Dylan Thomas would leave behind many early drafts of his work and you probably know what happened to them. It is amazing how the Socialists can "discover"  retrospectively. I am afraid that people who did not have a good word to say about Dylan Thomas when he was alive, have no credibility when they start eulogising about him after his death. Having forgotten him for more than fifty years. Drinking and smokin' certainly contributed to Dylan Thomas' untimely demise.

The most interesting part about Dylan Thomas' life is the untimely end in a New York hotel on the 9th November 1953. There are many mysterious circumstances surrounding his death, which probably explains all the wild conspiracies theories at the time. As I always say, conspiracy theories are harmless fun unless, of course, one of them happens to be true!

It is amazing what you find out when you start digging into the past. There are certain post-war years where many momentous events occur in one year. I have identified these as years of generational change. It is easy to pick them out because they seems to be an unusual number of big events in one year. Many of these events during year's of generational change, I have identified as potential criminal activity by the "Luddites" i.e. those who oppose the generational change.

In the end, the generational change inevitably went ahead, with or without the UK's participation. But the UK's lack of appetite for any kind of change probably explains why the UK's influence in the world is diminishing. There is an interesting thing about the change brought about by the Internet, there is virtually no impact on the environment. In fact there is little visual impact of Internet based industries or technology. So why do the "Luddites" oppose change today, if it makes no impact on their own lives? It is all about control. The "Luddites" want to control and spy on the Internet.

Traditionally, the USA has controlled the Internet, but it is slowly and surely being taken away from them, simply because they can no longer be trusted with our data. In this battle for control of the Internet there have already been casualties, namely Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things. Trust is an intangible characteristic, which is more valuable than gold. It takes years to gain trust, but only a short period of rash behaviour before it is lost. Once trust is lost it can never be regained.

An example of trust comes from Radio and TV News in the form of Ed Morrow. He gained the trust of the public by his accurate reporting over many years, so that the public believed what he said to be true. This characteristic of trust was later referred to in TV News journalism as gravitas. In the UK, the BBC was trusted, but it has now become politicised and biased by left wing journalists. The credibility of BBC news teams is virtually zero. Gravitas is a non-existent characteristic at the BBC and many other news outlets today.

0532 GMT 23/03/2014 Update: People ask me: " Why don't you get out more?"........"Well.....I tell you...........I have this image problem...........I don't smoke dope!........Hell!!... I know it is a terrible thing to say!!!....... The upside is, that you can sit real close to me......Without being endangered by fumes............But it does cause a lot of gossip...........I was described by a friendly (r)soul as being more like a "nightclub bouncer" than an engineer.................To be an engineer these days, apparently, you have to be a dope smokin', tall-thin guy(or gal), looking like a model for an Oxfam advert, who doesn't know jack-s**t about anything............ Except of course, a touch-screen...........Me?........ I'm used a computer that I can really rev up in the open-plan office............ But I couldn't be down wind of those guys and gals..........So I'm staying low, as they say in the trade...........Until an opportunity to get out on the road again presents itself.............Probably, KL...........I don't know why....... But I keep thinking about that place........Must be some reason why it is always on my mind!

0603 GMT 23/03/2014 Update: By the way, the so-called wreckage in the Southern Ocean off Perth, Western Australia. will probably turn out to be what is left of Branson's Virgin Group. Sorry BBC, but the drift and the prevailing wind swings the other way in the Southern Ocean. A bit like the Australians.

0650 GMT 23/03/2014 Update: To all those ladies, and possibly gentlemen, out there in Cyberspace, who are fantasising about this fictional Blog author called James Westmorland. It is just a fantasy. The reality is your worst nightmare (nothing to do with politics) come true, especially if you are a (expletive deleted) Socialist. I have no social skills, which is why I became an Engineer. Even today, I still Engineer things. I am very good with my hands and equipment.

1501 GMT 23/03/2014 Update: I have always thought that Socialism stinks. But, after some close encounters of the worst kind, I know that many Socialists stink. Why? Because they ingest noxious substances which then evaporate through the pores of their skin. Only people who have retained their sense of smell notice these things. This is why there is always a personal hygiene test before you work in an open-plan office. We like to smell 'em out before we turn 'em loose in the open-plan.

I make that another 5 points off the US Democrat's share of the vote. C'mon US Democrats, you will get no votes at all,  if you don't shape up. I will have to check on Ol' Irrelevant, here in the UK sometime. His share of the vote will be very interesting to note

Meanwhile, I am going to plan a trip to somewhere nice. I feel like taking in a few rays. Life gets tedious, don't it.

1710 GMT 23/03/2014 Update: How do you know when a political world leader is getting dire poll results back home? "When they "wheel out the wife," as we call it in the trade. It is a perfect indicator these days, because it is full of "obviousness" since the 1950s.

0430 GMT 24/03/2014 Update: Here is a place of interest, never mind a person of interest! The image is de-focussed for privacy reasons.

0530 GMT 24/03/2014 Update: Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas. What do you think? Some say it is beautiful poetry. Others say they cannot understand a word of it! It all depends whether or not you are on the same wavelength as Dylan Thomas. Here is the film version.

0245 GMT 25/03/ 2014 Update: This is my strategy for peace:

"Angel Leader to Sentry #1: 10 Angels checking in."

"Sentry #1 to Angel Leader: 10-4 Angels. Patrol sector 51 Medium. ECM on and standby"..............................................................

"Sentry #1 to Angel Leader: Bandits at 2 o'clock!......'vector 47 klicks 135°(South East) ..elevation 63°."

 "Angel Leader to Sentry #1: 10-4 Sentry #1!"

"Angel Leader to Angels: On 'vector 47 klicks 135°(South East) ..elevation 63°; 'Burners to full!..........................................

"Sentry#1 to all Angels: 'vector update 25 klicks 157°(South East by South)...elevation 55°"

"Angel Leader to Angels:.....Select your targets!.....Lock & Load!.....Fire & Forget!..Back to 'heath for more stores!........Stay low, stay sharp!

"Angel Leader to Sentry #1: 10 Angels checking out."

"Sentry #1 to Angel Leader: Confirm #15 bandits down......#1 bandit smokin' back home..... 20 minutes to dawn.........Next mission 0700 GMT........See you in 2 hours.....Out"

2005 GMT 25/03/2014 Update: Tony Christie can still boogie. Not bad for an old guy in a suit! Is this the way to Amarillo is probably one of the best sing-along numbers ever written. The more beers you have, the better it sounds!

0307 GMT 26/03/2014 Update: Angel Leader, overheard on the apron at 'heath a few minutes ago:

"Gather 'round, Men........Yesterday we were lucky.........Today, some of you might not be so lucky..........Do the job right and you will all get to see the varmint again................OK,  which one of you has been sayin' there's somethin' goin' on between me and Ms Candy?..........I never did meet the gal...........Saw her once on one of those newfangled big screen TVs in the Px in Okinawa.........And I did like her......Technique..........But that's all!.........Now, up and at 'em Angels!........We can get a couple of sorties in before breakfast and y'all know what a mean son-of-bitch I am 'till I get fed......and I'm gonna have my breakfast!.......... We won't be hearing much from Charlie after today!!

0318 GMT 26/03/2014 Update: I have seen so many old films(movies) that I can write in the style of any of the older movie stars. How you interpret my zany humour probably says more about you as a person than it does about me.

By the way, Angel Leader is a fictional character and any similarity between any person living or dead is purely coincidently. I have written it in American to appeal to our friends across the pond. But you can re-write it in RAF banter by changing the odd word here and there.

Another interesting point is that women pilots were flying the giant Galaxy C5 into Prestwick Airport and RAF Mildenhall during the height of the Cold War. I don't think they even do that today.

0341 GMT 26/03/2014 Update: Time to chill out with The Byrds and here.

0525 GMT 27/03/2014 Update: The new film/movie "Divergent" has been "inspired," in the usual Hollywood fashion, by Aldous Huxley's Brave New World in the use of its α(alpha), β(beta), γ(gamma), δ(delta) class system. I assume the "Divergent" sub-class will turn out to be, unimaginatively, ε (epsilon).

The author really ought to get out more, because in those regions where the majority of the population has strong religious views, of all types, "Divergent" may be disastrously misunderstood. Religious zealots around the world may interpret a "Divergent" as someone who has moved away from the strict doctrine of their fanatical beliefs. In this case, the film(movie) "Divergent" may be construed as an  incitement to persecute anyone who has "diverged" from their straight and narrow faith. In some parts of the world, Muslims may be encouraged by this film(movie) to target Christian minorities. In other parts of the world minorities may be persecuted because of their sexual orientation and in other regions because of their differing political views etc. etc.etc.

Given the current political state in the West, then it would not surprise me to learn that "Divergent" together with many other films(movies)/books/television programmes were sponsored by the FBI or some other large organisation. I cannot prove anything at the moment, but the film(movie) "Divergent" has all the hallmarks of the type of operation conducted by the FBI, from the 1950s onwards, in order to discredit any group/organisation or individual who opposed their government's views/policies. The problem with this sort of defamation campaign is that misinterpretation can be commonplace and the wrong target could be attacked; In some kind of crazed form of friendly-fire!

I am a great believer in robust discussion, but I would never encourage any form of physical intimidation of any of my opponents. Everyone has a choice in a free democracy and I may not agree with their beliefs, but if they are legal and do not interfere with me, then laissez-faire. We all have to coexist on the same planet. It is amazing how people who talk about tolerance are so completely intolerant themselves. The same people only believe in democracy when they get the election result they want. Otherwise, they hold election after election until they get the "right" result. It is the hypocrisy of it all, which I cannot abide.

The idea of only one correct  point of view in politics seems incredible in a multi-cultural society, such as the UK/USA. This is how we end up with a film(movie) such as "Divergent" which seems, on the surface, to demonise minorities. The problem is the minority, which is the target of this demonisation, will be different in the many disparate regions of the world. It may stir up a bit more than controversy. Dangerous territory, Hollywood!

I will have to wait and see the film(movie), before drawing final conclusions. If my assumptions about the film(movie) "Divergent" prove to be correct, then it will the final nail in the coffin of the Hollywood studios; In some kind of apocryphal self-destruction!

1145 GMT 27/03/2014 Update: I, accompanied by my wife, visited the Vatican in 1974, but the Pope was out. So we wandered around ancient Rome for a week. We also visited the Frascati region, sampled a few wines and had a memorable meal at a restaurant deep in the countryside in the hills to the South East of Rome.

We landed in the UK, after a wonderful time in Rome, on one of Court Line's two new Tristar L-1011s.  As we walked through Customs, we heard that Court Line had gone bust  leaving 100,000 passengers stranded abroad. Now that is what I call a miracle!

When I went to the Vatican in 1974, the Pope did not want to see me. After all these years, I don't want to see him, or indeed any other dignitary/politician sponsored by the US Government.  I am strictly private enterprise and an engineer! I deal with the here and now!! I leave it to others to deal with the hereafter!!!

2021 GMT 27/03/2014 Update: I've got the Summertime Blues........And it's only March!.........More from the unforgettable Eddie Cochran.

0456 GMT 28/03/2014 Update: I think you can sing some of these old Louisiana songs as the the counter-melody to modern Zydeco dance music. Remember the rule, the counter-melody must be exactly half the tempo of the Zydeco beat.  I can already imagine it.........sounds great!

0608 GMT 28/03/2014 Update: I doubt if anyone at the UK's MoD(Ministry of Defence) understands anything about combat radius, thrust to weight ratio, rate of climb, max g turn, max speed at  low level and altitude, weapons systems, countermeasures etc. etc. etc. Otherwise, the UK would not have bought the horribly expensive F-35, which I believe is not fit for purpose.

It is no use being stealthy if you cannot even reach you target, either because it is out-of-range or you are too slow or both. Remember, to intercept a target your speed must be substantially greater than the target. If you do not have the speed....... they are gone!

Today, any sensible air force uses stand-off weapons of various ranges. But you still have to position your aircraft within range of the target, at optimum speed to avoid detection. For example, a recycled Panavia Tornado MRCA(Multi Role Combat Aircraft), would simply out-run and out-distance the  F-35 at low level, at altitude, in a vertical climb, or in a max g turn. The Tornado would probably out-perform the the F-35 in its current configuration. As for the BAe Typhoon MRCA, the F-35 would never, ever see it or even get within range.

In view of the unexpected, potential confrontation with Russia over the Ukraine issue, an urgent review of the Armed Forces capability is required. I think the UK's MoD has been caught with its trousers down and does not know how to respond. The defence strategy ball game has changed and the UK has been left without a ball! Who do you blame for that?

0835 GMT 28/03/2014 Update: This is a long range Tornado GR4 sortie from Italy to Libya. This is the low level capability of the Tornado GR4 being demonstrated at CAD WEST in Wales. After recycling into a Tornado MRCA, it would exceed its current performance, in all aspects, by at least 25%. We could even cloak the Tornado MRCA in the combat zone.

Please queue in an orderly manner to place your orders for the Tornado MRCA with Real Engineers(DentCorp Ltd).

By the way, here is the RAF version of the fictional Angel Leader's USAF sortie out of 'heath from an earlier post. Very funny RAF banter!

0705 GMT 28/03/2014 Update: If you did not understand the discussion about Angel Leader's and Scorchio's amusing missions, then here are the salient  points of interest:

  1. The over-dependence on high technology, without backup systems, is disastrous in a combat situation against a very capable opponent. Systems should degrade gracefully and should never be all or nothing;
  2. Tactics can give you the edge in any combat situation. If you know how the enemy's systems work, then you can render them ineffective by the clever use of tactics,
  3. The uptime of your assets in a combat situation is a crucial issue,
  4. The use of a polar form spherical vector gives you a direct route to the target;
  5. Stand-off weapons means that your enemy is unaware of your presence and cannot defend against your threat;
  6. The combined use of satellite and AWACS for information gathering and control provides a fall-back situation if one source is lost.
  7. Manual control can be useful in certain circumstances where either systems are down or drastic evasive action is needed;
  8. The ability to intercept the target at maximun speed gives advantage of  surprise and guarantees a within range contact to destroy the the target with stand-off weapons.
  9. Extended range and endurance means that additional missions can be planned on-the-fly and allows loitering in the combat zone over long periods;
  10. Mid-air refuelling allows assets to operate out of theatre.
For the budding mathematicians out there in cyberspace, the polar form, spherical vector used by Angel Leader is:
vector, v = r θ   φ
where r is the distance to the target in kilometres or miles;
θ is the azimuth angle (0° - 360°);
φ is the zenith angle (0° - 90°, positive or negative).

The ability to use a polar form, spherical vector for intercepting/targeting gives you an edge in the combat zone and prevents target overshoot, which was common using a cylindrical vector at +Mach 2 for a LoHi or HiLo target intercept. For a LoLo target acquisition, a cylindrical vector is fine. The polar form of the cylindrical and spherical vector is intuitively understood by the controller and pilot for verbal and text commands. Computers uploading, downloading vector information can use polar or rectangular co-ordinates for targets or destinations

For example the command for a LoHi target is in the form: "Sentry #1 to Angel Leader: Bandits at 2 o'clock!......'vector 47 klicks 135°(South East) ..elevation 63°."

For a HiLo target it would be: "Sentry #1 to Angel Leader: Bandits at 2 o'clock!......'vector 47 klicks 135° (South East) ..elevation -63°."

For a LoLo target it would be: "Sentry #1 to Angel Leader: Bandits at 2 o'clock!......'vector 47 klicks 135° (South East) ..altitude/elevation 60 metres (196 feet)." This command is used for loitering in the combat zone and commuting from/to the combat zone. The ability to update vectors, especially intercept/target vectors, in real time is a big advantage.

A common system of units(SI)  is vital to interfacing across assets from different nations. Since most of the world uses SI units, then it would a simplification if this was the standard for communicating units internationally. SI units are already the standard units in Science and Engineering to prevent confusion at the international level. What you use locally is irrelevant.

By the way, I have tidied up the commands in the Angel Leader sketch, in an earlier post above, to show the principle of the polar form, spherical vector more clearly and consistently. Also if you did not realise, "klicks" are kilometres, in terms of SI units. Sorry about the "clicks" but it has been a long time and a lot of miles.

I always believed, that in military terms, we learned from our failures/errors of the past in order that we do not make the same mistakes again. Unfortunately, recent military history shows that we (UK and USA) have learned to accept failure, which is an entirely different thing and in my view not an option.

0810 GMT 30/03/2014 Update: For those of you who thought that I had forgotten that it was Mother's Day, here is Ivan Parker with a short but moving tribute to his mother. Here is the full version or with lyrics. Note that Ivan Parker has a pitch-perfect, powerful voice, wide vocal range and his diction is crystal clear. Pretty good, I say.

If you prefer, here is the Susan Boyle's fantastic live performance in Houston, Texas.

1035 GMT 30/03/2014 Update: The discussion of the intercept/target vectors or coordinate vectors above show how Engineer's use Mathematics in real world applications.

In the world of Pure Mathematics and Pure Science there are many kinds of vector, which are meaningless to anyone without a Mathematics or Science degree. But the Engineering use of 2-D and 3-D vector coordinates for destinations, interceptions or targets are easily understood by almost anyone, especially in polar form. It is the Engineers ability to eliminate and simplify complex formulae and to make approximations, which allows real world applications to be manufactured and function reliably. The Pure Mathematicians and Scientists never get beyond the laboratory experiment stage. This is illustrated by the fact that the UK's "greatest engineer" is a vacuum cleaner designer and not a MRCA designer.

By the way, those of you who thought the Panavia Tornado was already a MRCA have got it wrong. Why? Although the Tornado is MRCA capable, it cannot switch between roles easily, even by picking up a different payload. It is configured for its role at the manufacturing stage. The idea of a recycled Tornado would be to turn it into a true MRCA along the lines of the new BAe Typhoon MRCA. The Tornado MRCA would carry a massive payload which would allow it to undertake the ground attack,  interdiction and reconnaissance roles simultaneously, on single mission, without compromising any aspect of its performance. The great thing about a recycled Tornado MRCA is that all the necessary components are available in COTS(Commercial Off The Shelf) form and simply need adapting to the Tornado MRCA.

Why am I discussing all this engineering on a politics blog? It is because the UK's technophobic politicians have drastically cut the defence budget  and committed vast amounts of money to ineffective projects. Therefore, I am offering the recycled Tornado MRCA, as an interim air support measure, to counter the unexpected, potential threat from Russian posturing on the Ukraine issue, until somebody sensible can sort out the financial and technical mess in the UK's defence procurement plan.

All of the above discussion can be translated to the US DoD, because I believe they do not have any MRCA left in service. If there are multiple problems in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, simultaneously, then I doubt if the UK/US military could cope. This sort of worst case scenario is not fantasy, but I think neither the UK nor the USA have any contingency plans for such a catastrophe. I have already identified UK/US aircraft which can be recycled into true MRCA and other support aircraft, recycling targets.

Why do I keep banging on about aircraft, and MRCA in particular? Because they can be in the air within 15 minutes, in a red alert situation, en route to extinguish a "brush fire," on the other side of the world, before it gets established

1130 GMT 30/03/2014 Update: My lack of enthusiasm for the current Pope has nothing to do with religion or even his personality. I understand that he is very popular. It is the fact that I suspect him to be another puppet of the US government and, in my view, he is in the the same category as the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron. I cannot respect any leader, of any type, whose orders come in over the telephone from a far off land.

I cannot tolerate subservience of any kind. It probably explains why I did not get very far in life. I just couldn't kiss a**!!!

To cheer up all those who I may have offended by my forthright comments, here is Trini Lopez. Note the great sound of Trini Lopez' custom Gibson guitar.

1235 GMT 30/03/2014 Update: A word of  warning to avid readers of my Blogs. I am experimenting with the practical and effective use of Emotional Psychology in the political arena. Please do not get "caught up" in the experiment. After all,  I am an unemotional Engineer, who is more interested in a MRCA than anyone of the opposite sex or even the same sex. My Angels are slightly different from your Angels, which you will realise if you are following my Blog.

However, if anyone fancies a bit of "rough" ...........I will try to fit you in! (comédie noire, in case you did not realise).

1825 GMT 30/03/2013 Update: Just to clarify a point about the spoof missions of Angel Leader and Scorchio, there is no bar to women pilots in terms of ability. But fast MRCA are an incredibly rough ride and a 6g turn is not much fun. Other aircraft are less physically demanding than fast MRCA.

I am reminded of a woman pilot of a  F-14 Tomcat MRCA who was killed whilst attempting a landing approach to a carrier. So many people in the USA and elsewhere were upset by the tragic accident that I would be very cautious about deploying women pilots to fast, low-flying MRCA. In all other pilot roles women do not face the same problems. It is not a gender issue, it is a physical strength issue.

1937 GMT 30/03/2013 Update: There is some confusion in lay people's mind about the difference between speed and velocity. Speed is a simple magnitude(scalar) given in metres per second (SI units) or miles per hour. Velocity is a vector which has magnitude and direction e,g, 25 270°(25 m/s West). Speed is, therefore, the magnitude(scalar) part of the velocity vector.

0408 GMT 31/03/2014 Update: Today is a reality check for the UK's Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond, as he faces the consequences of his cost-cutting actions. No amount of bluster on the BBC's Andrew Marr Propaganda Channel will change the fact the UK armed forces are dangerously ill-equipped. The UK armed forces have to face the emerging threat from the Russians, with depleted forces and equipment, as the Russians adopt an aggressive military posture on the borders of the Ukraine.

This is a satellite image of, what I believe to be, military vehicles less than a kilometre inside the Ukraine border. The identity of these military vehicles needs to be verified because they could easily be either Ukrainian or, less likely, Russians who have miscalculated the border. A reconnaissance team would be required for confirmation of identity, because there is a considerable force in that field. If it is confirmed as a hostile incursion into Ukraine territory, then my recommendation would be to "splash target."

Philip Hammond has committed the RAF Typhoons to a forward position in Eastern Europe in an effort to counter and deter the Russians from any reckless military manoeuvre with respect to Ukraine. My question is, after this eminently sensible deployment of the RAF  Typhoons, who is defending UK airspace? The UK military planners will have to tell Philip Hammond this morning, the RAF cannot patrol in Eastern Europe and defend UK airspace at the same time. Furthermore, the military planners will have to inform Philip Hammond, they can barely cope with the current situation in the Ukraine never mind any multiple crises which could flare-up at any moment.

The Royal Navy has been made totally irrelevant as a Cold War scenario returns with a vengeance. A Navy without aircraft carriers is not a Navy. The Russians are delighted that the Royal Navy has ordered the F-35. The Russians were quite worried that the Royal Navy would order the BAe Typhoon MRCA, which they cannot counter. However, the Russians need not have worried, because nobody in the Royal Navy today can understand an aircraft specification. Otherwise, they would have realised the inadequacies of the F-35.

I expect the current situation on the borders of the Ukraine will ram home some uncomfortable home truths for the Royal Navy as they are sidelined as spectators in the current situation. The Royal Navy still has an ageing nuclear deterrent in the form of Trident, but does anybody seriously think it is going to be used in the defence of the Ukraine? The Royal Navy believes that something which is more expensive must be better. The phrase "you only get what you pay for" is often bandied around to justify vast expenditure on ineffective equipment. The technical naivety of those in charge of Royal Navy procurement is staggering to behold. It brings into question the Royal Navy's self-appointed role as the "Senior Service." They have little or nothing to contribute to the defence of the UK until 2020, when they will have only one new large carrier operational. It is difficult to believe that someone actually thinks this is a sensible forward looking strategy for the Royal Navy in terms of equipment.

1055 GMT 31/03/2014 Update: After reflecting on the Royal Navy's lack of big carriers until 2020, I am reminded of an American political or military official in the 1950s who said, " if there is any trouble in the world, the British always have an island conveniently located nearby."

Therefore, a "quick and dirty" solution of the Royal Navy's lack of aircraft carriers, is to upgrade/reactivate/refurbish all those British  islands around the world which used to serve as land-based aircraft carriers in the past. Here is an illustrative  example of a former airfield, which also had jetty/port facilities in World War II. I know Malta is an independent nation these days, but this type of location is of interest. It could be quickly brought back into service for the Royal Navy. This sort of facility will be needed to support the big, new Royal Navy carriers and their aircraft, because many conventional ports around the world may not be suitably equipped.

I can think of many islands around the world which are suitable for use as Royal Navy support facilities. The only part of the world where the UK does not have a suitable island for a naval support facility is in the North China sea, but I also have a simple solution to that problem.

I estimate the cost of upgrading/reactivating/refurbishing each site would average no more than £150- 250 million per facility, depending upon the condition of each site. This cost could be shared across the army, air force and navy budgets. The three UK armed services would get all the island-based carrier support they needed for a bargain price. In fact, the work could be carried out quickly and effectively by the private sector, and after completion, could be run by the private sector without any negative impact on the UK armed forces in any way. However, the current UK government does not have a great track record in passing work to their "friends" in industry and outsiders are never considered. Therefore, I conclude that this is another sensible suggestion which is a definite non-runner.

0330 GMT 01/04/2014 Update: If you are into leather and heavy rock music, then Suzie Quatro is about a good as it gets. She was the original Wild Cat! I remember being in a Harley Davidson decorated bar, on the wrong side of the tracks, in Dayton, Ohio many years ago. It was wall-to-wall Suzi Quatro style for the ladies.........and the men, naturally! Being an Engineer, I was more interested in the Harley Davidson parts attached to the walls of the bar rather than the leather-clad ladies dancing to Suzi Quatro records, playing on the old Wurlizter.

Note the fantastic sound of Suzi Quatro's big Gibson guitars. Even more interesting, she is rumoured to have dedicated one her songs to Bill Gates, former co-founder and head of Microsoft.

1555 GMT 01/04/2014 Update: More from the Candy Hemphill Christmas Mix. This is how to sing those difficult, real slow songs. I am not promoting religion, it just happens that I like great singing and music, as do many others. You do not have to listen/watch if you do not like it. I am trying to provide a variety songs and music, which will appeal to an international audience. It's not easy.

0155 GMT 02/04/2014 Update: Let us check up on what Lynda Randle is doing these days.......Classic gospel!

0240 GMT 02/04/2014 Update: My plan for bringing the military equipment back from Afghanistan included neutralising every single Taliban guerilla on the way out. After 12 years in Afghanistan and 448 dead British servicemen and women, I would want to exact my revenge. Two eyes for an eye. But, I suppose the chaps, who fit right in at cocktail parties, would find this strategy to be against the "Queensbury Rules."

If you don't want to be back in Afghanistan in the next few years, then you have to give the Taliban guerillas a lesson they will never, ever forget.We can ignite a Taliban guerilla's headgear from 10,000 feet, therefore, my strategy would be to (expletive deleted) them on the way out of Afghanistan! To leave Afghanistan, without a clear-cut victory over the Taliban guerillas, just stores up trouble for the future. I do not believe in starting wars, but I do believe in finishing them........With a decisive victory!!

The confused attitude of some UK political  leaders/military commanders towards fighting a guerilla war against unidentified, out of uniform, insurgents  in classic World War II fashion, beggars belief. To actually believe that the Geneva Convention applies to guerillas disguised as civilians, shows a staggering misunderstanding of Geneva Convention, by those who seek to lead us.

"Good god man.......that simply isn't cricket!!".........But, we are not playing cricket!!!......We are playing the threat elimination game!!!!

0505 GMT 02/04/2014 Update: I blame the "Wimps of Westminster" and the "Dummies of Whitehall" for not providing the winning strategy of tactics, equipment and Rules  of Engagement to deliver a decisive victory against the Taliban guerillas in Afghanistan.

As I keep saying, I do not believe in starting wars, but I do believe in ending them in an unambiguous defeat of the enemy, so that the UK is not "fire-fighting" for the foreseeable future. Nobody these days can remember what exactly was the mission and purpose of British troops in Afghanistan over 12 years. It cannot be to capture Osama in Laden, because he escaped from Afghanistan in December 2001.

Even the Iraq war was a disaster. The justification for the Iraq war did not exist, in my opinion. Although the fighting against the inferior force of the Iraqi army was successful, the aftermath of the Iraq war was a completely unplanned and unmitigated failure. This has led many us to believe that the situation in Iraq is now more unstable and dangerous than before Saddam Hussein was toppled from power.

0545 GMT 02/04/2014 Update: Vladimir Putin does not look like a winner to me. If he has any sense he will back-off on the military threat and negotiate a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine issue.

0822 GMT 02/04/2014 Update: Further to the discussion on island-based carrier support facilities: They have many other uses than just to support the Royal Navy.

For example, these island-based Royal Navy support facilities could be used by the aid agencies for the onward transshipment of food aid to areas in need, such as North Africa and the Middle East. Bulk food aid arriving by ship could be loaded on to smaller aircraft, ships or trucks for local distribution.

Another compatible use for these island-based Royal Navy support facilities is to provide a wash-down service for aircraft, vehicles and equipment returning to their home base in Europe from the combat or aid zone. A biocidal and herbicidal wash-down of aircraft, vehicles and equipment returning, for example, from duties in North Africa or the Middle East is necessary to prevent invasive species, microbiology and contaminants being brought back to Europe. Luckily, all the necessary chemicals for a biocidal and herbicidal wash-down are already in use in the transport industry.

A further issue, which may worry environmentalists, is the use of afterburners on military aircraft. The afterburners are only used in combat and to a limited extent in training. The latest generation of military jet engines have a mode called Super-cruise, which allows military aircraft to commute to and from their deployment with very low pollution levels during peacetime. Super-cruise also extends the ferry range of military aircraft, therefore, it gives a double advantage.

The reason afterburners are required on fast military aircraft, especially a MRCA, is to provide the pilot with extreme speed either to intercept a target or to take drastic evasive action. In the case of aircraft with no afterburner, then you have accept a high attrition rates. High attrition rates of aircraft, in a real combat scenario, do not play well with the voters.

0925 GMT 02/04/2014 Update: The issue of (Internet) "grooming" of young people has come to the fore. A careful line needs to drawn between a normal friendship or acquaintance between an older and a younger person and an illegal relationship. Otherwise, there will be a rift between the older and younger generations which cannot be bridged.

I discovered many years ago, there is an insidious form of  political "grooming" of pupils and students by the predominance of Socialist teachers and lecturers in our schools and universities. This form of blatant political  "grooming" of pupils by Socialist teachers and lecturers has been happening for two and possible three generations. If this kind political "grooming" of pupils and students, to become Socialists, is to be allowed in our schools and universities, then we must restore the balance between left wing and right wing teachers and lecturers, so that it more accurately reflects distribution of Socialists and Capitalists in the population.

My own personal opinion of political "grooming" at schools and universities is very negative. I view it as a kind of political perversion in contrast to the normal understanding of "grooming" as having sexual overtones. In fact, I would be in favour of the positive vetting of all teachers and lecturers, for several reasons, because of their privileged position in the education of and influence over the younger generation.

0508 GMT 03/04/2014 Update: Another tragic shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, USA has led me to view this video. There is an inconsistency in Lt Gen Mark Milley's press statement, which is of much concern to me. The location of the shooting may also indicate some obscure common factor with the previous shooting incident in 2009.

I would recommend toxicology tests all around, because outbursts of uncontrolled rage can be the result of alcohol/drug abuse. I would not normally comment on an ongoing major shooting investigation, but Lt Gen Mark Milley needs to review his press statement video and correct/clarify his facts. It does not inspire confidence when a vital fact about the incident is misleading.

I leave it to the reader to analyse the video and identify the inconsistency in the press statement.

0625 GMT 03/04/2014 Update: My criteria for promoting singers and musicians on this Blog is that they have international appeal and are less well known. For example, I perceive that Eddie Cochran's unique songs, music and style will be appreciated in nearly every country in the world, whereas they already know about Elvis Presley.

The fact that some of the artists who I promote on this Blog are good looking women is completely irrelevant...... I cannot believe I actually just typed that! The other factor is that I do not have as many copyright problems with these older artists. However, my old movies are blocked in the UK..........By people who have no claim whatever to their copyright. Censorship lives on in the UK!!

1515 GMT 03/04/2014 Update: Check this out from Fleetwood Mac. Good or what?

Alternatively, The Hollies are always good value.

Try this Zydeco dance  music from Andre Thierry & Zydeco Magic.

The Zydeco band I really like is,  Beau Jocque and the Zydeco Hi-Rollers. In my opinion this band set the standard for Zydeco music. Give him Cornbread is the best track! It is outstandingly brilliant. I just love the talk-back.

Rose Royce and her band were one of the very best. Great boogie-woogie music.

The Archies' corny Sugar Sugar was great dance music.

The Temptations were great too. It is difficult know who was best. They were all brilliant.

Kool & The Gang were terrific for dancing. XXX rated.

The 3 Degrees were really hot.

But so were the Sugababes. XXX rated.

Eddie Cochran was one of the best of the Rock and Roll era.

The Eagles were pretty good too.

The reggae style of UB40 is great fun.

However, Roy Orbison was unique. Smoochy music for the Grand Finale.

2345 GMT 03/04/2014 Update: Where in the USA did you find this slime-ball, Jay Carney(US Press Secretary)? Get a grip, Americans!! There is more than enough trouble in the world without inventing it. How many other countries around the world are being destabilised by disinformation on Twitter from the US Government?

If Jay Carney believes that Twitter accounts, designed to stir up trouble in a foreign country or even an allied state, is the "right thing to do" then he has lost the plot. What concerns me is that I can detect his or his "friends" handiwork in the UK. Jay Carney needs re-educating!

This story about the abuse/misuse of Twitter accounts by the US Government is yet another example of why trust in the US administration and US companies has been seriously eroded. It is astonishing to me that Jay Carney does not recognise his own administration's wrongdoing. I am afraid the Cuban Destabilisation Twitter Account will probably be the tip of the iceberg, judging from the previous experience with BS(Blanket Surveillance). This Twitter disinformation activity is really the attempted subversion of another nation.

Whilst I do not sympathise with the Cuban regime in any way,  I am concerned that this Twitter disinformation propaganda has spread to other countries, such as the UK. The depravity of the current US administration with respect to BS, and now destabilising propaganda via Twitter, is difficult for me understand. It is the sheer scale and cost of these dubious spying operations which surprises me. As far as I can see, the damage to the USA's reputation and trust is extensive, with no positive gain. It is a lose, lose outcome for the USA.

I have reluctantly concluded that if the abuse/misuse of Twitter has expanded to national government level, then it should be closed down. We have enough abuse problems with Facebook, without adding Twitter to the growing pile of illegal Internet activities by various governments around the world.

1355 GMT 05/04/2014 Update: If you find my occasional spelling and grammatical errors irksome, then either do not read my Blog posts or call back 3-4 days later and you will find I have corrected most of my mistakes.

I publish first drafts so that professionals get the the Blog post early. I have to fit in my Blog content creation and editing with the many and varied other  tasks, which I undertake. Blogging is just a part-time effort on my part.

0435 GMT+1 06/04/2014 Update: Who said Old Guys couldn't sing? Check out this counter-melody.

0617 GMT+1 06/04/2014 Update: This book illustrates how far some authors are behind the learning curve of the latest technology. If Michael Lewis had written about the topic of high speed financial trading 20 years ago, when it was a hot topic, then I might have been impressed. Today, Michael Lewis and his book are just irrelevant and he has exposed himself to ridicule. For example, the optical fibre cable from New York to Chicago is as much about bandwidth as speed.

Michael Lewis totally misses the alarming point that there was no optical fibre cable between New York and Chicago already. In all other developed countries the back-bone of the telephone/data system is already optical fibre cable to the telephone exchange. We (in the UK) have been waiting more than 20 years for the last leg of optical fibre cable to the house/premises. Michael Lewis' book illustrates the lack of technological progress in the telephone/data industry over the last 20 years. This decline in the rate of technical innovation in the West has led to the inevitable result that we(in the West) have been overtaken in many key areas of technology by the newer, dominant economies in the East.

The Smartphone is a typical example of dumbing down technology to the level of the lowest common denominator. Smartphones are very nice, but if all anyone in a nation can do in terms of computing is use a Smartphone, then we are not going to get very far in Engineering and Science. If you are just a BP(Button Pusher) or TSO(Touch Screen Operative) and do not understand the underlying technology then, we (UK and USA), are simply going to be left behind in the 21st Century. Why? Because other nations around the world are working harder to get to grips with the Engineering and Science. If this trend continues, it will soon be too late for the UK and USA to catch up.

Michael Lewis worries, in typical Socialist fashion, about who is to control the "Geeks." In fact Engineers are some of the most responsible people on the planet. The hackers, which I believe Michael Lewis is referring, are mostly software guys/gals and not real engineers. The problem we have today is technophobic leaders in the UK and USA who have decided to take on the "Geeks," most of whom are rather pleasant, quiet guys and gals. The end result is the Western technophobic leaders have been put through the shredder and their reputations are now in tatters.

It was a big, big mistake by the Western leaders to demonise the relatively benign "Geeks," the majority of whom are respectable engineers. I perceive that engineers are now motivated to prevent the politicians from dragging the UK and the USA back to into the distant past, characterised by mass unemployment and low living standards. Michael Lewis worries about control of the "Geeks" whilst people like myself worry about his depressing lack of technical knowledge, which disqualifies him from any oversight of technology programs. It is the technophobic politicians who are acting criminally with respect to the Internet and not the engineers who built the Internet. The technophobic politicians have contaminated the Internet and the majority of them cannot use the Internet in any meaningful way.

1159 GMT+1 06/04/2014 Update: Hollywood is playing with fire in trying to take on Silicon Valley. These guys and gals can just phase out everyone in Tinsletown. As an engineer, I am tired of telling dummies that "I can do your job, but you do not have the slightest idea of how to do my job." Hollywood is in self-destruct mode and its inhabitants do not have the intelligence know it is happening.

Hollywood has moved so far to the left that it opens up an opportunity for those on the centre right of the political divide to start making films/movies that reflect their point of view. I know of one film studio that is moving(or has moved) to the Atlanta, Georgia area and probably several others will follow. Why Atlanta, Ga? Because all the skills that you need are within a 200 mile radius and it has a sunny, equable climate, which probably is not as important today.

You know Hollywood is doomed when talentless atheists start making semi-religious films(movies). The political agenda has moved on and Hollywood is left irrelevant, bereft of any originality. Hollywood and its inhabitants are now on the receiving end of coarse humour and jokes, after ridiculing others for many years. Let us see how much cutting edge ridicule the ageing stars of Hollywood can take. It will be a brutal lesson for all those in the California film(movie) business trying to impose their idea of a Socialist Utopia on perfectly law-abiding individuals, who simply do not agree with them. I do not wish to impose my beliefs on anyone, but when someone tries to force their ideals on me, then it is time to let them know where the boundaries of freedom lie.

1135 GMT+1 07/04/2014 Update: This website uses the name Gold Command to try to indicate some kind of expertise. It has no connection to me or the Gold Command mentioned on my blogs during the Somerset Levels, UK,  flooding emergency. My use of the code Gold Command refers to the most senior person in charge of any operation as defined by the Metropolitan Police Service in 1985. I extended the use of the term Gold Command to mean anyone who was in charge of the situation locally and not necessarily the Police Force. This was well understood by professionals at the time of the Somerset Levels flooding emergency.

The Gold Command website may be someone trying to cash in on the name and may even be run by fraudsters. I would recommend that you exercise caution when dealing with anyone from the Gold Command website until you establish their true identity and credentials.

1405 GMT+1 07/04/2012 Update: What amazes me about this story is that the author, Tom Chivers, can actually spell Psychology. If Tom Chivers knew anything about Psychology, he would know that it is not science, therefore, scientific methods do not work very well in this subject. After all, Psychologists gave us Psychometric testing, which at least one large UK company found out was unreliable, the hard way. They discovered, if you use Psychometric testing at the recruitment stage, then you end up employing the worst candidates and not the best.

Tom Chivers of the Daily Telegraph is correct that serial killers look just like you or me or even Tom Chivers. The psychopath check-list referred to by Tom Chivers as PCL-R is a money making scheme. Even the authors of the PCL-R scheme caution against the extensive damage that may be caused to the patient by the misuse of the PCL-R psychopath diagnosis by amateurs.

Psychology is an art, not a science as the unfortunate Tom Chivers believes, and any use of scientific methods will give dubious results. Any psychological diagnosis is just opinion and cannot be proven absolutely. Therefore, my advice to Tom Chivers is to do a bit of research about a subject before writing about it. Especially a controversial subject such as Psychology  which is shrouded in contradiction and does not have the general support of the medical profession. People like Tom Chivers often confuse Psychology with Psychiatry, which is a real science.

1546 GMT+1 08/04/2014 Update: It is not Maria Miller's expenses which concerns me. It is what she is doing in her day job as Culture Secretary. Maria Miller is the latest disaster in a long line of Culture Secretaries, who know nothing about culture. She is just the errand girl in a dirty tricks game being played out across continents. Maria Miller has more time for someone who steals hubcaps, than anyone with real talent and originality.

I always throw the minnows back when I am after the big fish (or the Mr Zero of UK politics, as I like to call him) and I can smell him from here!

Moving swiftly on: I should explain that I am not particularly religious and I am not spouting Old Testament "fire and brimstone." I am a pragmatist, who believes that you should solve a problem once and for all and not leave it festering for generations. Vacillating government policy, over many years, has resulted in the mess the UK finds itself in today. The UK today, in my opinion, is characterised by sluggish economic growth, widespread poverty, a dumbed down workforce, a disillusioned military, a police force who has lost a great deal of public trust and politicians who are perceived as disingenuous and untrustworthy.

My solutions to some of the many issues facing the UK may seem drastic, but they are workable and not the sticking plaster policies which other politicians on all sides propose. I have not heard it suggested that my proposals/solutions on any of the projects/subjects, which I have discussed on my Blogs, will not work. The only complaint is that my methods would upset too many vested interests.

Let me try to explain for the last time. I perceive the UK  to be like a patient who is suffering from an advanced form of malignant cancer and the prognosis is extremely negative. What do you do? Stand by and let the patient die or try some innovative surgery/treatment with a small chance that it may cure the patient. I come from that group of people who would not give up and I would try an innovative treatment.

If you do not deal with the UK's problems when they arise, then they just stack up for the future until the country is overwhelmed by them. In the situation we find ourselves today in the UK, with touchy-feely Socialist politics having failed miserably, then it is time to try a different approach. For example, the primary task of a Prime Minister is to lead the country, not to be liked by the public. If a Prime Minister gains the respect of the electorate, through his/her decisive actions leading to success, he/she will win votes. If a Prime Minister constantly plays to the gallery and does not tackle the fundamental issues effectively, then the electorate will come to despise him/her.

The above discussion can be illustrated by what has happened to the former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who thought the job was all about presentation and spin. Today, Tony Blair is the most despised politician in post war history, by his own Labour party. This is quite an achievement for Tony Blair given that the Labour party also foisted on us Harold Wilson as Prime Minister, who was obnoxious in every meaning of the word. It would be wise if the present UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, would take note of Tony Blair's current demise and get his act together. One day, David Cameron may also have to face those formidable ladies of the WI(Women's Institute), who have a track record of eating politicians like him for breakfast.

There is a fundamental problem with the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron. He is so foolish that he believes his own hype!

1935 GMT+1 08/04/2014 Update: Let's find out what Lady Felicia and friends in Africa are doing. Check out this track if you like traditional African drum music.

0455 GMT+1 10/04/2014 Update: While we are touring the continents, let us listen to some traditional music from China (and here), JapanIndia, Thailand, Vietnam.

0759 GMT+1 10/04/2014 Update: You are probably wondering why I am promoting Candy Hemphill Christmas (the quality of some of the recordings is sub-optimal - the vocal/music levels need adjusting and Candy Christmas' microphone has limited bandwidth) on this Blog, when I am not particularly religious. It is because her singing style illustrates several techniques which I think are important attributes for a good singer. In addition, she has combined a strong, Christian message in her songs, which many people of other faiths can probably support in their own way. In any case, her songs have international appeal which I believe will find resonance in Africa, the Far East and Europe. Here is the best track, in my opinion, with Candy Christmas in full flow.

If you study other faiths, even superficially, you will find that there is a shared set of similar core beliefs to Christianity, although the terminology may be different. I respect other people's faith and culture and I  have no wish to impose my beliefs on anyone, which is certainly not the attitude of many who are causing trouble around the world today. I do not even want anyone to follow my example, which is in sharp contrast to the many populist leaders, who are trying set the fashion, the political and the popular music agenda in the 21st century.

1325 GMT+1 10/04/2014 Update: Yesterday, the UK Conservative party finally asserted itself over the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, and forced the resignation of Maria Miller, the Culture Secretary. David Cameron has been disciplined by the UK Conservative party, which was long overdue. David Cameron, assisted by several members of the Coalition Government, have been acting illegally for many years in the area of unauthorised BS(Blanket Surveillance), in my opinion. He is now a lame duck Prime Minister and he cannot blame anybody but himself. I used to refer to David Cameron as Mr Zero because of the lack of UK economic growth and his general lack of achievement, but I realise now that he is just inadequate.

Today, I have a question for the UK and US governments. What is the ethnic mix of the people under BS? I think it will be proved the vast majority under BS are Caucasians; Centre Right politicos, who just do not happen to agree with Socialism. I am really tired of saying this:  It is the Far Left, authoritarian Socialists who are closer to Fascism, than anyone on the Centre Right of politics. If you do not understand the political spectrum, then you should not be in politics.

In the USA in recent days, there have been two shooting incidents at military bases and a knife attack at a school. Where I come from it is not normal behaviour to shoot anyone or attack anyone with a knife, except in war. This is a great opportunity to do toxicology tests on all those involved to discover if alcohol/drug abuse played any part in these tragic incidents. I have stated in the past that the USA does not have a gun control (or knife control) problem. The USA has a problem of alcohol/drug abuse amongst those who own lethal weapons. Until the alcohol/drug abusers have been disarmed, then we cannot see if there is still an underlying problem. There seems to be a reluctance in the USA to enforce the law against alcohol/drug abusers owning lethal weapons and in the UK/USA against motorists who drive under the influence of drugs.

0317 GMT+1 11/04/2014 Update: Here is the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron's version of  the former US Vice President, Dan Quayle's "deer in the headlights" look, as he reads from the "idiot board"(teleprompter in today's terminology).

David Cameron's expressionless stare also reminds me of the current generation of Hollywood actors, in particular Leonardo di Caprio.......... But on a good day. It is rumoured that David Cameron has a slightly higher IQ(Intelligence Quotient) than Dan Quayle. I think the UK is extremely lucky to have a man(?), with such a towering intellect, as Prime Minister.

0555 GMT+1 11/04/2014 Update: It would appear the GM's concept of a real engineer is slightly different to mine. Perhaps GM and I have divergent views on what constitutes a real engineer. Engineering managers are usually failed engineers.

0605 GMT+1 11/04/2014 Update: The interesting thing about this story is the defunct David Letterman is only 66 years old. I always thought he was 86 years old, by his resemblance to an early form of primate. It must be all that pounding on the office floor, which has aged him so drastically. Everyone I met in the USA told me, David Letterman was a bit premature!

Has anybody ever heard of David Letterman's replacement? Apparently, he is having an identity crisis and is going to impersonate himself on the David Letterman Show.

0755 GMT+1 12/04/2014 Update: Just to remind everyone of Real Engineers(DentCorp Ltd) terms of business for large contracts and use of our IP. We require:
  1. 33% of the costs paid up-front to kick-start the project;
  2. 34% is payable at the project halfway stage;
  3. 33% is payable on satisfactory completion of the project.
  4. A 15% bonus would be required for urgent projects to be completed on time in a severely limited time-frame;
  5. Consultancy to individuals(e.g. farmers, would be at agreed rates per day);
  6. Real Engineers(DentCorp Ltd) do have access to smaller earthmoving equipment for levelling fields in preparation for rice growing. If farmers banded together, then large areas of land could be levelled, reinstated and the drains/ditches optimised very rapidly and very economically;
  7. If the work of others is to be corrected, then the charges will be higher. The client should recover these costs from the previous failed contractor;
  8. In large earthmoving contracts there is a special rider to add an extra day to the end of the project for each wet day when we cannot work. Working in the rain does more harm than good on earthmoving projects;
  9. Real Engineers(DentCorp Ltd) will take a controlling interest (>51%) in any spin-off business which makes use of their IP(Intellectual Property);
  10. Real Engineers(DentCorp Ltd) will  "pull the plug" and sue into financial oblivion anyone who has stolen their IP. You will be offered just one chance for a financial settlement, otherwise you will be made an offer (of extended litigation) that you cannot refuse.
0950 GMT +1 12/04/2014 Update: Here is Vicki Brown, that iconic romantic singer from yesteryear, who has left a legacy of wonderful songs. It is the high quality of your life's work that people remember, not your personality. In Vicki Brown's case, her legacy is timeless, romantic songs and her singing techniques are a fine example to the next generation of up and coming artists.

1005 GMT+1 12/04/2014 Update: In case you thought I had forgotten; Here is Mary Hopkin's version of Streets of London. It is perfection!

 Here is Mary Hopkin singing a memorable version of Ave Maria with true international appeal.

1029 GMT+1 12/04/2014 Update: Finally, I have found a Beatles Mix which I can live with!

1032 GMT+1 12/04/2014 Update: And not forgetting Gerry & The Pacemakers. Fabulous!

1040 GMT+1 12/04/2014 Update: This is one of my of many favourite songs from the unique Roy Orbison. Note the James Dean film clip!

0612 GMT+1 13/04/2014 Update: This story about the refusal of a US visa for an Iranian representative to attend the UN Nations opens old wounds for the US Democrats and poses a difficult point of international law. What exactly is the status of the UN building in New York?

There are many unsavoury characters attending the UN in New York at any given time, but this is the first time I have heard of anyone being refused a US visa. I always thought the the UN building in New York had the same status as an embassy and UN representatives had diplomatic status. This means that the UN building in New York is UN territory, not US territory and UN representatives can freely attend the UN provided that they do not enter the USA. The simple solution to this conundrum is to provide a diplomatic escort to the UN Building, from beyond passport control at the UN representative's point entry into the USA, if they pose a security risk. The UN representatives, under escort, cannot then leave the UN building without a further diplomatic escort.

I do not know the history of the Iranian UN representative, who has been refused a USA visa nor do I want to get involved in the current dispute. It has raised a point of international law, which will probably not go away. If this US visa refusal policy is becomes the norm, then I can foresee a clamour to move the UN nations headquarters from New York to neutral territory. I doubt if anyone at the UN in New York will kow-tow to the diktat an authoritarian government of the USA, of any kind. It is a very slippery slope to extreme authoritarianism, of either Stalinist or Fascist derivation depending on your point of view,  which the US Democrats seem quite happy to follow. It remains to be seen where the US Republicans stand on this crucial point of international law.

I am just flagging up the refusal of a US visa for the Iranian, UN diplomat as a discussion point. I am not particularly interested in the problem and I am very relaxed about the whole affair. To me, it is just another example of lawyers/politicians who do not understand the law, particularly international law. It is important to debate/resolve these issues as they arise and not to let them grow into much bigger problems of international scope.

0815 GMT+1 13/04/2014 Update: To clarify the point of international law as it applies to the UN:

If the USA is in dispute with another country, then how is that country to make its case to the UN, if the USA retains the right to veto access to the UN headquarters building by the representative(s) of that other country. This is an unfair advantage in any UN debate and will inevitably lead to questions about the UN's neutrality going forward.

The UN headquarters should never have been located in New York, USA, in my opinion, because the USA is not a neutral country. In the past this was not a big issue, but today, as some of the elite in the USA try to assert their dominance in world affairs, it has the potential to become a major problem. If this sort of arbitrary attempt to control the UN by the USA continues, it may precipitate demands for the relocation of the UN headquarters to a neutral state, as emerging powers assert themselves. It is better to have the debate now and define/redefine the international law, as it applies to the location of the UN headquarters, its independence, and the free access of UN representatives to the UN headquarters building, rather than be forced to take drastic measures further into the future.

0445 GMT+1 14/04/2014 Update: I seem to remember, back in the dim and distant past, a prediction about undue or excessive US influence over the UN being a problem, when it was first suggested that the UN headquarters was to be located in New York in ~1950.

Today, the worst case scenario of the USA trying to manipulate the UN has burst into the public domain. The USA's influence at the UN may have always been excessive, but the world order is changing and the political manoeuvring/pressurising, which used to happen in secrecy in the past, is now on the Internet in minutes.

Politicians need to adapt to the new reality of the concept of privacy being dead and there is no such thing as a secret meeting. Even the old idea of walking and talking together in wide open spaces is no longer secret with today's advanced surveillance technology. It is a consequence of BS(Blanket Surveillance) that everyone is under BS, especially those who instigated BS in the first place.

Clever intelligence analysts, from days gone by, could actually predict a political leader's response to any given situation with about 98% accuracy. Sadly, those guys and gals have been retired for many years and probably cannot remember what happened yesterday, but they can probably remember someone called Kruschev. Intelligence analysis is another lost art in the murky world of spying, which is now considered to be a computer game, called regime destabilisation, by BPs(Button Pusher) and TSOs(Touch Screen Operative) in the Secret Services around the world. I do not have to draw pictures for you, as you can see the results of the spying  activities by BPs and TSOs manifesting itself in the unrest which we see in many countries today.

0455 GMT+1 15/04/2014 Update: This mural is not the work of Banksy for the following reasons:
  1. It is beyond Banksy's level of skill and imagination as an artist;
  2. Banksy does not have the intellect to conceive the detail of the mural;
  3. Banksy is a Socialist and it is well known they have no sense of humour;
  4. Banksy has not claimed credit for the mural;
  5. Banksy, if he is the artist, should be able reproduce the mural on canvas for display in an art gallery, once the mural outside GCHQ has been removed;
  6. Banksy would not have enough technical nous to understand that intercepting the telephone cable outside GCHQ is probably viable and quite a good idea. However, intercepting an optical fibre cable is not as easy as you would think and requires quite a bit of lateral thinking. By the way, intercepting wireless/radio or copper wire signals is effortless for those old engineers. It's just a walk in the park!
0545 GMT+1 15/04/2014 Update: This reporter, Barton Gellman, is a Pulizter Prize winner and claims he has secured Edward Snowdon's whistle-blower files on the NSA's(National Security Agency) BS(Blanket Surveillance) activities. He also pretends to have access to secret intelligence. I will be very surprised if he has any high level access to intelligence of any kind. 

If I was in the US intelligence community, I would have to assume that the Edward Snowdon files have leaked from both the Washington Post and the Guardian, UK. Unless, of course, Edward Snowdon was a NSA "Trojan Horse Scam", trying to "smoke out" some "sleepers". Unfortunately for the NSA, they have only "smoked out" the Washington Post and the Guardian. Respectable Bloggers, such as myself,  only referred to information about the NSA's BS which had already been placed in the public domain by these two newspapers. 

It occurs to me the Barton Gellman may be also full of BS, by his own admission.

0815 GMT+1 15/04/2014 Update: The Russian President, Vladimir Putin and the US President,  Barack Obama, both deny any involvement in the fermentation of unrest in either Eastern or Western Ukraine. So what is happening on the ground? It is unlikely that any third party is involved, other than the two superpowers of Russia and the USA.

The Ukrainian government is asking Russia and the USA to leave them alone to sort out their own internal affairs. The thought has occurred to me that Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin are both correct in their statements that neither of them is involved in the regime destabilisation, which is occurring(has occurred), in both the East(and West) of the Ukraine. This is what is called PD(Plausible Denial) because they do not know, or wish to know, about any activities of their own spies in the region. If this proves to be the case, then we need to know who has authorised these covert regime destabilisation activities by the CIA and/or the KGB in the Ukraine.

I have no evidence of the involvement of the CIA and/or the KGB in the Ukraine, other than some suspicious news videos, which seem to me to have been "staged" in East/West Ukraine and in the Crimea. Plus some news reports, which lack authenticity and possibly voracity. It is just a "feeling in my water" that the news is not being accurately portrayed in the Ukraine, or are today's journalists simply naive.

I smell  rats! Two legged ones!! The worst kind of rats!!"..........It certainly isn't me!!!!....... So who is it? Ol' Slime-ball et all??........... Who else???

1105 GMT+1 15/04/2014 Update: Here, the UK Foreign Secretary, William Hague, hits the panic button, in my opinion, as the situation in the Ukraine, potentially, begins to get out of control. I believe what we are seeing in the Ukraine, is a covert regime destabilisation project, which has gone spectacularly awry.

We will have to wait and see who is behind the instability in the Ukraine, which is now on the edge of chaos. My theory is that both the CIA and the KGB are probably involved in different aspects of the dangerous, developing situation in the Ukraine.

My advice to the CIA and the KGB, if they are involved, is to back-off and let the current Ukrainian government try to sort out the political mess.

0848 GMT+1 16/04/2014 Update: Here is a classic mistake, in imagery of all kinds, which many artistic people make. Governor Snyder of Michigan tries to use a John Deere PP(Product Placement) to indicate their support for his campaign.

The problem with this particular PP is the perception, by the viewer, that John Deere tractors project an image of efficiency, power and technology whereas Gov. Snyder appears to be inarticulate, ineffective, and obsolete, by comparison. It is the old artistic mistake of the background being stronger than the foreground. You can see the same mistake on BBC1 News every night. The eye is drawn to the background instead of being focussed on the foreground, which was presumably the original intention.

By the way, if you are reading the Oliver North story, then I should clarify that the term "Goon" is American slang for a security agent. Unfortunately for Oliver North, in standard English it means an idiot, which is probably the same thing anyway.

The "Goon," Oliver North, had his cover "blown" by a very observant journalist, who recognised him at an airport in Cyprus, during an unfortunate hostage crisis. This enterprising journalist knew all about Oliver North's day job and his previous employment in 'Nam. I have always thought it was amazing that such an experienced "player" as Oliver North, was operating overtly so close to the "action" The journalist, whose name I cannot remember, was able to put 2 and 2 together and make the usual 5.

I have always thought that to be a successful "Goon," you had to operate covertly. The Oliver North episode led me to believe that you could operate overtly, if your public perception or image was at 180° to the work that you were doing. That is, you appear to be an idiot but you are actually a "Goon," if you will pardon the pun. Interestingly, there seems to be really no difference in today's intelligence community.

Today, the intelligence services in the UK and USA target innocent civilians, while the real terrorists roam the world with impunity. It is a lot safer flying a desk in Cheltenham, UK and Langley, USA, rather than operating undercover in dangerous places, such as  the Yemen, in order to gather real intelligence about al Qaeda's current activities. The Iraq war could have been averted, if there had been any half-decent HumInt(Human Intelligence) to evaluate. They call themselves secret agents but they are just Momma's Boys, who are too frightened to leave their own backyard.

1317 GMT+1 16/04/2014 Update: Hot news: UB40 at Cambridge, UK, last night(sample). Here is their full Monty.

1621 GMT+1 16/04/2014 Update:  This is my analysis of this alleged al Qaeda meeting, without the benefit of a translation. It  may be some sort of celebration during, or at the end of, a Muslim religious festival. The participants are lightly armed locals (guerillas?), but without HumInt and a translation, I cannot deduce if they are a threat outside Yemen. If, indeed, it was Yemen.

There is an object in the background which would probably give me a fix on the location, but I just do not have the time.

0555 GMT+1 18/04/2014 Update: What has happened to Noel Edmonds' bid to buy the UK's BBC? This is a match made in heaven with Noel Edmonds' undoubted creative ability in the area of inane game shows and the BBC's fairground-style image of pointless entertainment for the masses. The UK government should take this opportunity to unload the celebrity-based part of the BBC, which has brought increasing discredit on the organisation over the past 30 - 40 years.

Noel Edmonds is the perfect partner for all those who want to perpetuate a celebrity culture at the BBC. This would allow the rump of the BBC to revert to its original mission of educating in addition to entertaining, but on a smaller scale. Hence, reducing the UK's  television license fee. The divestment of the celebrity culture at the BBC would allow its news teams to be re-aligned to political neutrality, which is the normality for a PSB(Public Service Broadcaster). The privatised, celebrity-oriented part of the BBC would prosper under Noel Edmonds' expert guidance and their news teams would have the freedom to adopt any political stance they wished.

0820 GMT+1 18/04/2014 Update: The second week US box office figures of $87.5 million, compared with production costs of $175 million, for the semi-religious film, Noah, indicates to me that it has been a financial disaster. A break-even end result will be probably the most optimistic financial return for the producers. It confirms my theory that agnostics and atheist have no credibility making their version of biblical stories. They have no expertise in the subject. I always ignore the global box office figures for a film, at this stage, because they are just fictional projections.

The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron's, claim to be a born again Christian lacks authenticity and looks more like playing to the gallery, with an EU election looming in the next few weeks. David Cameron's sudden pandering to the Christian voter has just made him seem even more disingenuous.

1215 GMT+1 18/04/2014 Update: Enjoy one of the all time greats: Neil Diamond. Not bad!......These New Yorkers!!......and from the UK, none other than Katherine Jenkins!!!..... Fantastico!!!!

0559 GMT+1 19/04/2014 Update: This is an interesting story from the UK's Secretary of State for Business, Vince Cable. From my perspective, the "rogue directors," which he plans to ban from running UK companies are mostly his own friends. This "rogue director" banning action will be very painful for Vince Cable, who is now confronting a dilemma of global proportions, which is all of his own making.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is in a similar dilemma of his own making. I do not have the slightest sympathy for either Vince Cable or the Archbishop of Canterbury because they have talked themselves into a corner and there is no way out.

I have no guidance of any kind for these two luminaries, because they would not listen to any cautionary advice in the past. Therefore, nobody can help them now!

1616 GMT+1 19/04/2014 Update: How about a crackdown, in the UK, on dodgy politicians and rogue government ministers? That should be real easy given the amount of evidence on offer.

We need not worry about any of the Liberal Democrats statements on government policy, because they will not exist as a significant party after the next general election. The German elections exemplified how third parties get squeezed in a recession. It is even more complicated in the UK, with the Conservatives being positioned to the Left by their leadership. The Conservatives will be attacking  the Liberal Democrat and Labour vote. This has left room for UKIP(UK Independence Party) to pick-up votes on the right.

UKIP seems to have only one policy, which is to exit the EU. Therefore, it is merely a protest party. However, UKIP does present a real danger to the UK Conservatives, if Labour hold their share of the vote. Thus, leaving only the Liberal Democrat voters for the Tories to target. The Liberal Democrats are an easy target for the Tories, because of the ineptitude of virtually every Liberal Democrat minister in the Coalition Government.

1725 GMT+1 20/04/2014 Update: Here is Matt Munro........Timeless songs and music by some of the best composers and song writers of that era, performed to perfection by Matt Munro.

1743 GMT+1 20/04/2014 Update: Moving swiftly on, in the same mood. Here is that old smoothie, Julio Iglesias.

0447 GMT+1 20/04/2014 Update: For those who like their music to be a bit more "raunchy," here is Elvis Prestley........Need I say more!

 Here Elvis Prestley sings country. He had a vast repertoire of songs, which he could perform live at any moment.

DJ Top-Cat (aka Delta Juliett Tango Charlie) signing off..........Victor Charlie Romeo!

1215 GMT+1 21/04/2014 Update: A golden opportunity has arisen to rid the UK of those extreme Socialist teachers, who spend their days trying to indoctrinate the next generation with their poisonous left wing, extremist politics. This chance in a lifetime to dismiss the most unprofessional teachers in the UK happens on 24 June 2014, immediately after they identify themselves by going on strike.

My advice to teachers and lecturers has always been; If you behave like shop-floor workers, then do not be surprised if you get treated like shop-floor workers.

0433 GMT+1 22/04/2014 Update: What joy! The US Vice President Joe Biden drops in on Kiev to resolve the Ukrainian crisis. I have every confidence in Joe Biden's undoubted diplomatic skills and he will be able to bring his expertise to the negotiating table. After all the Ukrainian crisis is a BFD for the USA, with their credibility on the line.

Check out Joe Biden's antecedents and you will understand why I have a real antagonism to him and all his fellow travellers in the US Democrat party. They just cannot stop meddling in UK affairs and in the internal affairs of many other countries around the world. It is the toxic presence of US Democrat politicians visiting NI( Northern Ireland), which is preventing the peace process moving forward.

The NI issues can only be settled by the people of NI, with a little encouragement from their well-meaning friends in the rest of the UK. Interventions by US Democrat politicians almost invariably exacerbates a difficult situation by encouraging the dissidents. This was graphically illustrated during Hilary Clinton's  2012 visit, which escalated the violence in NI. Hilary Clinton condemned the increase in violence, but did not seem to recognise that all was peaceful in NI until she started to meddle in their affairs.

The above discussion is just my opinion. I am very supportive of the NI peace process. However, I strongly oppose any outside interference in NI by people who have not learned the facts of life about their past sponsorship of  terrorism in the UK, and its terrible legacy.

I have used the collective term of "Shaft-your-Country Inc" to encapsulate all those US Democrat politicians who meddle in the affairs of other countries. Why the US Democrats think that they know better about the future of many countries around the world rather than the local residents is a mystery to me, which cannot be explained logically. It is all symptomatic of the delusional mind of someone who wants to rule the world. Does that remind you of anyone?

 I have to make all these Comédie Noir jokes to alleviate the rather boring predictability of many politician's behaviour, on all side of the political divide.

On a further note of optimism, Detroit will be overjoyed by the visit of the US Treasury Secretary, Jacob Lew. He is will, no doubt, be admiring the work of the US Democrats in one of the most deprived cities in the USA. It is comforting to know that US Democrat politicians care so much about Detroit. They actually take time out from their hectic schedules of  lunches, dinners and cocktail parties to drop in and empathise. Under the US Democrats, empathy has replaced the dollar as a currency in the USA. Why? Because nobody has any dollars left!

Detroit will be the deciding factor in the Michigan vote at the Mid-term and the Presidential elections. If the US Democrats screw-up in Detroit, then Michigan will swing dramatically to the right. What are the odds on a US Democrat success story in Detroit by election day?

0720 GMT+1 23/04/2014 Update: To cheer up all the long suffering people in the UK, here is my Mix for St George's Day........ Just beautiful!........The song, I mean!!..........I think!!!

1028 GMT+1 23/04/2014 Update: The warmonger, Tony Blair, is still trying to justify his ludicrous recommendation to start a war in Syria. From the little intelligence that I can glean from Syria, the fighting is over and the the two sides have satisfied their thirst for blood. If we had followed Tony Blair's advice we would have installed a pro al Qaeda government in Syria. In any case, the UK has a substantially reduced military capability these days.

The main failure in the Syrian conflict is the abysmal performance of the UK aid agencies inside Syria. They have failed miserably to deliver food aid into the Syrian war zone. This extraordinary failure of the charities needs investigating, because my sources tell me there is an incredible number of aid workers in Syria, but the food aid is not getting through. The UK public donated generously to the Syrian appeal, however, the money seems to have been wasted on incompetent logistics staff, who did not know how to operate in a war zone. I think that charities, in general, are the wrong kind of people to be entrusted with such a difficult and dangerous logistics operation. Logistics in a war zone is only for specialists, probably with military support.

I do not think the charities donating aid to Syria even established a shared FOB(Forward Operating Base), which is standard practice in any military style logistics operation. It was my dismay at the performance of the aid agencies in Syria, which prompted me to suggest this former airport and port complex in Malta as a FOB for North Africa and the Middle East. The justification for choosing Malta as a FOB is as follows:
  1. Malta is a stable, friendly country for UK operations;
  2. The airfield and port complex occupies an already industrialised area, away from tourists;
  3. The location is almost perfect, with a maximum number of target countries within a relatively small operating radius;
  4. If the FOB was operated privately, then I would expect no real objection from the Maltese government;
  5. The Malta FOB would makes sharing the facility with other countries easier;
  6. Multiple air and naval services could be provided from the Malta FOB or RTH(Regional Transport Hub), if you prefer.
1650 GMT+1 23/04/2014 Update: Here is a real treat for you. Perry Como, the ultimate crooner. He was one of the greatest singers of my younger days. Perry Como was notable for his ultra-relaxed style. Terrific background music, especially late at night. It is the best therapy you can get and it is free.

Perry Como is even better today, with Surround-Sound. You can really appreciate his skill as a singer.

0452 GMT+1 24/04/2014 Update: This story is all about the terrible legacy of Irish terrorist activity, which spanned the whole of the UK, but its worst, devastating effects were in NI(Northern Ireland). Who do you believe? A convicted IRA(Irish Republican Army) terrorist or two White House guests, who are really "connected."

I am a great believer that the truth will come out if you apply enough pressure to any given situation. In NI, there are many mysteries from the past, which need explaining before the peace process can move forward. I am afraid that many in NI public life may be entrapped by their own past terrorist activities.

The role of US Democrat Irish-Americans politicians in sponsoring terrorism in NI will be a major issue at the forthcoming US elections, as the atrocities in NI, Eire, and the rest of the UK face re-examination. Why? Because I can see the same tactics, which were used in the past to de-stabilise the UK by the sponsorship of terrorism  in NI, still being deployed today in several countries around the world, including the UK. There is a vast difference between military cooperation, which works very well, and the political domination exercised current US government over many of its allies, especially the UK.

I believe that the time has come to stand against all those in the USA, who have tried to undermine the UK in the past and are still active today. They are a tiny, but very influential minority in the USA, which the US Democrat party seeks to please in order to win the Irish American vote in many crucial states.

This past sponsorship of terrorism in NI by the US Democrats has soured the "Special Relationship" for me. I have met many people in the USA and I have never had the slightest problem. However, I have never met that sub-species in Washington DC, who actually believes it is their right to interfere in the internal affairs of almost any country in the world, including many of their allies. It cannot continue!

0605 GMT+1 24/04/2014 Update: To give you all a break from the politicians ranting about Scottish independence, here and here is the music soundtrack from the film(movie) Kidnapped (1971) from the book of the same name by Robert Louis Stevenson.........Perfection. Roy Budd was one of the truly great film score composers, who was relatively unknown outside the film and music professions.

To show that am not anti-Irish in anyway, I am anti-terrorists of all kinds, here is Larry Cunningham with Lovely Leitrim....The most beautiful Irish song ever written.

While we are doing romantic country here is the legendary Charley Pride. What a unique, powerful voice!

0855 GMT+1 24/04/2014 Update: When I was young I really appreciated the detective stories of Raymond Chandler and his creation of Philip Marlowe, a LA(Los Angeles)   "gumshoe" struggling to earn a living. Here is Robert Mitchum's X-rated portrayal which was the most accurate, in my opinion, although I really liked the TV series.

It was Raymond Chandler's unique writing style and the background narration, which made Farewell My Lovely (1975) and the Philip Marlowe TV series so sensational. Please be aware that Farewell My Lovely is set in the ghettos of LA in 1941 and is not PC(Politically Correct) in any way. It is really a tutorial in detective story writing and location film direction these days.